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Top 10 Places to Learn Gardening Online

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Whether you’re completely new to gardening or have years of experience, one of these courses can take your skills to the next level.

1. - The Fundamentals of Edible Gardening

The best place to learn gardening online. has a large variety of informative online classes for anyone looking to strengthen their skills. That’s why it’s our first choice for anyone new to gardening with the desire to learn.


This first choice is a 1.5-hour group course on edible gardening. At the cost of only $45, you’ll learn what to grow, when to grow, and how to grow.


Your teacher, Mignonette B, is an experienced gardener who gained confidence and knowledge from an expert (and through her trial and error).


Amphy offers more options for live classes on gardening here.

2. - Ron Finley Teaches Gardening

Lessons that make an impact.


As a self-described “Gangster Gardener,” Ron Finley from South Los Angeles teaches this masterclass. He’s a passionate community activist that has made an impact with his non-traditional planting spaces.


Finley teaches you a variety of essential skills in this 10-part class. You’ll learn to maintain herb gardens, plant and harvest vegetables, turn nutrient-poor soil, and much more. The course even comes with a downloadable workbook filled with gardening tips!


The masterclass is an annual subscription-based membership with payment increments of $15 per month.


3. - Gardening 101

Kickstarting your garden.


Geraldine Lavin, an herbalist and gardener of Suntrap Botanical, will teach newbies everything they need to know about starting their garden.


Lavin will spend time on various topics such as plant propagation, garden planning, harvesting, and herbs.


This class is great for anyone looking to grow in small spaces like containers, balconies, and windowsills.


This Skillshare course includes ten lessons for roughly $14 per month with an annual subscription. You can also pay $32 per month for a monthly pass. Both memberships come with a 2-month free trial.

4. - Flower Gardening Simplified

Best budget-friendly option.


Kerry Ann Mendez teaches you to create heavenly-looking gardens on a budget.


Mendez gives you tips to find cheap plants at unusual venues for cheap – or even free. She promises eye-popping, pollinator-friendly landscapes that require less maintenance and water.


You’ll also get detailed lecture notes with helpful tips and plant descriptions.


Flower Gardening Simplified costs only $13.95! also offers a Kerry Ann video bundle for $31.95.

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5. - Planting The Piet Oudolf Way

A course for seasoned planters.


This course teaches you design secrets directly from Piet Oudolf and Dr. Noel Kingsbury. Oudolf, a Dutch garden designer, has his work notably appear along the Highline Elevated Park in New York City.

You’ll learn to identify structure, texture, form, and color (all characteristics of Oudolf planting style).


He will introduce plants and plant combinations and take you through his studio to present various planting plans.


If you sign up for the peer option at $99, you get lifetime access to the videos, notes, and online classroom. The expert option, at $299, you’ll receive feedback on your assignments from Dr. Noel Kingsbury.

6. - Intro to Growing Organic Food Sustainably

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A solid introductory course.


This free online horticulture class begins by teaching you how to grow a variety of vegetables in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly manner.


You will study how to perform crop rotation, improve soil, and make your own compost to ensure your garden is thriving.


The course is on-demand and has 5-modules and lasts between one to three hours. Learners will receive a certificate upon completing the course, which is perfect for sharing with potential employers.

7. - Master Gardening Online

Best course with an in-depth master curriculum.


Master Gardening online is an in-depth option designed for anyone looking to learn more about the practical and sustainable management of their home horticulture.


The course offers basic knowledge of botany and entomology, along with indoor and container gardening, woody plants, pesticide safety, and more.


Upon completion of the online course, you’ll receive a Certificate Of Home Horticulture.


This course is relatively pricey if you live outside of Oregon. The cost comes to $490 plus a $60 registration fee.

8. - The Beginner’s Guide to Vegetable Gardening

Simple and rewarding.


This online guide is perfect for anyone with a backyard garden. You’ll learn where, when and what to plant in a 2-hour on-demand video including five downloadable resources.


Your instructor is expert gardener Rick Stone, who’s been gardening for over 19 years!


The course typically goes for $29.99, but Udemy often offers a lower sales price. You’ll receive a certificate of completion once you’ve finished up your five courses.

9. - Online Gardening School

Best holistic, permaculture-inspired perspective.


The Online Gardening School offers an abundance of information, whether you’re gardening from your apartment balcony or an acre of sunny land.


The website offers information on all of the instructors you’ll be working with.


The school teaches masterful guidance to a range of experience levels. If you’ve already worked on a farm or grown a garden, they’ve still got you covered.


Register on their website to get on the waitlist for the next available enrollment period. They will send you an email providing you with pricing information.

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10. - Seed Starting Made Easy

Best online workshop for a home gardener.


In this 90-minute on-demand workshop, Lisa Mason Ziegler will teach you what a seed needs to grow.

Ziegler will show you what it takes to care for transplants indoors with her 20 years of experience as a flower farmer.


Her course is affordable, totaling only $24.95 or lower with sale prices.

Start Your Online Gardening Course Today!

Whether you’re completely new to gardening or have years of experience, one of these courses can take your skills to the next level. Our top pick is the Amphy class, thanks to the variety of available classes. Take some time to browse all the above options and pick your favorite online gardening course!

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