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Level Up With an Organized Closet

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Here's a breakdown of how keeping your closet organized will help you in other areas of your life.

More time

By knowing where each piece of clothing is located in your closet, you will spend less time looking for and deciding what to wear each day. You won’t have to pull clothes off the hangers or push them to the side just to find that one green blouse you wanted to wear for your big presentation.


In addition, you won’t have to try on 5 different skirts to see which one goes best with that green blouse. You will know exactly what pairs best with it, and where to find it.

More money

When your closet is organized and you can see everything you own, you will know what you use and truly love. In turn, this will help you stop any of your shopaholic tendencies (no judgement, we have all been there!). I no longer buy on impulse because I know what I own and what my clothes pair with best. 


I am not going to buy a pair of turquoise stilettos, because I have nothing to wear them with; and more importantly, there is no event that I plan on attending where I would wear them. Fewer shopping sprees = more money in your bank account!

Organized Closet Amphy
Organized Closet Amphy
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Fewer shopping sprees = more money in your bank account!

More confidence

Getting rid of what no longer serves you, fits you, nor makes you happy is wonderful for your self-esteem. Every few months, be sure to declutter your closet; pull out everything you own and be honest with yourself about what you still wear. If you haven’t worn it in the past year, it is time to say goodbye! 


Once you have decluttered the clothes, put them all back in an organized manner – by category and by color. This way, you will know where to find everything and you will know it all fits you and suits your style! Clothes, along with other physical items, carry energy; you then carry that energy with you throughout the day. 


So when it comes to what you wear on your body, be intentional in keeping a positive vibe. You will love how you feel, and people will see the difference!

Organizing a closet Amphy

Looking to level up?

If you’re looking to level up by getting more time, more money, and more confidence in your life, it’s time to tackle your closet and get it organized once and for all! 



Looking for some help with organizing your closet? Sign up for a free intro class with me, and we can see how I can best serve you – I would love to help you regain control of your home and life!

Organized Closet Amphy
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Fewer shopping sprees = more money in your bank account!

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