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Masterschool Raises $100 Million in Seed to Address Job Shortages


A rapidly growing network of tech-related schools secures funding.

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It is estimated that in the next ten years, there will be a global shortage of labor of up to 85 million potential vacancies. This predicted talent shortage is troubling for many reasons. The most alarming is the disruption this could cause to the economy. 


The fields of manufacturing, finance, business, and- most importantly- tech are most vulnerable to the shortage. As such, these are the areas of particular interest to organizations like Masterschool.

More About Masterschool’s $100 Million Funding

Created by Eran Glicksman, Michael Sharp, Otni Levi, and Roi Tzikorel in 2019, the idea was to provide the opportunity for talented individuals of all backgrounds to build inspiring careers. In the short time since the company was founded, it has earned the confidence of investors, resulting in massive funding.


One of the biggest hindrances when it comes to a student’s education is tuition. This, and the fact that there is no guarantee the money spent on a degree will yield a desirable return on the investment.

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A rapidly growing network of tech-related schools secures funding.

To alleviate some of the stress students may be under as they try to advance in their career, Masterschool’s 7-10 month long training (with a 3-month mentorship program dedicated to landing students a job) follows a study- now, pay- later method. 


Many Masterschool students are either actively pursuing a degree or have already begun their careers in an unrelated field, so the flexibility of the programs makes for a more convenient student experience.


The educators of Masterschool only require that their students pay for the course when they land a job afterward. Also, students can rest assured that information taught in the classes will be current and relevant to the state of tech.


Students enrolled at one of the schools can expect to learn important information from leading advocates in the industry. Lectures, Q & A’s, and general mentorship/ support are some of the many benefits that come with enrollment, and, for certain fields, no experience is required to get started. Graduates of Masterschool’s many schools have been hired by some of the most important names in tech today, including Google, Tesla, Intel, and Microsoft.


With the many resources provided and their success rate that speaks for itself, it is no wonder why Masterschool has received the backing it has to continue its efforts. The $100 million in secured funding will go towards expanding the network of schools. 


With more resources available to talented individuals, they will be able to advance their careers and combat the impending shortage of workers.

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