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Kide Science: €1 Million in Funding To Spark Kid’s Interest in Science


Read on to learn how Kide Science (Kide) is piquing the interests of investors looking to join the edtech startup in teaching through imagination.

Everything You Need to Know in 60 Words

Kide Science, an online learning platform for kids, is making waves and garnering much-deserved attention. With its innovative pedagogical model, the platform attracts investors’ interests, who want to help improve learning and cultivate kids’ interest in science by sparking their imagination. The edtech start-up has just secured its latest round of funding from investors: Sparkmind Fund, Tesi, and Business Finland.

More About Kide

Kide Science is a kid-centric, play-based learning model developed by women. This learning model, backed by five years of research, wants to improve traditional teaching by using a child’s naturally creative mind and curiosity to help promote learning. The e-learning platform also provides lesson plans for teachers and parents.


Since going from theory to product in December 2017, Kide has become Finland’s rising star in the edtech market. With this latest seed funding round, the Finnish start-up has received €3.2 million in funding from investors since its founding.


As of 2022, Kide has received several prestigious awards, backing from numerous international investors, and reached customers in over 30 countries. In addition, the learning platform collaborates with Dreamworks Animation to provide kids with science-themed lesson plans.


The Finnish edtech startup plans to use the latest seed funding to launch its product in new markets and continue to improve its technology.

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With its innovative pedagogical model, the platform attracts investors' interests, who want to help improve learning and cultivate kids' interest in science by sparking their imagination

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