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44 Home Organization Ideas for a Neat and Tidy Home

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You may know the basics of home organization, but these tips and ideas might help take your tidying to the next level. From useful gadgets to how to change your disorganized habits, we at Amphy gathered 44 ideas to cover everything you need to know.

Start forming a routine around organization

Some of the best home organization ideas are about the little habits we practice every day. Try some of these tips to stay on top of clutter and never let it pile up!

1. Go with the flow

If you typically stash everyday items in a pile by the front door when you get home, that’s where your storage solution should go.


2. Organize a little bit every day 

Setting your sights on one area at a time will help tackle the mess without it ever feeling like a mountain to conquer.


3. Keep a clock right where you need one

A great example is a shower clock. Inexpensive, yet provides extra assurance that you’ll be ready for work on time.


4. It’s hard to have too many small trash cans

Keep everything picked up, all the time!


5. Use containers to limit clutter

If you don’t have room for another pen, you don’t need it!


6. Wash dishes as soon as you can after using them

No more piling!


7. Track your spending by writing everything down 

Reduce financial worry so you’ll never forget a purchase.

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Opt for drawers or other open solutions instead of stacked bins wherever you can

8. Set aside days for specific chores

For example, perhaps Sunday is laundry day, and on Friday, you sort your craft supplies.


9. Label dedicated spaces, even for junk drawers

Never forget what you have and avoid buying seconds.


10. Whenever you add to a collection, also remove one

This rule is especially effective for closets. Each time you buy something new, donate something older that you don’t wear.


11. Store all cleaning supplies in the same place 

Everything is always together when you need it.


12. Have a designated place for “do it later” paperwork

Paper piles are the perfect places for things to go missing.


13. Organize clothing by season and put away off-season clothes

Use storage totes and keep them in a closet or other space out of the way.

Consider gadgets that will simplify sorting

Sometimes, all it takes to improve home organization is the proper gadget. These storage ideas require a little investment but could lead to much neater spaces in your home.

14. Try a pot rail to keep your pots and pans out of the way

Less clutter in your kitchen cupboards.


15. Don’t underestimate over-the-door towel hangers

Hang sweatshirts or other wearables too!


16. Got a lot of shoes? Try a shoe shelf!

No more piles by the door.


17. Hammocks can also be for fruit

Fruit hammocks keep fruit handy and off the counter. Hang them underneath a kitchen cabinet for maximum efficiency.


18. Bedside caddies keep all essentials close

These typically have smaller compartments for items like your phone, tablet, or glasses.


19. Cord keepers can rein in a tangled mess

Use these to minimize those pesky cord knots.


20. Keep your digital life decluttered

If your phone is full of apps you don’t use or your computer’s desktop has too many shortcuts, you might still suffer from the stress of that clutter.


21. Opt for drawers or other open solutions instead of stacked bins wherever you can

You are much more likely to stick with your organizational system if it’s easy, and if you have to take three bins off the stack to reach something, that’s not very easy. 


22. Shallow drawers are the best drawers

You want to see what you have at a glance without digging through stacks that often hide what you need.


23. Invest in a rolling craft station

There are organizers specifically for storing all the little bits and pieces you need.

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Maximize storage space

Chances are, you have more hidden space than you realize. You can maximize even the tightest of spaces with these organizational ideas.

24. Give every drawer an organizer

You might have compartments for silverware, but don’t forget that even your underwear drawer is easier to navigate when everything has a place and you can see everything at once.


25. Hangers can hold many garments

Multi-tiered hangers can condense your closet more than you’d probably think.


26. Storing folded items upright is much more convenient

You’ll find it takes up far less space.


27. Shelf risers take advantage of vertical spaces

If you’ve ever wanted to leverage the height of your cabinet spaces, shelf risers may be perfect for you. 


28. Deep closets could use an over-the-door organizer

Keep small items here, such as makeup, hair, or morning grooming accessories.


29. Dead spaces like under the basement stairs? Great for storage

Maximize every space you have available!


30. Use towel racks anywhere to hang anything

They don’t have to be exclusively for the bathroom. 


31. Don’t forget the space under your bed!

It would be a missed opportunity to ignore the space here.

Make it fun

Organizing your home can seem like a chore at times, but it doesn’t have to be. There are ways to enjoy the process more.

32. Try self-imposed deadlines to motivate you to organize

Setting a timer and making a dent in an untidy area is still progress. You can also try multitasking.


33. Use contests or games to get kids excited about cleaning 

For example, kids might be more motivated to tidy up if they’re trying to be faster than a sibling. Including a prize for the winner might serve as extra incentive.


34. Shelves don’t have to look boring

Your organizational furniture can and should be part of your decor. Pretty shelves might also make you more likely to use them!


35. Organize by color

Everything looks better when organized chromatically. 

home organization

Think outside the box

Many storage solutions come from repurposing an old gadget. There’s no rule that says shower caddies can’t live outside the shower or that your old favorite mug with a chip in it is entirely useless.

36. Use a pegboard for jewelry organization

It also makes all of your options easy to see. 


37. Shower rings and hooks can have unexpected new lives

Shower hooks and rings can hang just about anything. They’re sturdy, cheap, and often aesthetically pleasing, too.


38. Shower caddies can be used elsewhere, too

Try them over doors, dressers, or shelves. 


39. Try old CD racks for storing lids

You might also consider dish racks for the same purpose.


40. Mugs work great as pen and pencil cups

We’ve all done it here or there, haven’t we?


41. Bowls can hold miscellaneous junk

Far better than having it lying everywhere. 


42. Wine racks? Surprisingly useful for more than wine bottles

A great example of an alternate use is for yarn.


43. Pants hangers can store fabric for sewing-related crafts

Doing this should help reduce piles. 


44. Old greeting cards can be framed or kept in a binder

It can be nigh-impossible to part with old greeting cards, especially if you’re sentimental or the sender has passed. Try framing special ones or putting together a binder.

Before you go

Above all, try to make your living spaces work for you and your needs. Old habits can tell you what areas to declutter, and new habits can keep them neat. Don’t be afraid to get creative as you organize, and along the way, maybe even have some fun!


And if you need some extra assistance, try a professional class to take your home organization to the next level. 

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