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31 Best e-Gift Cards [Updated Oct. 2022]

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Let’s admit it, an e-Gift card is the best present you can get for someone. Whether it is Christmas, a birthday, or just a way to tell someone you care for them, an e-Gift card gives that special someone in your life an excuse to go shopping. That’s why we made a list of the best e-gift cards. 


The gift card industry continues to grow and is expected to grow by 9.5 percent in 2022. 


Out of all the options out there, we think these 31 eGift cards are among the best e-gift cards available!

1. Amphy

Want to know the best e-gift cards available? Online baking classes from Amphy teach you how to prepare popular baked goods with private and small group live instruction. 

2. Amazon

It is hard to argue with getting an Amazon gift card for anyone. With a seemingly endless supply of goods, Amazon is the marketplace of choice for many. 

3. Adidas

Adidas makes some of the highest quality shoes and exercise apparel money can buy. No one can say no to a pair of shoes from them. 

4. Apple

They are not the leader in consumer electronics for no reason. Apple has been on the cutting edge of technology and has exploded in popularity thanks to the iPhone.

5. Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Getting lost in a Bed, Bath, and Beyond is easy. But it is also easy to spend money there on the limitless supply of high-end kitchen and lifestyle supplies.

6. Best Buy

Who can say no to a Best Buy gift card? Walking into a Best Buy allows you to experience technology and consumer electronics trends on the cutting edge. 

7. Costco

Costco access, according to many, is a gift to everyone. This warehouse wholesaler has deals on everything, especially when it comes to bulk purchases. Be sure to stop for a hot dog or a slice of pizza on the way out!

8. Daily Harvest

In today’s “no time for eating” kind of world, Daily Harvest wants to put you back in control of your eating habits. Offering healthy options and dozens of meals, you will be sure to make time for breakfast. 

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9. DoorDash

Hungry for lunch? A DoorDash gift card gets you access and delivery to hundreds of restaurants at your fingertips.

10. ESPN+

For the sports fan in your life, an e-gift card to the world leader in sports coverage is sure to delight. ESPN+ offers streaming services for a whole host of sporting events.

11. GameStop

Gaming is not for bored kids and teenagers anymore. A GameStop e-gift card will supply your favorite gamer money to buy that next big AAA title.

12. The Home Depot

There is always something to be done at home. The Home Depot offers digital gift cards to help any DIYer get a project going. 

13. Kohl’s

Kohl’s has become a best-kept-secret for those seeking deals on high-end fashion at rock-bottom prices. We cannot even tell you about Kohl’s cash without spending too much of your time. 

14. Kroger

Kroger Fuel Points, anyone? Kroger’s prices on everyday groceries paired with an online gift card will stretch further than you can imagine. 

15. Le Creuset

Cookware from Le Creuset is a statement that you are serious about cooking. Home to some of the best dutch ovens on the planet, an online gift card from Le Creuset means you want the best for your loved one. 

16. Lowe’s

Another home improvement favorite, Lowe’s friendly and knowledgeable staff will make sure whatever needs to get done at your home gets done at affordable prices. 

17. Lululemon

They may have started as just a yoga pants brand, but Lululemon has branched out to comfortable gym apparel for all genders. An email gift card from the Delaware-based retailer will get your favorite person in comfy pants faster than you can say “Namaste!” 

18. Macy’s

Macy’s remains an institution when it comes to clothing and apparel. Macy’s online gift cards can help fill out wardrobes thanks to their selection of high-end brands.

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The gift card industry continues to grow and is expected to grow by 9.5 percent in 2022.

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19. MasterClass

Learning is a never-ending process. MasterClass’s focus on star power and teaching is putting a new spin on school. 

20. Netflix

Nothing says, “I love you,” like the gift of entertainment. Netflix gift cards will help cover monthly subscription costs and keep your loved one entertained for countless hours.

21. Nike

“Just do it” is not just a marketing slogan anymore—it is the mantra for buying one of their email gift cards. 

22. Office Depot

Sometimes, all you need in life is a quality pen. Office Depot continues to be one of the best office suppliers. 

23. Publix

Groceries are one of the most expensive items on anyone’s budget. Publix online gift cards will help put food on the table. 

24. Sephora

Make-up is expensive, but the selection at Sephora makes up for any money spent here. 

25. Spotify

Spotify is the music streamer of choice for many people. The selection of music and podcasts on Spotify is unrivaled. 

26. Staples

Staples is another fantastic office supply store focusing on everything from paper to office desks and chairs. 

27. Starbucks

Coffee from Starbucks is the best way to start the day. Starbucks’ eGift cards and its app rewards customers with points to supply them with their next cup of Joe. 

28. Target

When it comes to Target, many people swear by the idea that you do not go into the store seeking anything—you get what Target gives you. With hundreds of stores nationwide, Target’s eGift cards can stretch to any purchase. 

29. Ulta

Ulta’s selection of beauty supplies can make anyone feel like a million bucks. A gift card here is a wonderful start. 

30. Walmart

Another department store favorite, Walmart’s prices and selection of goods are unmatched. With many Walmart stores now featuring grocery sections, a gift card here can help your family or friends with food for the week.  

31. Whole Foods

They do not jokingly refer to it as “Whole Paycheck” for no reason. Whole Foods has become a premier retailer for groceries and healthy food options. 

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Do not let anyone tell you that buying a loved one a gift card is a lazy way out. For the person that has everything, a gift card is a fabulous way to place the onus on them to buy what they want. Whether it is the gift of knowledge, food, or consumer electronics, eGift cards help anyone buy from their favorite retailers.

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