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23 Thanksgiving Team Building Ideas for Work at the Office and Remote

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Are you looking for a way to unite your team and create fun and exciting team-bonding experiences during Thanksgiving festivities? Maybe you are looking for a new, exciting way to celebrate rather than just the typical office potluck.


It can be difficult to come up with creative team-building ideas that will appease all participants. It can be especially difficult when you have teammates both in the office and those who work remotely. But we have found ideas that can involve both those in person and remotely and keep everyone excited and ready to continue playing!


We have listed 23 Thanksgiving Team Building ideas that everyone will enjoy and keep them engaged, whether you play in the office or remotely.

23 Thanksgiving Team Building Ideas

1. The Gratitude Soiree: Stories of Thankfulness

Thanksgiving is when most people reflect on their year and feel gratitude. In fact, a tradition at most Thanksgiving tables is for each person to share something they are thankful for. The Gratitude Soiree can also work perfectly in the office or remotely.


In this team-building exercise, you will create a deeper bond and connection as you share your memories and experiences amongst yourselves. Not only will you share fun, positive memories, but you will also offer compliments that will improve your energy and positivity about yourself and the workplace. 

2. Power of Gratitude: Your Key to an Abundant Life

Your team will enjoy this class of learning to create and enjoy abundance and success in all areas of your life by digging deep into the power of gratitude deep within you. 


Your team will bond over learning tools to create the life they have always dreamed about while creating lists of things and people they are thankful for and reflecting on their lives. 

In the end, everyone will walk away with the understanding of incorporating the “gratitude mindset” into their everyday life. 

3. Gratitude Scavenger Hunt: Finding Thankfulness

A scavenger hunt can be done in the office or remotely. The game’s object is to find a set of items listed on a card and be the first team to do so. You can easily ask the players to snap pictures of the objects so you can see where they found them, and this also makes it easy to play virtually.

quotation marks

Maybe you are looking for a new, exciting way to celebrate rather than just the typical office potluck

4. How To Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

This course is a perfect class as a reminder to carry a positive, grateful attitude through Thanksgiving and other holidays, no matter how busy the hustle and bustle can become. 


This course will help participants learn to focus on the gratitude they have daily and how to continue to express that gratitude in every facet of their life, especially during Thanksgiving.

5. Thanksgiving Bingo

Bingo is a game that has been loved through the ages and also works well for a large group. It’s easy to play in person or remotely. 


For this specific game, you can play it remotely or in person. You can find Bingo templates online, or you can make your own! You can choose one of the participants to be the host, and they will choose at random the bingo numbers or pictures to call for the players to mark off their sheets.  


As with classic Bingo, the first person to get five correct answers in a row wins! Your team will be engaged and on their toes, ready to play along and win this fun game.

6. Turkey Trot Walk (or Run)

A turkey trot is a common Thanksgiving activity and is always loaded with fun. You can choose whether your team will be doing a walk or run and the rules and conditions surrounding the trot. 


Different spins can be placed on the turkey trot, which can be made into a team relay race or even a fun trot where there are Thanksgiving desserts to taste at each rest point!


Those who are remote can participate as well. The remote participants will trot on their own, and to add more fun, they can record their trot and share it with their teammates. If you want to do it together, connect your phones and enjoy a Zoom call while you all walk simultaneously.

7. Word Scramble: Thanksgiving Style

Word scrambles are classic and full of fun. You can either create your own or use a Thanksgiving template found on different websites that are already pre-made. The goal is for everyone to work as quickly as possible to unscramble the words and get the secret message.


To add another fun layer, everyone can work in teams, and there can be several different messages to unscramble to complete an entire sentence! By adding more words to unscramble, the challenge of the game will be increased, which takes the challenge up a notch.

8. Best Turkey Creation

Print out templates of Thanksgiving turkeys. Have your office, either individually or as a team, decorate the turkey. Best decorated turkey wins! Working together to decorate the turkey is a great way to offer some team building since everyone will have to work together to decide, design, and decorate the turkey.

9. Charades: Thanksgiving Style

This is a fun and exciting game! Divide the office into two teams, whether playing in person or remotely. Each team has a chance to select a charade card that will be in theme with Thanksgiving. They choose one person to act out the word on the card while the team guesses the correct answer or until time runs out.


The office will work as a team to quickly guess the correct answer, and everyone will take turns playing different working parts of the group.

10. Thankful List

An easy game that works well in a team setting is creating a thankful list. You give each team a paper with the letters from A to Z on the paper, and the team works together to come up with something they are thankful for that begins with each letter of the alphabet.


You can turn this into a timed race if you would like, or just allow the team to take time to explore conversation and discuss things they are most thankful for.

give thanks written on brown paper surrounded by fall leaves

11. Mad Libs: Thanksgiving Style

Create your own and print a Thanksgiving-themed mad libs outline. Pick one person to fill in the answers. Go around the room (in the office or remotely) and let each person give an answer to the mad lib. 


Once finished, have the individual who filled out the mad lib read the story in its entirety for all to enjoy.


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12. Thanksgiving Pictionary

This game works well, whether in person or remotely. Create teams and get ready to play! The game will be filled with Thanksgiving-related objects such as candy corn or cornucopia. 


One player will choose a card at a time and then have to draw the item on the card for all to see and guess what they are drawing. This timed team game will have everyone calling out answers, trying to score a win.

13. Conversation Starters

Create a stack of conversation cards that can be passed around the office and answered one by one. The idea of the game is for someone to give an answer and start a conversation surrounding their answer.


For example, a question might be, “What is the best Thanksgiving dessert?” Someone will give an answer, and it should spark conversation from others on whether they agree or disagree and allow them to share their answers.

14. Thanksgiving This or That

This or that is a great game and gets players moving quickly. One person will read out a Thanksgiving-themed card with a question to the group, such as Sweet potatoes or mashed potatoes. Once the card is read, the players will decide which choice they choose and move to the side of the room, indicating that selection.

15. Kindness Lists

As a team, create a list with kind gestures that everyone would like to complete. Read the list aloud, and then one by one, everyone takes turns checking off items on the list. Things can be simple such as complimenting a stranger’s outfit, or more in-depth such as buying coffee for someone in line. Work as a team to complete all the items while showing others kindness.

16. Thanksgiving Trivia

A great game played in person or remotely, trivia will be sure to get the excitement flowing. Divide into teams and try to answer the Thanksgiving-specific trivia questions correctly. 


The questions can get tricky, so it might be fun to add some help options, such as crossing off an incorrect answer or asking the other team for help. The team with the highest score of correct answers wins the game!


Creating your own questions and answers for the Thanksgiving trivia is easy, or you can purchase premade trivia games offline.

17. Recipe Exchange

Everyone has their unique, beloved recipes, and sometimes those recipes are passed down from family member to family member through the ages. Sharing your favorite Thanksgiving recipe is a great way to get some new recipes and create some team bonding. You can have each person make several copies of their recipe to hand out and share with those who are interested in swapping.


In addition to sharing recipes, you can have the team make their favorite recipe and bring it in for everyone to try. This does not work remotely, but it would work great for an in-person team-building activity.

18. Thanksgiving Happy Hour

A happy hour is an easy and fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving, whether virtually or in person. If you choose to host the happy hour virtually, create a meeting room for everyone to join. Make sure everyone brings a drink and some snacks.


In addition, you could create fun themes where everyone brings a recipe to share or take some time to play some team-building games during the virtual happy hour.

19. Thanksgiving Meal

Whether remote or in person, a Thanksgiving meal is always enjoyed. Have everyone prepare their favorite dish to bring and enjoy. If doing a remote Thanksgiving meal, each person would bring their own food, and you would share what you are eating (and recipes if asked!) while eating together via Zoom.


Whether you are together in person or remotely, taking time to sit and enjoy each other’s company while having your meal is a time to strengthen your bond and make some closer connections.


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20. Award Ceremony

Since Thanksgiving is a great time to show gratitude, it would be an excellent time to have an employee award ceremony. Make sure you give out awards to show your appreciation and gratitude for the different things the employees do and should be awarded for. 


Try to think outside the box of typical employee awards and think of things like the kindest employee, the employee who makes the most people laugh, etc. An award ceremony works great whether it is hosted in person or remotely; everyone will be eager to see who gets the next award.

slice of pumpkin pie with cup of coffee

21. Thanksgiving Family Feud

A very entertaining idea for a group is hosting a Thanksgiving-style family feud. You can divide your players into two teams who will play against each other and try to guess the most popular answer to a question that surveyed the public. 


You can use a variety of questions related to Thanksgiving, from football to holiday dishes and the history surrounding the holiday.

22. Thanksgiving Time Capsule

A Thanksgiving time capsule can be completed remotely or in person, and it’s pretty easy to do! Gather memories, photographs, documents, and more to collect and save in the time capsule. You can save the time capsule until a specific time frame or open and review it the following Thanksgiving.

23. Escape Room

An escape room is a great team-building exercise, whether in person or remotely. In fact, virtual escape rooms have become increasingly popular. While in a virtual escape room, your team will be able to explore the rooms and look for clues to escape the room just as you would in person.

Final Thoughts

Creating a team-building experience for Thanksgiving might seem challenging, but using some of the ideas we’ve listed will be much easier. Everyone can join, play, and have a great time celebrating Thanksgiving in person or remotely.


Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude. It is a great time to get the team together to share thoughts, conversation, and laughter and build a better bond while strengthening relationships during the fun Thanksgiving team-building ideas above.


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