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Online Coaching App ‘Learn to Win’ Raises $4 Million in Seed Funding


Learn to Win, an online coaching app has successfully shown a need to change how training happens and has demonstrated their app can be a solution to that problem. This success allowed Learn to Win to raise $4 million to help the app expand.

Everything You Need to Know in 67 Words

Today’s working generation thrives on incorporating electronics into their daily life, including their education or workplace. 


Learn to Win, an online coaching app uses electronics to reach the younger generation where they are at to help them be successful. The app allows businesses, athletes, and the like to expand their training programs and process. The program recently received seed funding to increase publicity and extend its capabilities.

More About the Seed Money

Learn to Win is an app that gives the ability to train a team from outside of a traditional meeting room without having to carry around a bunch of books or even a whiteboard—the app utilizes technology to shorten training time while increasing the knowledge gained. 


Learn to Win is looking to expand its capabilities and client base and has recently received funding to meet those needs.


Learn to Win has received seed money from Norwest Venture Partners to help the platform grow. The $4 million raised will be used to expand the app in a few different ways. 


The seed money will first help expand the client base by providing more advertisements to get the word out. This investment will help get Learn to Win in the hands of more businesses and companies. The other thing that this partnership will mean is that they can benefit new industries. 


Learn to Win has already been utilized with athletes, businesses, sales, and even in military branches and government agencies. The company has the vision to expand this app to work for other industries as well. This seed money intends to stretch the app into the EMT and other emergency service departments, with more opportunities to expand to other areas in the future.


Learn to Win is also looking to use the seed money to expand the capabilities of its platform. This expansion will enhance performance and allow the opportunity to do more with the app. Learn to Win’s recent funding can be a great benefit to making this excellent learning tool better and more accessible. 


Source: Online Coaching App, Learn to Win, Raises $4 Million

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Today’s working generation thrives on incorporating electronics into their daily life, including their education or workplace.

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