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Portioning Food Using Only Your Hands


Portioning Food

In this video Alexa will show you the best way to portion out your food with no kitchen materials required


Alexa Hanshaw is a functional health and stress management coach and founder of Alexa Hanshaw LLC, on a mission to empower people to become the CEO of their Stress.

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So your palms are going to be out. You can have both palms covered.

Portioning Food Using Only Your Hands

Hi, I’m Alexa Hanshaw and today I’m going to be talking through how to more easily portion out your foods instead of using items like scales or measuring cups in the kitchen,you can actually use your hands.


So I’m going to talk through a couple of variations that you can use your hands to portion out meat, to portion out leafy greens, and also to portion out berries.


So let’s start off with berries. You want to use both palms, you want to cup both palms.

And so you would cover the center part of your hands for berries. And that is going to be one serving of berries.


Moving on to leafy greens, this is where you get to eat a lot more or one serving. You’re going to use both hands again and you’re going to have almost like a heaping handful.


So your palms are going to be out. You can have both palms covered. And this all of this is going to be about one serving of leafy greens. So that would be your spinach, your kale, etc..


And then finally, talking about proteins and in particular meat. So when we’re looking at meat, you’re going to use the palm of your hand, just the palm of your hand and about the thickness of a deck of cards. And this is going to be for your poultry and for your fish. So hopefully, you know, you always have your hands with you.


So it’ll be really easy. And next time you’re trying to figure out your portions, you can just look at your hands and portion them out from there. 


I am so excited for you to book your next class on Amphy and I cannot wait to see you.

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