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15 Up-and-Coming Makeup Trends

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Updating your look is as simple as learning a few new techniques and dusting off a few from the past. The latest makeup trends borrow from the glamour of decades past, add new twists, and also make the most of natural looks.

15 On-Trend Makeup Looks​

Trends like these offer looks perfect for weekends, elegant nights out, work, or a coffee date. Here are 15 up-and-coming makeup trends that are on point for 2022.

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Learning live online with Amphy will have your makeup flawless and always on trend.

1. A Rosy Blush

If you’ve been contouring with browns and pearlescent highlighter a la Kim Kardashian for the past few years, get out your blush brush and a pink-to-rose-toned blush. A rosy glow on the apple of the cheeks is back in style.  

2. Natural Skin

Light coverage is letting natural skin tones show through, freckles and all. Foundation is trending toward a natural look. This look could be achieved with a BB cream or tinted moisturizer as well as with a light-to medium-coverage foundation applied with a gentle touch. 

3. Tortoiseshell Eyes

Browns, olives, and khaki shades are showing up in eye palettes this winter. Think of it as the brownish neutrals that have been popular for years, only with a hint of green. This gives us all the fall vibes! 

4. Kitten Eye

The classic cat eyeliner look has a younger, lighter cousin – the kitten eye. This winged eyeliner look is drawn with a light hand, starting at the center of the eye and working outward. 

5. Pink Champagne Eyes

Shimmery champagne golds plus pinkish shades are on-trend this season, showing up everywhere from boardrooms to galas. These colors are another new twist on neutrals and give every eye color a lift. 

6. Monochromatic Pink

Bright pink gives everyone a healthy glow. Blush, eye shadow, and lipstick in the same shade of pink, with the blush traveling up the cheek to the temples, is an especially fresh look this year, giving a healthy pink glow to faces on gray winter days or dark wintry nights. 

7. Natural Contours

Facial contouring has been a trend for years, but 2022 is updating it with lighter tones for a more natural look that includes a pinkish flush with nutmeg browns and pearly highlights.  

8. Dusty Pastels of the 1970s

Pastel purples and blues were groovy in the early 1970s. Rock that retro look this year with a single tone swept over the lids. This fun look has weekend written all over it.  

9. Bold Red Lips

If you’ve been wearing a face mask for the past year and a half, you might have let your lip looks slide into lip balm only. Now’s a great time to bring back lip color with a bold matte red, reminiscent of the glamour of the 1940s and 1950s. 

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10. Jewel-toned Eyes

Turquoise, emerald, and amethyst shades add an unexpected pop of color that’s welcome after multiple seasons of neutral eye makeup palettes. These luxe colors are perfect for a night out. 

11. Glossy Lips

Don’t let the red matte lip trend fool you. Gloss is still popular. From the glittery shades popular in the 1970s to the shiny berry tones of the 1990s, glosses are buttery and glistening. 

12. Berry Lips

If that red lip trend isn’t for you, don’t worry. You can enjoy the glamour of a darker lip for winter by trying a deep mulberry shade instead. Dark berries are beautiful by day or for evening looks. 

13. Blue Eyeliner

A bright blue eyeliner, popular during the 1980s, is back, and we’re here for it. Blue makes eyes look brighter, and after several seasons of heavy black cat eyeliner, the blue’s a welcome change.  

14. Subtle Smokey Eye

Does the smoky eye ever go out of style? This look will always be a classic, but this season is seeing the traditional sultry, smokey eye done in less severe shades, making the smoky eye more versatile and ready for a workday or a weekend brunch. 

15. Bronze Goddess

Who says bronzer is just for summertime? While bronzer does give a summer glow, a sweep of bronze across the cheekbones and eyelids warms up makeup palettes the rest of the year, too. Bronzy tones are even working their way into lip glosses and lipsticks.  

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Learn from the Pros

If learning all these new makeup trends and techniques seems intimidating, you can always take a makeup lesson. 


Going to a department store makeup counter or a cosmetics shop for a lesson will limit you to one look and will either cost about $50 an hour or require a purchase of at least that much in new cosmetics and brushes. You might also be limited to the brands these shops offer. 


You could also go online for makeup videos or makeup lessons from YouTube or platforms for online classes. These are more affordable, but you can’t interact with these makeup artists. At the most, you can leave a comment and hope the makeup artist will respond. 


There has to be a better, more affordable way to learn the latest makeup techniques.  

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Add Amphy to Your Makeup Bag

Amphy is today’s latest makeup trend. Instructors on Amphy are professional makeup artists, and classes on the Amphy platform are affordable and interactive. You can ask your instructor questions in real-time, and your instructor can see you, advise you on what colours would best accentuate your features, and give you tips and tricks on techniques. 


You can take an individual makeup class or book one for you and your friends to take at the same time. Since the classes are online, even if your friends are in different cities or time zones, you can still enjoy the fun of trying new makeup trends together. Whether you want to learn how to contour for your face shape or the up-and-coming nail trends for this year, there are so many amazing classes to choose from.


Learning live online with Amphy will have your makeup flawless and always on trend.  

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