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Basic Style Rules


Style Guidelines for Beginners

Always rock the right outfit. Never wear the wrong thing. That’s the motto when it comes to personal style. What you wear says a lot about your personality and values. Watch this fashion styling video to learn the basic style rules every dresser should know.


Carleen is a fashion and design teacher on She gives classes in fashion so you can dress to impress. Whether you’re a casual dresser, fashionista, or just want some tips Carleen’s classes are here to save you.

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Rule one: Show your beautiful skin strategically.

Basic Style Rules

Hey, hey, hey. It’s your girl, Carleen Robinson, and today we are going to talk about basic style rules 101.


So how can I tell if my favorite denims are a proper fit?


What’s the best flattering dress silhouette?


Both are totally reasonable questions to ask in this session. I will take you down the road and provide you much needed advice.


Rule one: Show your beautiful skin strategically. What do I mean by this? If you want to amp up your sexy looking, the part involves knowing what to bare and what you keep for your eyes only. 


To learn more and if you’ve been inspired with what you’ve viewed.


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