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Creating an Organized Capsule Wardrobe

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Avoid Cheap

When you take the time to think about what you want to wear and what suits your needs and lifestyle best, your clothes will have more meaning to you. Several times a year, I pare down my closet. My wardrobe consists of less clothing every year, but the clothes are high quality and I know they will last me for years.


We have all been there — you are walking through Target to grab some essentials like toilet paper and toothpaste, and all of a sudden you find yourself browsing the collection of maxi dresses. With those bright colors and cute designs, the $3 bins are not the only traps in that store! 


Now even though that maxi dress may look and sound appealing at $15, what quality (if any) is really coming with it? There is a very good chance that it won’t hold up after several washes, not to mention into next summer. 


Avoid cheap, and go for quality. I bought a couple of summer dresses a few years back, which cost me about $60-$70 each. Yes, I could have found some for a cheaper price, but here we are three years later and all of them are still in great condition. 


Even better — they will likely still be in great condition next summer, too! Do not think of a higher price point as simply spending more money; think of it as an investment you are making in yourself when you shop quality.



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Do Not Buy on Impulse

Who of you has joined friends for a fun day out and promised yourself to only window shop, but somehow returned home with three cute sweaters you absolutely NEEDED to own? As I type this, I want to raise my hand in response to my own question. 


I am very happy to admit, this is no longer a problem of mine!


It is easy to be distracted and persuaded into anything in the moment. This is why being very intentional with everything you do is crucial. Now I can guess that you would not walk by a furniture store and buy a couch without seriously thinking about several factors: does this couch go with the colors in your living room? 


Do the dimensions fit? Is it realistic for your family and lifestyle needs? Well, you need to take that same approach with your clothes: Is this sweater one of the colors you wear most often? 


Will it go with your other pants and skirts you own, ensuring you will get a lot of use out of it? Is purchasing new clothes in your budget right now? Do you really need it? 


If you answer yes to these questions, then congratulations on your new sweater! If you have any hesitation, walk away knowing that you have plenty of perfectly nice sweaters already.

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Do not think of a higher price point as simply spending more money; think of it as an investment you are making in yourself when you shop quality.

Take Care of Your Clothes

This is a good lesson for all adults – read those labels! If you have a dress that requires dry cleaning, do not throw it into the hamper to be washed with your tee shirts. Do just as the tag says, and bring it to the dry cleaner. Yes, there is a price that comes with dry cleaning, so if you cannot commit to this in order to maintain your clothing’s upkeep, you probably should not buy that dry clean only dress in the first place.


Something else that helps with keeping your clothes in tip top shape is knowing how often to wash them. You do not have to wash your jeans after every wear. Or if you only had a blouse on for a couple hours and did not stain it, you can probably get away with wearing it one more time before putting it in the wash. Of course, use some common sense. If you spilled coffee on your blazer, take care of that as soon as possible, or you will forever have a reminder of that morning coffee dribble.



A capsule wardrobe does not have to be a boring, black and white collection of clothes you are not excited about wearing. Take into account your lifestyle, the colors you wear, and what kind of clothes you love wearing. Your capsule wardrobe should be personalized to you, and you should be excited to get dressed every morning. As long as you remember to avoid cheap clothes, not to buy on impulse, and to take care of your clothing, your capsule wardrobe will be as amazing as you are, and you will always look and feel fabulous!

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