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30 Virtual Tours You Don’t Want to Miss

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On a budget? Can’t get time off? Are you worried about these contagious viruses? Say goodbye to these excuses and check out these 31 virtual tours you do not want to miss!


Amphy offers families or classes a way to experience the world without leaving their homes without the stress of the cost of travelling. 

Amphy Top Pick

1. OHRID–The City of Unesco,


Amphy’s top-rated virtual tour is the gorgeous and historic city of Ohrid in the Republic of Macedonia. This 45-minute tour, led by an assigned tour guide, will take you through this city with historical significance and culture. 


Your teacher will guide you through the city’s heart, teaching you about the history and sharing the city’s local food and drinks. You will get a unique experience through two of Ohrid’s workshops and learn about their woodcarving and handmade paper production that dates to the 2nd century B.C.

Best Virtual Museum Tour

2. Virtual Museum Tour Series: Brazil


 Amphy offers a 45-minute personal tour through a local Brazilian museum to learn about their local art and its history. Rio de Janeiro is known for its beaches, carnivals, and beautiful scenery. 


This tour will take you into the world and culture of Brazil, where your tour guide will allow you to pick the focus topic of your choice: science & technology, history, art, photography, war and military, folk art, or archaeology!

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Amphy offers families or classes a way to experience the world without leaving their homes without the stress of the cost of traveling

Best Cities with Virtual Tours

Are you looking for a city with a rich history? Amphy’s virtual tours focus on a tailored experience that takes you to cities full of culture and ancient backgrounds.


3. British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada


4. Hanoi, Vietnam: Learn about the history of Hanoi


5. Tel Aviv, Israel: Learn about the role Tel Aviv played and the relationship between Israel and the world.


6. Caesarea, Israel: See the beautiful architecture of Caesarea, Israel, one of the top 5 cities to visit in Israel. 


7. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: This tour takes you to some of Rio’s best views, like the Bossa Nova cradles, Ipanema’s Sidewalk, and the Two Brothers Dios Rocky Mountains.


8. Budapest, Hungary: Budapest and its unique history will take you on a journey of a city built and named through its unification.


9. Dehli, India: This tour through the city of Delhi will capture the cultural lifestyle of India and teach you about its people, places, and food.


10. Buenos Aires, Argentina: You will get a first-row seat to the different styles and art techniques impacting Buenos Aires’ history.


11. Bethlehem, Israel: This virtual tour is a live experience of the Biblical history of Jesus and his walk to Nazareth.


12. Galilee, Israel: See the city of Galilee where Jesus performed miracles and shared his teachings.


13. Venice, Italy: Get to see this city from two different perspectives to appreciate its beauty and see Venice’s waters from a whole new point of view.


14. Port Harcourt City, Nigeria: One of the largest cities in River State, Nigeria, this virtual tour will take you on a unique dive into the city and its diversified locations.


15. Samaria, Israel: Take a virtual tour through the city of Samaria in the Bible. 


16. Athens, Greece: This virtual tour of Athens lets you see its historical and ancient sculptures of Athens and learn how symbolic Greek art is to this city.


17. Jerusalem, Israel: This tour of Jerusalem will teach you the history of Christianity and share how it played a role in the history of Jesus and the Bible in this 60-minute tour.


18. New Castle, New South Wales, Australia: This 60-minute tour will take you through the most beautiful beaches in New Castle. 

Best Art Museums with Virtual Tours

Amphy offers multiple virtual tours of Art Museums. Each of these tours takes you out of the confinements of a building and into the historical art of its city. These are some that you cannot miss:


19. Be Creative Interactive Street Art Virtual Exhibit: It takes you into the streets of Dehli, India, and into an immersive experience of their colorful neighborhood and beautiful murals.


20. Virtual Tour Street Art in the Buenos Aires Market: See how New York Street art has influenced this city and partake in the unique technique and background of how graffiti has brought color to this city.

colourful houses on a canal

Best Virtual Tours for Students

Looking for a safe way to expose students to the world? Check out these virtual tours that focus on the background and history of each ancient city:


21. Virtual Tour of Medieval Porto


22. Virtual Exhibit Caesarea – Rome the Jewish West: This tour uses 3D models and videos to take you on a journey through one of Rome’s top sites.


23. Venice Tour for Kids: Rivers Instead of Streets?: This tour focuses on a specific age group and takes students through the streets and waterways of Venice.


24. Virtual Tour: Portuguese Colonization in Brazil: This tour will go through the history of Brazil and how the Portuguese Colonization influenced the city.


25. Be Creative Interactive Street Art Virtual Exhibit: An interactive tour through the city of British Columbia. Learn about one of Canada’s largest cities with a personal tour guide that can answer and teach you through this interactive tour.


26. Hanoi French Quarter: Learn about the history of Vietnam and how the French Quarter influenced its structure and religious background.

Best Virtual Tours for Families

27. In the Footsteps of Baby Jesus – Christmas Tour: Get together with your family and learn about one of our world’s largest holidays. Learn its history and how Christmas came to be and share its meaning.


28. Virtual Tour: In the Footsteps of Jesus – Part 1 and 2: This 2-part virtual tour will take you through the places Jesus taught and performed miracles. Learn the history and how these cities played a role in the life of Jesus.


29. Virtual Hanukkah Walking Tour: Walk with Maccabees: This Virtual experience will teach about Hanukkah and its traditions.


30. Explore Port Harcourt City with me, LIVE!!: This live experience will take you through Nigeria and be a great experience for you and your family to learn about the culturally diverse side of Nigeria and historical facts about this large city.


Whether on a budget, fear of travel, or lack of time, Amphy’s virtual tours are available for you, your family, or your class. These tours will teach the history of each city and give a whole new perspective on a piece of the world you’ve never seen before. So, don’t miss out on these Virtual Tours!

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