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How to Find Your Personal Style


How to Find Your Own Personal Style

Your personal style is a form of self-expression. The first thing someone sees when they look at you is your outfit. It can communicate your personality, style, music taste, community, and more. Let’s get expressive and create a personal fashion style that will set you apart from the rest!

There is no one definitive guide to finding your personal style. However, there are some methods you can use to help you find a style that suits you.

One way to find your personal style is to take a look at your wardrobe and see what kind of clothes you tend to wear most often. Do you tend to wear more casual clothes or more dressy clothes? Do you prefer certain colors or prints? This can give you a good starting point for finding a style that suits you.

Another way to find your personal style is to look at fashion magazines or blogs and see what styles you are drawn to. You can also look at celebrities or style icons and see what they are wearing. Once you have an idea of the kinds of styles you like, you can start to narrow down your options.

Once you have an idea of the types of styles you are interested in, you can start to experiment with different looks. Try out different combinations of clothes and see what you feel most comfortable in. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your look. It’s important to find a style that you feel good in and that you feel confident wearing.

If you’re still having trouble finding your personal style, you can always seek out the help of a professional stylist. A stylist can help you figure out what looks good on you and can give you advice on how to put together outfits.

Ultimately, finding your personal style is all about trial and error. It may take some time to find a style that suits you, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

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Another top option, is this sweater with a little bit of bling on the front.

How to Cultivate Your Personal Style

00:00:02:17 – 00:00:03:11

Hey, hey, hey, hey


00:00:03:11 – 00:00:07:15

It’s your girl Carleen Robinson,

and today we’re going to talk about


00:00:07:21 – 00:00:10:22

how to cultivate your personal style.


00:00:14:08 – 00:00:15:18

Tip one,


00:00:15:18 – 00:00:20:13

if you want to put an end to the

I have nothing to wear problem,


00:00:20:17 – 00:00:26:13

you have to stop buying random items

even if you really like them.


00:00:26:21 – 00:00:32:04

For example, have three

to four top options for one bottom.


00:00:32:04 – 00:00:34:05

So I have some options for you.


00:00:34:11 – 00:00:37:11

Here we have this vest with a button down


00:00:37:11 – 00:00:40:10


that could easily go with these jeans.


00:00:40:18 – 00:00:47:00

Another top option, is this sweater

with a little bit of bling on the front.


00:00:47:06 – 00:00:51:21

And the last option, let’s just

zip it up with a blazer.


00:00:52:20 – 00:00:55:16

If you’ve been inspired

with what you viewed,


00:00:55:16 – 00:00:59:16

sign up for a live

class with me today on Amphy.

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