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10 Top DIY Design Trends

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If you didn’t already know, you’ve likely discovered that it costs a lot to decorate your home. As 2021 comes to a close, some interesting design ideas have surfaced from prominent DIYers. These 10 top DIY design trends cost much less than it would cost to hire a professional interior decorator. You can use items that you already have lying around and grab your tool kit. Transform the look of your home in no time by doing the decor yourself. There are so many places to find inspiration that reflects your unique style. Check out these DIY design trends that will revive spaces throughout your home and save money on home decor!

Home Decor Trends

Below is a breakdown of some of the trendiest elements one can add to their home to breathe a bit of life into them. You’ll find tips to jazz up your home in an affordable yet effective way. You sure won’t be disappointed to choose from any of these suggestions!

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You can hang smart lights in different places around your home to create functional lighting in spaces for different purposes, from cooking to school to work.
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1. Lots and Lots of Plants!

Taking the beautiful elements from outside and bringing the serene nature of plants into your home is always a good idea. Although indoor plants are not new by any means, making them a focal point continues to be on the rise in 2021.


Plants come in different sizes, prices, and maintenance levels. Plants come in various colors that can accentuate the colors of the room that they’re in. Lastly, they are indeed natural air purifiers.

2. Vintage Furnishings

There are always gems hiding in the most unsuspecting places, such as thrift stores and the like. Moreover, not only do thrift stores have clothes, furniture, and a litany of home decor in their bins, their prices are fair as well.


There are a lot of people that have taken an interest in upcycling and repurposing their furniture. Don’t fret if the items need a bit of work; it’ll just be a DIY project for yourself. It’s rewarding to find pieces and bring them back to life as an addition to your home.

vintage brown steel cabinet

3. Integrated Offices

Since working from home had become incorporated more into workplace policies, many individuals have had to find space in their homes to set up a proper workspace.


Now you can try a cloffice. These are closet offices that can get tucked away when the work is done for the day. Moreover, a standing desk has become increasingly popular for home offices. Some of these desks are motorized and can lower and raise with just a push of a button.


There are even some that can be raised and lowered via hand crank. No matter what you choose, this can be a great addition to your home.

ding table and chairs at office

4. Smart Lighting

Heading into the new year, individuals will inevitably attempt to make their homes functional and comfortable living spaces. Just simply swapping out ordinary incandescent light bulbs for smart lighting options can enable you to create an atmosphere suited to your needs.


You can hang smart lights in different places around your home to create functional lighting in spaces for different purposes, from cooking to school to work.

5. Half-Painted Furniture

If you have old wooden chairs lying around, you can grab a nice complementary color and paint the bottom half in a bold white, grey, or a warm tone instead. It creates a color block design that looks perfect in the kitchen or on a patio. It adds a bit of drama to a small area and instantly catches your eye when you enter the space.

assorted pendant lamp

6. Patterned Dressers

This look is perfect for anyone who loves their modern home decor but wishes to add some character to their living spaces. This look works particularly well in homes that already possess interesting features, such as original floorboards, paneled walls, and exposed beams.


All you need is hot glue and your favorite wallpaper. Choose a wallpaper design that complements the color of your dresser. You could also paint the dresser if you fall in love with a pattern and it doesn’t match. Only apply the wallpaper to the face of the dresser, and you can go from plain to elegant in one day.

7. Infuse Warm Colors

With Autumn right around the corner, now’s the perfect time to start finding some of those warm colors that add character and make a space feel cozy and inviting. Maybe it’s time for a new DIY paint job!


What’s great about this trend is that it works for sunnier months as well, because who doesn’t love bursts of peacock blue, burnt orange, sunshine yellow, and sage green?


You can choose these colors as accents, buy art with this theme, or even just add pops of color in a room through furniture or linens. All of these colors pair well with dark colors such as navy blue or slate grey.

white wooden dining table

8. Eco-Friendly Choices

There has been a shift in the previous years to make conscious choices in our everyday lives that have a positive effect on our planet.


What better way to contribute than by developing a meaningful design scheme throughout your home. Choose calming fabrics and patterns that depict our connection to nature and a dedication to sustainability.


The colors for this trend are earthy orange tones, beige, green, ocean blue, soft olive, and other warm colors along these lines.


Tactile fabrics are comforting and make us feel safe; think, boucle, linen, and matt velvet. These fabrics are not only resilient, but they look great in small or large spaces.

9. Go For Contemporary Country

The contemporary country is a crowd-favorite at the moment, with embroidery and meadow prints at the forefront. These types of designs tend to elevate your senses and brighten a space.


You can make a room stand out by using duller colors with whimsical prints to give off that stylish country vibe. The main focus of this trend is to bring in a lot of natural materials (wood, metal, etc.) to recreate that outdoorsy feel.


For example, metallic items such as bronze or cooler pans mix well with splashes of beige, green, or mustard yellow. Add a farmhouse sink or pendant lighting to a kitchen with warm tones to make it both trendy and rustic.

lighted vintage light bulb

10. Textured Walls

Textured walls are all the rave heading into 2022. Some people have even had the idea to hang rugs on the wall in the wall behind their bed or directly across from it. They say it adds a softness and depth to the room that you can’t achieve with paint.


Whether you choose a woven material, a tactile fabric, wood, or anything of the sort, the textured wall will be the highlight of any decor scheme.

green leaf plant in textured wall

Final Thought

There are so many ideas out there; it’s really hard to narrow it down to just ten! Each homeowner has their own sense of style, but sometimes it helps to know what’s popular.


Oftentimes, you can take these ideas and make them your own. You can always try mixing and matching different colors and elements until you find what suits you.


However, if you get stuck and need a little inspiration, any of the decor options mentioned are a great pick. These 10 top design trends are at the top of the list of many celebrity designers and high-profile interior designers for good reason! For even more inspo, check out Amphy for the best design tricks and teachers to help you on your home decor journey. 

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