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Best Ways to Learn Spanish


How To Improve Your Spanish Fast

If you want to know the best ways to learn Spanish for school, work, or just for fun, it doesn’t have to be a strenuous process. Sure, you can attend Spanish classes, but this will take a long time if you don’t try out a few extra things on the side. Here are the best ways to learn Spanish and tips to help you improve your Spanish fast.

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If you don’t like writing, don’t worry. Technology has a solution for you in the form of custom dictionary applications. One such example is “My Words”, which enables you to record the person speaking to aid in pronunciation, type the translation, and attach a photo reference.
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Amphy Online Spanish Lessons

Looking for the best ways to learn Spanish? Look no further than Amphy!


Amphy is the best marketplace for online Spanish lessons. You can learn live with real Spanish teachers, and get feedback and support from the Amphy community.


With Amphy, you can learn at your own pace, and tailor your learning experience to your specific needs.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, Amphy has the perfect course for you. And best of all, you can try Amphy for free! So what are you waiting for? 


Start learning today!

Look Into Spanish Entertainment Options

We all love to enjoy some form of entertainment, and this is a perfect opportunity to expand your Spanish vocabulary.


If you love playing games on your phone, some gamified language learning apps like DuoLingo, FluentU, LingoArcade, and MemRise will make the process of learning Spanish fun.


Movies and TV shows are also a big part of our entertainment options today, with streaming platforms like Netflix listing popular Spanish shows like Money Heist. Instead of watching the English dubbed version, try watching it in Spanish to learn from native speakers.


Podcasts are increasingly gaining in popularity, and if you like listening to them, try to find Spanish discussions on various topics, such as current affairs, learning Spanish, sports, etc. They are a great way to enhance your Spanish listening skills, whether as a beginner or an advanced speaker.


Lastly, you can add some Spanish music to your Apple Music or Spotify playlists to help you catch the lingo. Spanish music is quite popular, with famous artists like Shakira and Luis Fonsi producing global hits.

Read or Watch the News in Spanish

Apart from enjoying your entertainment options in Spanish, try reading or watching the news in this language. You might be aware of the day’s happenings, so it will be easier to understand what the anchor is reporting.


What’s more, broadcasting houses usually use simple-to-understand language when presenting the news, which means you will have an easy time learning.


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Interact with Spanish Speakers

Once you learn Spanish grammar, the only way to solidify this knowledge is by engaging in conversations using the language.


If you don’t live in a Spanish-speaking country, try language exchanges or what is popularly known as intercambios in Spanish. The process involves meeting up with native speakers who, in turn, want to learn English from you, hence the exchange.


It can be hard to find local Spanish speakers in your area, but sites like Conversation Exchange can help you identify a few. As per the agreement, you must split your session to speak Spanish 50% of the time and English during the other 50%.


Alternatively, you can try taking your search for Spanish speakers to social media. For instance, find Spanish-speaking spaces on Twitter and try making your contribution to the conversation. You might end up making friends who will help you solidify your mastery of the language.

Get a Spanish Boyfriend or Girlfriend

I know how this sounds. Getting a Spanish boyfriend or girlfriend only to learn from them seems selfish and stupid but hear me out.


As you interact with these speakers during your learning journey, you might meet an interesting person and end up speaking or chatting with him (or her) more than your other friends.


If you end up spending such amounts of time with this person and insist that they speak Spanish to you, expect a shallower learning curve. Essentially, it will begin as friendship, then blossom into something more, so it won’t be selfish.


What a love story it would be! You might end up meeting the love of your life while trying to improve your Spanish.


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Change Your Phone Language to Spanish

What is the one thing we always have with us, at least during the day? Our phones, right? If you don’t have enough time to attend Spanish classes or engage with other speakers, the best way to make up for this is by switching your phone’s language to Spanish. Doing so will ensure you interact with the language at least a few times daily.


While at it, switch the language in your social media accounts to Spanish. Remember to follow or send friend requests to people who post updates in Espanyol so that you can learn something new from your feed every day.

Keep Notes

While learning Spanish, you will better remember the words and their meaning by keeping a written record. It is sort of like creating your dictionary for quick referencing when needed.

If you don’t like writing, don’t worry. Technology has a solution for you in the form of custom dictionary applications. One such example is “My Words”, which enables you to record the person speaking to aid in pronunciation, type the translation, and attach a photo reference.

Additionally, it has a word search facility for quick use. It might take time, but eventually, you will build a voice and text library that you can use to train other people later.

Travel to a Spanish Speaking Country

Traveling to a Spanish-speaking country is not a cheap option. But if you have the money and enjoy traveling, Spain or Latin America should be your next destination.


Unlike the other options above, this one immerses you into the authentic culture, and you can quickly soak up the language. Think about it. You will be speaking the language with everyone, and all your entertainment options, including news, will be in Spanish. At the end of your trip, you will be super confident in speaking the language.


A more drastic idea would be to move to any of these Spanish-speaking countries either permanently or temporarily. If you are a university student, check if the institution has student exchange programs with partner universities in these countries.

Check Out Spanish Cuisines

If you are a gourmet person learning Spanish, combine the two activities by trying out cooking lessons or eating Spanish meals. There is a lot to learn.


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The only way to learn Spanish fast is by speaking, engaging, and listening to people conversing using the language more. Therefore, ensure that most of your daily activities require the use of Spanish, and the tips above will ensure you do just that.

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