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8 Most Popular Food in the World

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Global cuisine bewitches foodies with its exciting new flavors, enchanting fragrances, and thrilling ingredients. Now that more diverse grocery stores and restaurants are widely available, knowing the best dishes from around the world is more crucial than ever. Here’s a list of the 8 most popular food in the world. Bon appetite! 


Many different South Asian cultures serve their own distinct versions of curry. Curry, one of the most popular food in the world, is defined as a sauce heavily seasoned with fragrant spices. Turmeric, coriander, cumin, and other aromatic spices are frequently incorporated in curries. In Southern India, the curry tree produces spicy leaves that contribute to this flavorful gravy.


Curries vary widely based on several different factors. Each curry differs based on the cultural and religious traditions of the cook and even individual preferences. It is nearly impossible to eat the same curry twice! This helps make it one of the most popular food in the world. Coconut milk combined with spices forms a basic curry sauce.


Fish, meat, poultry, or vegetarian proteins drown in flavorful wet curries, joined by vegetables, and served over rice. A dry curry allows its liquid to evaporate and the leftover proteins and vegetables remain coated with the flavorful spice mixture.


As Great Britain colonized India, many of its cultural traditions traveled back to Europe. As early as the 1700s, British merchants started to sell a mass-produced “curry powder” to duplicate the alluring flavors travelers first experienced in exotic India or Pakistan.


In Nepal, a vegetable curry named Dal-bhat-tarkari gets our vote for the best vegetarian dish located internationally. This plant-based curry joins tender lentils and rice into a dish loaded with flavors. Nepali momos, or dumplings, are frequently served on the side to mop up the sauce.


The Netherlands’ iconic stroopwafel could almost be an ambassador to this European nation. This cookie is universally beloved and is available at most grocery stores. A stroopwafel features a slim, waffle-like cookie with a caramel filling pressed inside.


The caramel flavor is the traditional variety, with an unchanged recipe since 1904. In addition to this signature taste, stroopwafels are now available in various flavors. Try the chocolate, honey, maple, or coffee version of this sandwich cookie with your next cup of coffee. Don’t forget to warm the cookie on the top of your coffee mug to enjoy it like a local! 

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Whatever you’re looking for, you’re bound to tantalize your taste buds and thrill your friends and family.


Empanadas are a small pouch, or turnover, filled with numerous diverse sweet or savory fillings. They cross many borders, from Mexico to Argentina and Cuba. The first evidence of empanadas as a delicacy can be found in northwest Spain.


These baked or fried turnovers overflow with meats, corn, tomatoes, or other fillings based on the cultural influences of the recipe. Sweet empanadas burst with pineapple, custard, or apple fillings.


A popular Middle Eastern street food, kebabs are a convenient, highly customizable, and succulent treat. Kebabs frequently feature meat, including lamb, chicken, pork, or beef on a skewer. Seafood like shrimp is also a great addition to a well-stocked kebab.


In addition to the skewer concept, kebabs can also resemble a gyro. This handheld sandwich is called a doner kebab in Turkey and Germany. 


Strips of beef, goat, or lamb meat layer on a piece of fluffy pita bread with raw vegetables like tomatoes and onions. A cucumber sauce brings the entire sandwich together for a satisfying Mediterranean-flavored entree.



Lumpia is the Philippines’ answer to an egg roll from Chinese cuisine or taquito in Mexican food. These tightly-rolled, deep-fried tubes serve as a delicious appetizer or side dish in Filipino and Indonesian cuisine.


Similar to many of the other foods on this list, lumpia is a very popular street food in the Philippines and other southeast Asian nations. While lumpia performs a humble service, it is also commonly served at major gatherings and celebrations.


Its origins can be traced to between 900 and 1565 CE. This ancient snack delights all generations, with fillings like ground pork, seafood, cheese, or sprouts. Lumpiang keso is known as cheese lumpia. This version of the popular appetizer is one of the best vegetarian dishes found internationally.


Dipping sauces for lumpia range from common to excitingly exotic. Choose ordinary mayonnaise for your lumpia, or hunt down banana ketchup or spicy peanut sauce for an authentic experience.


The Greek islands delivered this delicious and simple snack, perfect for any time of day or occasion. Spanakopita is a flaky, layered dish commonly called “Greek Spinach Pie”. 


This snack, one of the best dishes from around the world, offers delicious layers of spinach and delicate phyllo dough. These intricate layers produce a fresh and fulfilling bite in a handheld package. Spanakopita earns its place as one of the best breakfast dishes available for a modern brunch.


Homemade spanakopita used to be out of reach. Now mass-produced phyllo dough makes this appetizer finally achievable. Phyllo dough is extremely thin and fragile, rendering it almost impossible to manipulate for amateur bakers. Shoppers can grab reliable phyllo dough from the freezer section at any grocery store today.


Spanakopita has become such a standard that heat-and-eat versions of this Greek appetizer grace store shelves. If you are new to ethnic treats, spanakopita is a delicious and approachable dish to welcome you to the world of international eating.

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Bulgogi is a Korean meat dish made of barbecued beef in a sweet sauce. Thin slices of sirloin, ribeye, or brisket cuts frequently compose these piles of bulgogi. This richly flavored, slow-cooked meat and sauce are served over a bed of rice. 


Unlike many Asian dishes served over rice, bulgogi typically does not feature vegetables. That makes bulgogi one of the best meat dishes to try from an international source. With the rise of Korean culture in the Western Hemisphere, bulgogi is currently one of the trendiest new foods to try.


If you are looking for a bounty of flavors, Spain’s paella delivers an unforgettable experience. Slow-cooked with a delicate process and special equipment, paella isn’t for the faint of heart. 


This dish frequently combines a variety of meats like chicken, sausages, shellfish, and seafood. Paella is undoubtedly one of the best meat dishes found around the globe. Saffron, one of the most expensive spices in the world, features heavily in this dish.


If you are looking to explore new cuisines, this list of the best dishes from around the world is the perfect way to start. If you’re more than curious, why not consider taking a course at Amphy. Discover how to make Paella or learn Spanish as you cook. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re bound to tantalize your taste buds and thrill your friends and family. 

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