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Kenyan Education Entertainment Startup ‘Kukua’ Raises $6m in Funding Round


Backed by Tencent and Italian Venture capital firm VC Alchimia, Kukua, the entertainment startup responsible for producing the first animated African superhero franchise Super Sema, has secured an investment of six million dollars.


Other investors partaking in the Series A investment include Auxxo Female Catalyst, First minute Capital, and EchoVC

Everything you need to know in 70 Words 

Tencent placed its first African Edtech investment in Nigeria’s ULesson last December. This year, it has allocated its most recent African EdTech investment with Kenya’s Kukua. This Series A round of investments is co-led by Italy-based VC Alchimia. 


Firstminute Capital, Auxxo Female Catalyst, and EchoVC are other investors contributing to the $6 Million investment. These VC Funds focus on investing in underrepresented founders and startups, much like Kukua. 

More About Kukua, and What This Will Mean For The Company

Kukua states that the increased funding will help them continue their mission of creating an IP-centric edutainment franchise. It will help the startup create new original content from Super Sema and acquire licensing, merchandising, and publishing offerings. 


Based in Nairobi and London, Kukua is a company focused on representation and education for children in Africa. Despite its founder, Lucrezia Bisignani establishing Kukua in 2018, Super Sema was not launched until 2021, three years later. 


Although she was raised in Italy, Bisignani remains steadfast on her mission to deliver education to African children. Education that is culturally authentic and accurately represents them. Backed by a lifetime of visiting several continents and countries with her parents. An appreciation for cultures and everything to be offered across the globe is integral to Kukua’s founder.


With children from Africa in mind, the creation of Super Sema bloomed. In interviews, Lucrezia Bisignani expressed a desire to create Black African characters after seeing a lack of representation for Black characters, even within entertainment from Africa. 


With this goal in mind, Bisignani and the Kukua team have set out to make this much-needed space. Not only for children in Africa but also globally. For children across the globe to grow up understanding different cultures and themes.


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The first animated African superhero franchise Super Sema, has secured an investment of six million dollars.

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