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Breakfast On-The-Go


Best Options for an On-the-Go Breakfast

In this video, Alexa will show you some examples of the best breakfasts for when you’re on the go!


Alexa Hanshaw is a functional health and stress management coach and founder of Alexa Hanshaw LLC, on a mission to empower people to become the CEO of their Stress.

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Super easy breakfast ideas for those crazy hectic mornings

On-the-Go Breakfast

Hi, I’m Alexa Hanshaw and today I’m going to be talking through some super easy breakfast ideas for those crazy hectic mornings where you just don’t have the time.


So some of my favorites include hard boiled eggs or some type of pre made egg and you can do these either by buying them in the store already pre hardboiled, or you can hard-boil them ahead of time and have them ready for the week.


Second option is toast, you know, easily pop it in the toaster while you’re doing something else. And then to make it a well rounded breakfast you add in a little bit of nut or seed butter as well as some berries. So you’re getting your protein, your fat as well as your carbs.


Another super quick and easy no prep needed option is going to be Greek yogurt with a little bit of berries. Plain Greek yogurt is going to give you high protein and then the berries are going to give you a little bit of sweetness as well as a lot of antioxidants, and vitamins and minerals.


My final favorite option is going to be smoothies. Now smoothies are not always the quickest if you don’t plan ahead, so you can plan ahead by throwing everything that you need into a little baggie and freezing it ahead of time and then just throwing that in the blender and adding your favorite liquid to it and blending it up and then quick and easy to go. Another option you can always grab is your pre made smoothies as well. Just make sure you check the label and make sure there’s not a whole bunch of sugar or fake ingredients in it.


So I hope you found some quick and easy breakfast options. I am so excited for you to book your next class and and I cannot wait to see you!

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