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How a Fashion Consultation Will Change Your Life


You know that you can change how you feel about yourself with a new pair of shoes. Let’s take it one step further and set up a situation where you seek the help of a personal stylist or consultant. You will get in touch with who you are, what suits your body type, and what kinds of clothes don’t work for you anymore.


Fashion consultation is a chance to change how others perceive you as well. Don’t let others’ poor impressions of your appearance hold you back. Whether at a job interview or on a first date, looking great helps others see that sparkle inside!

Can Good Fashion Change Your Personality?

If you Google “fashion psychology,” you will find countless articles and videos on the scientific studies of how clothing and appearance affect our behavior, performance, and feelings.


Indeed, fashion is not only visual but internal. What we wear is deeply tied to our identity, confidence, mood, and emotions.


Fashion can impact the way you carry yourself. The right fashion can make you feel more powerful or confident. Wearing certain colors can even lead others to perceive you differently – some studies show that wearing red leads people to see you as more attractive, powerful, or even promiscuous!

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A style consultant can help you determine which aspects of your current wardrobe work for you and how best to capitalize on your unique traits.

How Can a Fashion Consultant Help?

A personal stylist can help you in many ways. For instance, they can:


  • Help you look good
  • Save you time and money
  • Help you get more compliments on your outfit
  • Teach you how to dress for your body type, skin tone, and personality
  • Show you how to wear new styles that flatter your body type and persona
  • A wardrobe stylist can help you clean out your closet


Hiring a wardrobe stylist to help you will take your closet from messy to sleek. Your stylist can advise you on organizing your clothes and getting rid of anything that might be weighing down your wardrobe.


To ensure the process goes smoothly, you must get enough hangers and space for everything. You should also group clothing by season or occasion to combine similar pieces. Once you have a clean closet, choosing your daily outfits will be much easier!


You’ll Save Money on Your Clothes

A wardrobe stylist will help you figure out the best way to spend your money when it comes to clothes.


Style consultants will teach you how to shop for quality items worth the investment. They’ll also show you how to get more mileage out of each item in your closet.


When it comes to cost-saving and sustainability, items that you can wear in multiple seasons or for various occasions are an excellent place to start!


And by making the right fashion choices, you can save money for other things you need or want, like family, education, and career goals.

You’ll Get To Try New Looks

The reason that most people don’t change their looks is that they’re afraid of looking ridiculous. A New York Times report touches on how people are afraid of breaking the bank in a style that doesn’t compliment them.


By working with a fashion consultant, you will try out different colors, fabrics, brands, and accessories without these fears!


Fashion consultation lets you be confident in what you’re buying because you’ve seen it yourself before purchasing. It also gives you time to consider which alterations might make an outfit look even better on your body type.


You’ll learn how to shop at any store by knowing your measurements.

A Personal Consultant Can Turn You Into a Trendsetter

Many of us have difficulty knowing what looks good and what doesn’t. Sometimes we are not sure which clothing items are our favorites. And sometimes when we go shopping, we buy the same boring outfits.


Luckily for anyone who struggles with fashion, the solution is getting a wardrobe stylist to help you. Personal stylists can give you some great advice about which clothing items are your best if you want to appear stylish.


A fashion consultant can also help by suggesting new styles to try out. Whether you’re looking to take more fashion risks or want to wear the latest trends, a stylist can help you look your very best!

You’ll Have Time for the Things That Matter Most in Life

Let’s face it: putting together a decent outfit every day can take up a lot of time. Fashion stylists know you’re busy, so they handle all the details for you. Stylists find items for you to try on, and take care of returns. 


Whether you’re looking to buy an outfit or two or set up a whole new wardrobe, a personal stylist will handle everything.


The result? You’ll have more time to hit the gym and take that weekend getaway with your family- or just spend more time looking at cute pictures on the internet. You will be able to spend time on whatever makes you happy.

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How Do I Find a Good Fashion Stylist?

To find a fashion consultant who will be a good fit for you, here are some guidelines:

Think About What You’re Looking For in a Consultant

What kind of personal style do you want? Do you want someone who will give you really bold looks or something more classic? Or maybe your priority is ease and comfort. If so, that’s something to communicate to the stylist.

Consider the Stylist’s Credentials

You can look up credentials on IASC (International Association of Style Coaches) or similar websites. These sites provide references for those in the field, which means they’ve been through rigorous training and know their stuff!

Ask About Their Process and Portfolio

An experienced style consultant will most likely have a portfolio that includes photos of past clients’ before-and-afters, so check it out! Also, ask them what they think your style or personality is. How would they describe your style goals?

See if their vision aligns with yours or inspires new ideas you hadn’t considered yet.

How Can I Find My Style?

The biggest key to finding a signature look is not rushing. Picking out one or two good pieces and then building on them is much more advantageous than buying an entirely new wardrobe (or even just five or so complete outfits).

In Summary

A style consultant can help you determine which aspects of your current wardrobe work for you and how best to capitalize on your unique traits. You can expect positive results in your overall life, including your career, relationships, and finances.

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