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Learning and Talent Startup Neol Raises Over $5 Million in Seed Round


Everything You Need To Know in 63 Words

A decentralized take on the traditional learning and talent network model, Neol is challenging industry norms by bringing together professionals from diverse backgrounds but united in ideals. 


This model has impressed major financial backers like Kyu Collective, Global Ventures, and Tony Xu, CEO of DoorDash. With a $5.2 million dollar seed, it’s time to see if Neol’s model is worth the hype.

More About Neol

From climate change to gender equality, Neol is invested in investing in its users. A London-based startup, Neol is a Web3-based learning and talent platform looking to shake up the industry.


Neol’s target audience includes creative professionals, employees interested in innovation, aspiring freelancers, and managers looking to push boundaries. At the moment, a cornerstone of Neol’s work is connecting corporate clients with support in the form of freelance consultation, pulling from their talent network.


Their website features programs on a diverse array of social topics. Focuses include community building tools, promotion of gender equity, and sustainability seminars. The idea of community runs strong through Neol, as they work to provide networking for its members and constituent corporations. 

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Neol’s targets include creative professionals, employees interested in innovation, aspiring freelancers, and managers looking to push boundaries.

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The Web3 moniker describes the startup not as they are now but rather what they hope to become. Neol claims that its goal is to fully decentralize the platform and put the decision-making capabilities into the hands of network members. Eventually, even ownership will transfer to the customers of Neol rather than the proprietors.


Neol even plans to create a virtual currency to promote pro-social activity on the platform as they relinquish control to community members. Interestingly, corporate networking and teaching classes are considered contributions worthy of the bestowment of this theoretical currency. 


The talent network requires a fair amount of capital to join. Prices for becoming part of the Neol family range from $1500 to $2000. However, these rates partially fund scholarships for promising professionals to join Neol. In addition, corporations can sponsor employees.

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