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6 Top Hairstyles of 2022

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Easy hairstyles with versatility are all the rage in 2021. Short or long, today’s hairstyles are embracing natural texture and keeping faces framed with loose layers. Less heat styling means healthier hair, which is always in fashion.

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If you’re thinking, “There has to be a better way,” you’re right. Amphy is different.

The Top Hairstyle Trends of 2021

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Keep your look current and make the most of your beautiful features with one or several of these six top hairstyles of 2021.  

1. Curtain Bangs

Retro curtain bangs – longish and accenting the cheekbones while framing the face – are a popular haircut trend this year. If you remember the hairstyle Farrah Fawcett made famous, don’t panic. The curtain bangs of 2021 are low maintenance and can be part of a “wash-and-go” hairstyle.  


Long bangs are versatile, as they can be loose or pinned back, and if you grow tired of them, they’re easy to grow out.  

2. Mullet

Business in the front, party in the back. The mullet haircut was the most popular hairstyle this year on fashion runways. The haircut trend is another retro reboot of 2021, but this haircut trend is perfect for accenting and framing round faces. 


This haircut trend looks chic and futuristic, plus it’s easy to care for and shouldn’t look out of shape if you can’t get to your next haircut for a few weeks. 

3. Shag

Inspired by the layers of the 1970s haircut trend, today’s shags are curly and carefree. A shag looks fresh in 2021 and has easy-care layers. Longer shags let wearers experiment with pinning hair back with bobby pins, pulling it back with a headband, or sweeping it up.  


The retro shag was straighter and more severe, but today’s shag lets curls and waves soften its look. Less straightening will leave curly or wavy hair healthier. 

4. Ponytail

The ponytail can take you anywhere in 2021 – job interviews, the gym, or elegant occasions. A sleek ponytail can be an easy and versatile hairstyle once you know how to achieve the look. High ponytails, low and loose ponytails, and everything in between can be a quick way to update your look in 2021. 


Getting the perfect ponytail can be tricky, so some seek help from stylists to get the right look, seeking advice on styling products and hair accessories. 

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5. Bob

Blunt ends and loose waves make today’s bobs a very popular hairstyle. Offering easy care with little styling needed, a bob can look as at home in the boardroom as it does on a casual weekend brunch date or jog in the park. Change up a bob with hair accessories, such as jeweled clips or textured headbands, or with products such as an old-school mousse or pomade. 


Bobs flatter most face shapes and make the most of eyes and cheekbones. They also pair with clothes from business suits to sweaters and jeggings. 

6. Bun

Whether it’s a messy bun for the weekend or an upswept ‘do for a wedding or formal occasion, the bun is one of the most popular hairstyles of 2021. Giving this style staying power while looking natural can be tricky unless you know hairstyling secrets. 


Learning how to create variations of the bun for 2021 can add versatility to your hair looks. Once you master the bun, you’ll wonder why you ever thought the bun was difficult. 

Learning the Latest Hairstyle Trends

If you feel like you’re all thumbs when it comes to creating hairstyles, you’re not alone. You could hire a hairstylist to give you the latest looks, and many do for special occasions, such as weddings and formal affairs.  


For the workweek or casual evenings out, going to a hairstylist to get the current look isn’t practical or affordable.


If you want to learn how to create the most popular hairstyle you love at home, here are some options you can try: 

Beauty School

Going to a school for hairstyling would give you personal instruction on creating popular hairstyles, but this is time-consuming and expensive. Professional training in hairstyling isn’t an option unless you want to become a professional hairstylist. 

Online Videos

You could watch YouTube and Tik Tok Videos to see the latest videos on how to create hairstyles. However, asking questions isn’t easy, and you won’t be able to interact with the hairstylist in the video. The video host can’t see what you’re doing to correct your styling techniques, either. 

Classes on Most Learning Platforms

The advent of learning platforms online has brought affordable classes to homes, and many have enjoyed these lessons. Most platforms don’t offer a way to interact with your instructor in real-time. Your hairstylist won’t be able to see your progress and offer pointers along the way. 

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The Amphy Way

If you’re thinking, “There has to be a better way,” you’re right. Amphy is different.  


Amphy is an interactive online learning platform that offers classes in myriad topics including hairstyling. In an Amphy class, you’ll be interacting with your instructor, asking questions, and getting pointers in real-time.  


Amphy classes can be taken alone or in a group. Get a class that’s tailored to your hairstyling questions or get your friends together for a group class. Imagine the fun of learning a hairstyle together for a special event or occasion coming up! 


Classes feature all types of hairstyling, including looks such as the perfect ponytail or bun, or you can have a custom lesson. You can even pair up hairstyling classes with lessons in makeup and fashion to create your own personal makeover.  


Amphy instructors are experts in their own communities, but the Amphy platform brings them to you affordably, giving you the benefits of an in-person class. 

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Book Your Amphy Hairstyling Class Today

Questions about hair products and styling tools, techniques and trends can all be answered in real-time by Amphy instructors in a fun and informative format. 


Upgrade your style by booking a class on hair techniques with Amphy today. For less than the cost of a haircut, you can be on your way to creating the most popular hairstyles of 2021.


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