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Three Questions to Ask Yourself When Organizing Your Closet


If I were shopping now, would I buy it?

As the years go on and our life changes, our styles also change. Those jeans you loved at one time may have been your go-to style four years ago, but are they your style now? Come to the understanding that even though you loved something at one time, you will not always love it. 


Don’t keep something in your closet that you would not or do not wear today. Your wardrobe should only be full of things you absolutely love and wear now. By doing this, it opens up more options for you by knowing you love every item in your closet!

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Am I only keeping it because it cost XX amount of money?

We have all been there: we see a designer brand having a sale on shoes, we think we NEED to own the shoes, and we buy them on an impulse. The hard honest truth and reality is that even when a designer brand is having a sale, you are still likely spending hundreds of dollars on those shoes. 


Even though you thought you needed them at the time, they have been sitting in your closet for years because as it turns out, you don’t wear stilettos very often; and if you do, these shoes were possibly not the most comfortable things you have ever worn.


But here we are, so let’s face it: The truth of the matter is that the money is already spent, and there’s no getting it back. If you are not wearing the shoes (or whichever item it was that you purchased on a whim), give them to someone else. You can give them to an organization, a friend, or family member who has been eyeing and admiring those shoes from afar since you bought them!


Remember, just because you do not love them or wear them, that does not mean someone else won’t get great sue out of them!

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Remember, just because you do not love them or wear them, that does not mean someone else won’t get great sue out of them!

Do I own similar items that serve same purpose?

Here is another drop of truth for you: there is no reason to own five of the same thing when one does the job just fine! Now if you have three red button down shirts, and you absolutely love them AND you wear them regularly, then clearly they are serving a purpose; and you must feel great wearing them or else you would not be wearing them so often. 


However, if you own these three red button down shirts, and you only wear one of them to work occasionally, why are you keeping the other two? If you are not using them, remember that there is very likely someone else out there who can benefit from, and appreciate them, just as much as you used to.

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So now that you know what to ask yourself when organizing and decluttering your closet, you may be wondering what to do with these clothes you no longer use. If you are looking for a place to donate them, start in your own backyard! 


Reach out to local shelters or churches and see if they are accepting donations. You can also look for organizations that take clothing donations and give you a tax write-off for them. 


If you want to try to make some money from the clothes you’re getting rid of, you can try selling them on sites and apps. One that I have gad a lot of success on is Poshmark: you simply take pictures of your clothes, post them on the app, and when you sell a piece you get a pre-paid shipping label emailed to you. 


Just like that, you have cleared out your closet and made a little money doing it!

So remember these questions and ask them when you find your closet overflowing with clothes you no longer love or wear. Doing this three to four times a year will ensure that you stay on top of your closet organization, and you will know that you have plenty of amazing options in your closet!

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