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Home Organization: Expectation Vs. Reality

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Maybe you scroll on Pinterest or Instagram and come across some stunning photos of perfectly organized pantries, closets, and bedrooms. The shirts are arranged by color, creating a rainbow of varying fabrics, and the spices all live in identical glass jars with pristine labels.


Then, you look at your pantry and your closet, which you spend hours reorganizing each week. They look nothing like those perfectly curated photos. But they can!


From how to get started to creating daily cleaning rituals, we’ve covered everything you might want to know about how to organize your home below. Plus, we’ve included some added home organization resources.


Keep reading to start your home organization journey.

How to Organize Your Home

You don’t have to buy fancy storage containers or throw out everything you own to get a fresh, clean look in your house. Instead, you only need to follow a few basic rules to get your home organized, such as picking a starting point, decluttering, and labeling.

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Organizing your home might seem like a challenge, but the real difficulty lies in keeping it that way.

Picking a Starting Point

You have to start somewhere if you want to organize your home. Why not start with your highly trafficked areas? If you know you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, or your family constantly hangs around in the living room. Pick one of these rooms to start organizing instead of a space that you barely visit. 


Choosing a room that garners tons of foot traffic can help you get motivated to organize. Plus, since you’re familiar with the space, you can easily decipher what organization modes make the most sense and what will make your life easier when you spend time there.   

Declutter First

You can jump right in and start organizing your home, but it might be best to consider decluttering your home first. Otherwise, you might waste time containing items that you will never use or that don’t matter to you. 

Plus, decluttering in itself is like a form of organization. Clutter can take up space and inadvertently acts as a catalyst for messes and disorganization. 

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Does It Bring Joy?

Take a tip from one of the world’s most renowned home organization gurus Marie Kondo and decide whether or not an item brings you joy as you declutter and organize your home. If it doesn’t, why hold on to it? Instead, get rid of everything in your room or house that doesn’t spark joy or happiness. 


Decluttering with Kondo’s philosophy in mind also acts as a kind of therapy. It might feel difficult to let go of things that you haven’t used in a few years–and probably won’t use–but once you do, you can let go of the emotional component clinging to the item as well. 


For example, say you go through your room and pick up an old jewelry box you got as a birthday present a few years ago from an old friend. You haven’t used the box, and you haven’t spoken to that friend in a while. You might feel guilty at first, tossing the jewelry box, but once you do, you can let go of that part of you that’s afraid to move forward from that time in your life. 


Labeling can help organize your home, especially concerning pantries, spice cupboards, crafting closets, and other areas that hold many containers or mix and match items. Labeling can help you quickly identify items you need to use. Plus, you can organize them alphabetically to help keep things organized when you need to replace a removed object. 

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How to Keep Your Home Organized

Organizing your home might seem like a challenge, but the real difficulty lies in keeping it that way. Here are some tips to ensure your home’s organization longevity.  

Make Your Bed Every Day

Making your bed every morning can help you start each day on a positive note and encourage similar positive actions throughout the day. 

More specifically, making your bed daily is kind of like symbolically setting your intentions for the day. In addition, it can lead to many mental health benefits, such as getting better sleep, feeling accomplished, reducing stress, alongside prompting organizational habits. 

Designate Clean Up Times 

Similar to making your bed, you might also want to designate cleaning times every day. Whether you set a quick 15 minutes bedroom pickup or a 30-minute kitchen cleanup, establishing specific times to clean and organize your belongings can help you keep your home organized because it becomes a sort of daily ritual. 

Invest in Smart Cleaning Devices

You might not have the time to vacuum your living room or bedroom every day, but the Roomba or iRobot vacuums do. 

In a recent study, researchers found a direct correlation in clutter-free organized spaces to positive mindsets, lower stress levels, and higher productivity levels. Investing in a smart cleaning device can help you achieve that space and that mindset with ease. 

Home Organization Resources

Getting a little help when it comes to home organization never hurts. Sometimes you need some inspiration or a helpful little push to get you started. If that’s the case, take a look at some home organization resources below. 

Marie Kondo

We’ve mentioned her before, and we’ll mention her again: Marie Kondo. The home organization pro has many resources to help you on your home organization journey, including a best-selling book on the matter, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” and fundamentals of tidying online course. 

The Home Edit

Like Kondo, the Home Edit duo took the nation by storm and became a national sensation, showing everyday people easy, fun ways to clear clutter and organize with informational and interactive books and the Netflix show, “Get Organized with the Home Edit.” Plus, the website offers tips for home organizations alongside products to help out during your organizational journey. 

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Before You Go

Even if you live in a house with newspapers stacked to the ceiling, dog toys coating the floor, and clothing flung everywhere, organizing your home is still possible. No, your house might never look as perfectly curated as the photos you see on social media or in magazines. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try. 


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