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Benefits of Poetry at Work


“Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.” Carl Sandburg

It’s true, although some poets might be dead and there might be a society for that, poetry is not. People who choose to open up themselves, to ‘dance’ and get creative with their words get the benefits of poetry. They show enhanced performance and problem-solving abilities in the workplace. Understanding and learning new words, and meanings and dealing with raw emotions strengthen our cognitive health. It brightens the brain and improves our memory. Poetry also creates a new way for self-expression that cannot be felt through other means of communication. This in itself can be a healing and a restorative process should we allow it, and it helps us to strengthen our mental health, and connection to ourselves and the people around us. These are the start of the benefits of poetry.

If you are not really into writing poetry, and you’re already a little bored by now, stick with me, because listening to poetry is just as beneficial. Studies show that poetry is quite the same as listening to really good music. And the benefits of poetry, like music, are endless. 


In research published in the Journal of Consciousness Studies, the team found that more emotionally charged writing aroused several of the regions in the brain which responds to music. These areas, predominantly on the right side of the brain, had previously been shown to give rise to the “shivers down the spine” caused by an emotional reaction to music. Pretty rad right? 

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If you are not really into writing poetry, and you’re already a little bored by now, stick with me, because listening to poetry is just as beneficial. Studies show that poetry is quite the same as listening to really good music.

How Is This Relevant to Me?

Well, how is it not? We live in a culture of rushing with little emphasis on slowing down, reflecting, resting, and allowing ourselves to come to terms with certain situations which are really as important as putting in the daily work at home and into your business (if not more).

“Slowness is the forgotten dimension to time. Unlike chronological time, it is non-linear, time here and now, time that works for you, extraordinary time. So why be fast when you can be slow? Slowness is also about balance, so if you must hurry, then hurry slowly.” — Geir Berthelsen


Writing your raw insides out onto a page or a digital notepad is a way of slowing down, a healthy way of disconnecting yourself from the weight, work and stress of your world, leaving it there on the page, breathing, letting go, coming back to it and understanding yourself and the situation better. No judgement here if you feel like burning it or flushing it down the toilet afterward. Life is a cocktail of beautiful and ruthless, and you can create yourself a safe space with poetry.


Since poetry is focused on relaying experience in a highly sensitive way, there is great potential for it to be utilized as a means to build empathy and bridge gaps of understanding between people from different backgrounds. In this way, poetry can be a vehicle for messages of hope, reconciliation, and endurance through hard times.

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Can Anyone Be a Poet?

Anyone can indulge in the creative world of words. Just come as your authentic self and give your thoughts and feelings flight through free verse and rhyme. Don’t you worry too much about who is going to read it or if you should publish something or not. The idea here is to create. There is no right or wrong way with poetry, just to start. You might find some helpful techniques and methods to try along the way, as with all things, we grow as we go.

Check out James Kenichi’s story of how poetry saved his life while battling depression


 8 Reasons why poetry is good for us –

walt whitman quote "the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse"

Words Build Us Up

“Savor language and words because no matter what anyone tells you, words and ideas have the power to change the world.” Dead Poet’s Society


If you are inspired and you want to write a poem you can do it anywhere. In your office, at home, while the family is asleep, or at a coffee shop when you’re on a break. Ditch the socials, and your screen time and climb into the magnificent world of words. It’s absolutely free. You will be saying yes to yourself and yes to slowing down in a rushed world that rarely cares about our mental health. You will be calculating unique events and feelings and finding the words to express your joy and your sadness. This will really help you understand yourself and others better, a few gem answers to life’s questions will also spill out into your life and reveal themselves when you choose to express yourself creatively.


I really hope you have been inspired to write or to listen to poetry. Should you get stuck or feel lost at sea in the world of words, you are welcome to join my private ‘Power my Poem’ class on Amphy.

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