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The Road to Becoming a Star Baker


How does it happen?

Some may ask, how did I go from an amateur self-taught baker, to winning a national baking competition, to now running my own baking business and teaching online in just 4 years? In this post, I will explain to you just how I made that happen. If you are passionate, eager to learn and ready to advance your skills as a baker I encourage you to read this post. 


I have always had such a desire to be in the kitchen, whether it was helping my grandmother/mother or being on my own, I knew being in the kitchen was where my happy place would be.

sabrina baking Amphy

Baking Became My Comfort Zone

From a young age, growing up in an Italian family, it was known that you were expected to help in the kitchen, and as you may have already guessed, I did not mind this at all. I have always considered myself lucky to have grown up around such passionate home bakers, those being my grand mothers. They were the main reason for my love of being in the kitchen and taking on new challenges. At age 17, I had been diagnosed with panic/anxiety disorder and although being treated for this, I knew keeping my mind active would be the best help for me. This is when I decided to embrace my passion for baking with the help of online guidance. 


My life completely changed when I was 24 and I auditioned for what would become the greatest adventure of my life. After eight grueling yet joyous weeks of baking in the tent, I was thrilled to be announced the winner. I then fulfilled my lifelong dream of launching my own baking business. In no time, orders started coming in as my name and passion for baking spread quickly. With this came a following on different social media platforms, with people reaching out and inquiring about the possibility of me sharing my knowledge on all things baking. 


Now at 28 years of age, I am running my own business “Bakes by Sab” through my home as well as teaching some classes online worldwide for anyone with an interest in baking and/or cooking. While I realize the opportunity of being on a televised TV show is not an opportunity many people get in life, I have come to learn that social media itself has a huge impact on anyone with a passion. Sure, being on the show did help to a certain extent but allowing myself to share my baking journey with everyone on social media allowed my followers to stay engaged in wanting to see more, both personally and professionally.

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Never give up on what you are passionate about.

Practice Makes Perfect

Many of you know the saying “practice makes perfect”, and this is something I do not take lightly. Being as passionate as I am in what I do, I choose not to settle on something that comes out just “ok”. YouTube has been such a game changer for me and this love for baking. 


As mentioned earlier, I am a self-taught baker who grew up add “a little of this and a little of that”, no precision whatsoever, and this needed to be changed. 


Growing up, I would spend my days watching the Food Network and I would tell myself that I would love to share my recipes with others should I get that opportunity. This is when I started to analyze and study different recipes and try my hand at different bakes “for the fun of it”. 


This then led to me challenging myself to perfect my techniques in different baking genres with all I was learning online. To this day I am still challenging myself to perfect my bakes in any which way I can.

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Surround Yourself With Supportive People

The most rewarding part of this journey has been all the positive feedback from my growth as a baker. Having so many people see the excitement I have for baking and cooking and them wanting to share this excitement has only motivated me more to continue this journey.


Stay positive through the hard times and pushing through the moments of disappointment has made me grown so much as a person. 


Having confidence in yourself and what you do is where it starts. Practicing and not giving up because something went wrong in the moment is the most gratifying feeling I have ever felt. I set my mind to it and it got me where I am today.

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Always Follow Your Passions

If there is something to take away after reading this, it is to never give up on what you are passionate about. In this moment you may feel you do not have the skills or technique to excel in your passion, but with some practice you will get there. You do not need a televised competition to get you to being a successful baker. Be confident in what you do and show it off to the world.
Sabrina Amphy
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