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7 Easy Ways to Make Pasta You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

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If you have little time to spend in front of a stove to cook pasta, never fear. You can cook delicious noodles without using a burner. There are several ways of cooking pasta. Whether at home or on the go, there is a way to enjoy your favorite pasta. Check out these kitchen hacks.

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Another cooking hack is to reuse the water from your pasta. The starch in the water helps the noodles and sauce bind.

Ways of Making Pasta

Here are seven original cooking hacks to make or cook pasta.  

How to Cook Pasta Without a Stove

Cooking on a stove is an easy and common task, but preventing food from boiling over the pot can be difficult. There are other ways you can cook noodles. 

Rice Cooker

If you don’t want to use your stove or have one that does not work, try using a rice cooker to make your pasta. 

  1. Add the noodles. 
  2. Add the amount of water required for your noodles, and press the button. 
  3. Keep the noodles in the pot until cooked.

You may need to keep an eye on it so that your pasta cooks the way you want it. 

Pressure Cooker

Pressure cooking is another example of a safe, effective way to cook pasta in place of a stove. You don’t have to watch the pasta because the appliance cooks it thoroughly, and there is less clean-up. However, you won’t know if your noodles are to your liking. 


Read the instructions to find out how to choose the right setting. You can also make your pasta in its sauce inside the cooker. 

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How to Boil Noodles in the Microwave

Cooking in the microwave is easy, but it could take a little longer for your noodles to boil. Put the noodles and water in a microwave-safe container. Be sure the water is above the noodles so they can expand. Follow the package instructions and cook on high. Check your food often to see if it’s boiling over. After the pasta finishes cooking, add your favorite sauce and enjoy. 

How to Cook Pasta Without Boiling 

There’s a way you can cook your pasta without worrying about it burning. Boil the water first. When it reaches the boiling point, add the pasta, cover it, and turn off the burner. The pasta will absorb the hot water. Before you know it, your starchy dish will be ready.

How to Cook Pasta in a Mug 

If you plan to fix pasta for yourself or another person, using a mug is an easy, less messy way to cook. Macaroni and cheese is a prime example of cooking pasta in a mug

  1. Find a large microwave-safe mug.

  2. Mix your favorite pasta with water and salt (approximately half a cup of each) in the glass cup.

  3. Microwave for a few minutes, stirring occasionally.

When your pasta finishes cooking, add veggies, cheese, or other ingredients. 

How to Cook Pasta Without a Pot

There is a way to cook your noodles using very little water. It’s a cold water pasta technique that cooks as well as uses a pot. All you need is salt, a small amount of cold water, pasta, and a frying pan. Place the ingredients in the pan, and voila! Your meal is ready. 

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How to Cook Pasta Without Water

Traditionally, people drop the pasta into a boiling pot of water. With this unique pasta method,  adding sauce instead of water can save you an extra step. Just make sure you use enough sauce to cover the noodles. 


Before you start, add some olive oil and garlic to the pan while heating it, then tomato or alfredo sauce, depending on the type of pasta. The noodles soak up the sauce as they cook and come out soft, with a creamy or savory coating. All you have to do is serve. 

How to Make Homemade Pasta

There are different methods of making your pasta. This recipe creates regular white pasta using only three cups of flour and four large eggs. 


  1. Mix them until the ball forms, then knead. The dough may appear dry, but that will come in handy later. 
  2. Wrap the dough in plastic and let it rest in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. 
  3. After the dough has chilled, cut it into four pieces, all the same size. 
  4. Using a rolling pin, roll each piece into a flat, thin sheet on a nonstick surface. 
  5. Fold the dough until it is in layers. 
  6. Cut the strips into different sizes according to what type of noodles you’re making. 
  7. Add a little flour, unroll the strips, and carefully pull them apart. 

Letting the dough rest in the fridge allows the flour to absorb water so that your noodles don’t become too dry.

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Food Hacks for Cooking Pasta

Learn some unique techniques of cooking pasta, such as using different types of cookware, sauces, or wine. 

Cooking Pasta in a Pan

Place pasta into a dry pan. Pour up to two quarts of cold water over the noodles to prevent them from sticking together. Stir occasionally as your pasta cooks over medium-high heat.

Include Wine

If you like wine with your spaghetti, here’s a unique twist to a simple meal: Boil a pot of water with red wine, then add the spaghetti. You will have sweet and bitter-tasting purplish noodles to enjoy. For a savory taste, add some garlic or other seasonings. 

Avoid Olive Oil

There is a myth about using olive oil in your water. According to Chef Bastianich, olive oil in boiling water does not help prevent pasta from sticking. It also keeps the sauce from combining well with noodles. Pasta that cooks thoroughly should not stick together. 


If you don’t plan to use the noodles right away, coating them with olive oil will prevent them from clumping together while they sit. 

Reuse the Water

Another cooking hack is to reuse the water from your pasta. The starch in the water helps the noodles and sauce bind. Only a touch will do. 

Use Salt Liberally

Salt adds flavor to the pasta. After the water starts boiling, add the salt before your pasta. 

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