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How to Keep Your Kids Busy During Quarantine


While the world is coming to terms with the new living norms of maintaining social and physical distance, it can be hard for kids. There’s no more going to the parks, museums, and camps. That means spending most time indoors, meaning that you have a responsibility to build character while at the same time keeping the kids busy and entertained.


To help you, we’ve listed several things that you can do to educate the little ones and keep them engaged.

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Surfing the net, watching TV, and listening to music are great ways to stay entertained. But when it comes to kids, you need an activity that will keep them busy while offering some educational value.
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Backyard Fun

Spending time in the backyard is an excellent way to get fresh air while entertaining and educating. But if you live in an apartment without a backyard, take a short walk- it’s permitted and encouraged. 

The weather shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a good time in the backyard with the kids. If it’s cold and wet, just dress them in warm clothes and a raincoat to keep them from getting wet. 

There’re plenty of things you can do in the backyard or while taking a walk. Some fun and educative activities include:


  1. Playing fun games: You can help the kids get off some steam by engaging in a tag, playing hide and seek, or scavenger hunt. 
  2. Gardening: You can also do some gardening by watering the flower beds and the plants. If you have more time, you can decide to get a little dirty and dig holes for new plants and do some weeding. 
  3. Exploration: You can explore the fields for creepy crawls. Help your little one to find different types of insects. Guide them into identifying various bugs and their respective habitats, such as under the stones, in the grass, or plants and trees. Once you get back to the house, encourage the child to draw and color the insects they found. 

Hold a Family Book Club

Holding a family book club requires every family member to read the same book, regardless of their age differences. Then come up with at least five discussion questions from the book and discuss them as a family. If the child is too young to read, read the text aloud for them and then come up with the questions together. 

Benefits of Holding a Family Book Club

  1. Family reading time creates a strong bond between kids and their parents. 
  2. It encourages the young ones to want to read independently.
  3. Reading to young kids builds vocabulary that they can later use in school.
  4. The conversations that result from the discussion question spark new dialogue between children and their parents.
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Take a Digital Museum Tour

For many people, quarantine meant spending a lot of time surfing the net, watching Netflix, and sleeping most of the time. But if you have kids, you know how hard this can be as kids get bored quickly. In addition, you also want your kids to have some educational sessions.


Luckily, Google Arts and Culture teamed with over 2500 museums and galleries worldwide to offer people virtual tours and online exhibits. That means that you can enjoy a virtual museum tour without leaving the comfort of your home. Taking virtual museums tours has a lot of benefits which include:

Give a Cooking Class

Take advantage of the quarantine and keep your kids busy by giving them cooking lessons for simple dishes that they can make on their own. Such sessions become a lifetime lesson of healthy cooking from a very young age. Offering cooking lessons is not only one of the best ideas to keep your kids busy during quarantine but:


  1. It prompts the kids to try new and healthy recipes.
  2. The kitchen acts as a lab where the child needs to use all their senses, therefore having fun while learning simultaneously.
  3. Once they learn how to cook, the kids get a sense of self-accomplishment, more self-confidence, and a feeling of contribution to their families. 
  4. Cooking lessons are an opportunity to teach nutritional education from a young age.
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Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are an excellent way to distract your kids from boredom, keep them entertained, and educate them during the lockdown. There are tons of fun and frugal art and craft activities to keep your kids busy while at home. With the proper parental guidance, these activities can keep the kids distracted for hours while sneaking in a bit of learning. 


You can try activities such as creating beaded bracelets and necklaces, finger painting, drawing, and making playdough. Most of these activities are significant in refining the kid’s motor skills. 

Play Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt is a great outdoor game that encourages kids to be active and develop an explorative nature. Hide something the kids will enjoy searching and create hidden clues in drawing or writing, depending on the kids’ age. Then have the kids search the clues and use them to find the hidden treasure. 


The scavenger hunt game helps your kids stay busy during quarantine and allows you to spend quality time with them. In addition, the game sharpens the mental faculties of the child, hence helping them grow. It also gives a fun and satisfying experience to children of all ages. 

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Bottom Line

Surfing the net, watching TV, and listening to music are great ways to stay entertained. But when it comes to kids, you need an activity that will keep them busy while offering some educational value. 


With a bit of creativity and thinking outside the box, you can develop lots of fun activities that will help you achieve that. You can start by trying the above ideas, tweaking them a little as you see fit, depending on the age of your kids. Therefore, don’t let the quarantine hold you back. Instead, use it to bond with your kids, learn new things, and keep the young ones entertained. 


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