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8 Easy Plants for Kids to Grow


Who doesn’t love a good garden? Gardening isn’t just a way to provide food for yourself and your family or decorate your home and yard. You can also use gardening as an activity to bond with your kids and teach them new life skills.


Many plants require special attention and can only grow under particular conditions, but some are hardy enough to withstand even the newest and smallest gardeners.

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Your little ones will love picking tomatoes once they’re ripe, and tomatoes are great in so many kid-friendly dishes. I mean, what kid doesn’t love spaghetti and ketchup?

We’ve put together a list of eight easy plants for kids to grow so that you and your little one can experience the magic of gardening together. 

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1. Sunflowers

Everybody loves sunflowers! They’re tall, bright, and beautiful. They’re also super easy to grow. 


Sunflowers are one of the best plants for kids to grow. All you need is a spot with full sun access. 


Sunflowers do best in well-drained soil, but they can tolerate clay and sandy soil as well. 


For best results, sunflowers should be planted about 1.5 inches deep and spaced at least a foot apart. 


For late summer/early fall blooms, plant your seeds in early spring. You can plant seeds in late fall for early spring blooms if you live in a warmer climate. 


Sunflowers are semi drought-tolerant but do best when they receive regular watering. If you live in a temperate climate that receives good rain, you may not even need to water your sunflowers once planted. 


Most sunflower varieties sprout quickly within just a week or so, but blooming can take upwards of three to four months. This wait time provides an excellent opportunity for your child to learn how to nurture a living thing. 


The wait time is the hardest part of growing sunflowers. They mostly take care of themselves. Once your sunflower has bloomed, seeing the happiness and pride in your child’s face will make the wait time worth it. 

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2. Radishes

When we picture gardening with children, most of us tend to think of bright flowers or planting trees, but radishes are an overlooked, kid-friendly gem. 


You should plant radishes in cool weather in spring and fall. They do best when planted directly in the ground in sunny areas. 


To plant radishes, put the seeds about an inch deep and three inches apart. Once in the ground, radishes only take 3-4 days to sprout. 

Radishes have one of the quickest growing times of any vegetable, making watching them grow highly gratifying to young eyes. You can harvest them as soon as three weeks after planting.

3. Marigolds

Marigolds are a bright and beautiful addition to any garden. Kids love how colorful the blooms are. 


Marigolds are excellent flowers for attracting pollinators, especially bees. They look beautiful planted around the perimeter of an in-ground garden or sitting in pots on the porch. 


Marigolds are hardy and don’t require a lot of maintenance, which is perfect for kids. They love the sun, but they can tolerate partial shade. 


Marigolds are semi drought tolerant, but they produce more blooms when you keep them well watered. 


Marigolds also provide a rewarding experience for kids because they sprout so quickly. They only take anywhere from four days to two weeks to sprout, and they start producing blooms within two months or sooner. 

4. Succulents

Most succulents you can buy in grocery stores are very low maintenance and hardy. While starting them from seed can be more difficult, growing and maintaining succulents that have already sprouted is easy and fun for kids. 


Many succulents are drought tolerant and only need water once every two to three weeks. This is perfect for little ones or kids that tend to forget their chores. 


Succulents also don’t require a lot of light. They can live long and happy lives indoors in low light conditions, perfect for the window sill of your child’s bedroom. 


Succulents come in a wide range of fun shapes and colors. Their round but geometric shape is super fun and appealing for children. 

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5. Mint

In the plant world, the term “mint” refers to various plants, all of which are hardy, grow easily, and grow quickly. 


Mint grows best when planted in the spring, and it only takes two weeks or less to sprout. Mint is ready to harvest in 90 days or less, but it starts smelling good as soon as it produces leaves. 


Mint is a very easy plant to grow. You can grow it indoors or outdoors as long as it has a good amount of sunlight and you keep the soil moist.


Mint is a good plant for kids to grow because not only is it gratifying to see your work grow quickly, but the sweet and refreshing-smelling leaves are fun to squish and smell. 

6. Tomatoes

Tomatoes have a reputation amongst gardeners for being notoriously easy to grow. Almost every gardener, new or seasoned, grows tomatoes. They’re a perfect, hardy option for introducing children to the world of gardening. 


Tomatoes sprout very quickly in just ten days or less. You can even start your tomato plants indoors and place them in a sunny area so that your kids can monitor the germination process firsthand. 


Tomato plants grow faster than most other fruiting plants. They reach maturity within 30 days, and the plants start to produce fruit around 40-50 days. 


Your little ones will love picking tomatoes once they’re ripe, and tomatoes are great in so many kid-friendly dishes. I mean, what kid doesn’t love spaghetti and ketchup? 

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7. Snap Peas

Snap peas are a simple vining plant that can grow both indoors and outdoors. Growing snap peas is a fun experiment for kids as well since you can start growing them in a paper towel so that the kids can see the whole sprouting process. 


Snap peas are hardy and grow well in both sun and shade. They provide quick gratification since they sprout in about a week and only take six to eight weeks to be ready to harvest


Kids will not only have an easy time growing snap peas, but they will have fun harvesting them as well. And who knows, the experience may even help convince them to eat more veggies. 

8. Pumpkins

Pumpkins are one of the easiest plants out there to grow. Kids will have an easy time growing these gourds and will love harvesting them in the fall. 


Pumpkins grow in almost any condition, making them perfect for children to plant and tend to. It doesn’t matter how far apart you space your seeds or how deep you plant them; pumpkin vines will find a way to grow. 


Pumpkins take a while to get harvest-ready, but when they’re ready, kids will love picking them and painting or carving them.

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