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Bollywood Dance Move

In this video Nidhi quickly shows you the coolest Bollywood dance to bust out at your next party. Learn the Bollywood dance Backstroke so you can dance like Hrithik Roshan or Madhuri Dixit.

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The next step I have will resonate with the swimmers here. It's called the backstroke step.

Bollywood Dance Backstroke

The Bollywood dance I have will resonate with the swimmers here. It’s called the backstroke step.


All we’re going to do is practice backstroke while we stand.


So you’re going to take your shoulders and move it backwards. So practice as though you’re swimming backstroke right while you’re standing.


One, two, three, four. And the step looks beautiful with music.


When you have the music on, all you’re going is… One, two, three, four, five, six.


So practice your backstroke move to any Bollywood or Bhangra song and see how alive


it comes in your dancing.


If you want to learn more steps and more dancing to Bollywood music, join my classes on Amphy. This is Nidhi, and I teach the Bollywood dance fitness on

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