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Spring Fashion Trends and Accessories to Try Right Now


Accessories and Fashion this Summer

Carleen is a fashion and design teacher on She gives classes in fashion so you can dress to impress. Whether you’re a casual dresser, fashionista, or just want some tips Carleen’s classes are here to save you.

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The wide belt is a fantastic way to create an hourglass silhouette.

Accessories and Fashion Trends For Spring/Summer

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Hey, hey, hey, hey.


00:00:04:07 – 00:00:08:09

It’s your girl Carleen Robinson,

and today we are going to bring


00:00:08:09 – 00:00:10:06

in the bling and things.


00:00:14:13 – 00:00:16:24

Traditional jewelry

like pearls and gold earrings


00:00:16:24 – 00:00:21:00

get a fresh update

and are sure to inspire you.


00:00:21:18 – 00:00:25:06

Some of these things are the renewed



00:00:25:10 – 00:00:29:12

and others are made for the bold fashion

risk taker.


00:00:29:23 – 00:00:35:06

These are two of the latest accessory

trends spotted at the spring/summer


00:00:35:06 – 00:00:37:22

2022 Fashion Week.


00:00:38:15 – 00:00:41:19

The wide belt is a fantastic


00:00:41:19 – 00:00:44:17

way to create an hourglass silhouette.


00:00:45:00 – 00:00:47:21

You can wear this trend in many ways.


00:00:47:21 – 00:00:50:24

The second trend, is pearl jewelry.


00:00:51:06 – 00:00:55:04

For the upcoming season,

it’s all about the cream gems.


00:00:56:00 – 00:01:00:11

To learn more and if you’ve been inspired

with what you viewed,


00:01:00:11 – 00:01:04:19

sign up for a live

class with me today on Amphy.

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