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21 Virtual New Year’s Eve Party Ideas To Kick Start 2023

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The post-pandemic era has forced many to find new ways to relate and maintain a connection with others. More than half of the people in the global corporate scene now work from home.


2023 is almost here! Usually, you’d go out for drinks with friends and wait for the countdown at midnight. However, you’ve probably made several adjustments that make you less likely to go out and more likely to stay indoors on New Year’s Eve.


So what do you do with all your free time alone? How about hosting or attending a virtual New Year’s Eve party? Below are 21 virtual New Year’s Eve party ideas to kick-start 2023.

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List of Virtual New Year's Eve Party Ideas

There are more than enough activities to break the ice, especially when engaging with people online. It may be people you work with or family and friends. Here are some fun and interesting New Year’s Eve ideas to party the night away.

1. Take a Class on Making your New Year’s Resolutions

Reflect & Reset: Make your New Year’s resolutions is a simple online course that teaches you how to set viable resolutions for the new year. Many are eager to set New Year’s resolutions, but few can stay accountable a few months later.


This is an indulging course where you and your work colleagues can compare resolutions for the coming year. The class allows you to reflect on the previous year and helps you isolate areas in your personal life and career that need improvement.


The class improvises a workbook that aims to keep you on track. You can stick to the plan because you have a guide on how you can create new resolutions, improve your life and achieve your goals.

2. Learn the Sugoroku Board Game  

Sugoroku is a Japanese board game that aims to spark conversation and enable you to learn about each other. This game requires participants to answer questions on the board. You roll a die on the virtual grid and answer the question on the number that the die landed on.


Expect to answer questions such as:


  • Where does your name originate?
  • What did you like doing as a child?


Sugoroku Board Game is quite similar to The Game of Life. It’s an excellent virtual New Year’s Eve game and works fantastic as a team bonding game.

3. Learn How to Set Intentions and Goals

Intention and goal setting classes give you the tools to stay high vibrational throughout the day/week/month/year despite the challenges you face.


Taking this virtual class sets you up for unfathomable success and career progress.


The main things you’ll learn include:


  • Setting powerful intentions for 2023
  • Learn the goal-setting process for success
  • Answer questions for reflection on the previous year


While everyone prefers to make merry on New Year’s eve, this is a far more productive and interesting alternative you and your friends could embark on.

new years resolutions paper

4. New Year Virtual Trivia

Trivia is a bunch of questions the participants must answer regarding a particular subject. New Year Virtual Trivia includes common knowledge questions you should answer regarding politics, geographical areas, landmarks, science, religion, etc. Participants have a limited time frame within which they must answer each question.


The countdown to the last second and the anticipation to get the answer right make this game super interesting. There are thousands of trivia questions online that you could select for your virtual New Year’s party.


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5. Virtual Charades

It’s a game that will get everyone rolling on the floor and laughing hysterically through the night.


Here, there are two teams. Each team selects a member to use body movements to get the other team to guess the title of a book, famous person, kitchen item, or movie. This member is not allowed to talk and has about a minute before the timer goes off.

6. Take a Fun Personal Branding Makeover Class

In an oversaturated world where more people are looking for jobs than there are vacancies, finding a good job can seem like an endless roller-coaster ride. So, why not come together with your friends online and figure out how to beat the odds?


The Personal Branding Makeover online class gives tips on rebranding and making yourself over in your professional and personal life to stay ahead of the competition.


You learn how you can stand out from the crowd by rebranding and showcasing your talent, skills, and uniqueness.

7. Champagne or Sham?

Champagne or Sham is where one player asks a question and a different player has to answer whether or not the declaration is true or false. If one thinks the statement in the question is valid, they’ll answer by saying ‘champagne’ and answer ‘sham’ if they think it’s false.


The host should divide the group into smaller teams of two or three people to make the game more interesting. The players will feel challenged to battle opposite teams to emerge the night’s winners.


You all may choose to indulge in champagne during the game, but the title champagne is more figurative or hypothetical. After all, who wants to drink something intoxicating when they need to focus on winning?

8. Learn How to Achieve Your Career Goals in 2023!

This virtual course aims to help you set and achieve career goals on your quest to make it to the top of the corporate ladder.

As friends waiting for the New Year’s Eve countdown, staying focused and taking career goal-setting seriously can be hard.


Good thing that this course helps you not only focus on your professional knowledge and skills but also emphasizes the importance of mental health and general well-being.


Key topics in this class include:


  • Reflecting on your career trajectory by creating a vision and mapping your road to success
  • Learn about self-awareness and discover your life purpose and mission
  • How to set clear goals and create a step-by-step plan to achieve them


Upon finishing the course, you’ll know what your goals are and figure out how to achieve your career goals. You’ll be furnished with valuable tools and techniques to help you stick to the plan until you reach your goals.

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There are more than enough activities to break the ice, especially when engaging with people online.

a paper goal tracker

9. Virtual Movie Pictionary

Movie Pictionary is an exciting game where participants must figure out the title of a particular movie by a rough sketch or drawing by a different participant. Here’s how to play this game.


  • Choose a few well-known New Year’s movie titles
  • Divide the group into two teams
  • Each team will read the title of the movie and select their best member to try to draw sketches or diagrams on a digital whiteboard which hints to the opposing team what the name movie might be
  • The opposing team has a limited duration of between 30 seconds and two minutes to guess the title of the movie
  • The movie with the highest number of correct guesses wins


Excellent New Year’s movie titles include About a Boy, Money Train, The Phantom Thread, and New Year’s Eve.

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10. Never Have I Ever—This Year

Never Have I Ever is a fun game where the players indulge in drinking adult beverages to signify that they’ve done something. You sip if you’re guilty of doing something the host said, and do not sip if you’re innocent.


Never Have I Ever—This Year means you only take a sip if you’re guilty of doing something this year only. The host may read prompts like, never have I ever:


  • Fallen asleep before midnight
  • Broken the rules at work
  • Spilled a drink on someone intentionally
  • Crashed a party


Instead of sipping, players could either choose to raise ten fingers and drop each finger or turn off their camera for every action they’re guilty of. By the end, the participant with the most number of fingers left standing or the camera still on wins.

11. Tic-Tac-Stack

Tic-Tac Stack is an exciting game you can play in reality or virtually. How to play:


  • Set two separate bowls on the table
  • Pour all your Tic-Tacs into one bowl and show everyone that the other bowl is empty
  • Use a pair of tweezers or chopsticks to pick as many tic tacks as you can and transfer them to the other bowl within 60 seconds
  • Whoever has the most Tic-Tacs in their bowl when the timer goes off wins


You can play the game using peanuts, M&M’s, Tic Tacs, or whatever is accessible and acceptable by the rest of the teammates.

12. My Year in One Sentence

In your zoom meeting or virtual video call, team members take turns to sum up what their year has been like in one sentence. It’s an activity that tests your ability to express and articulate your experiences and feelings using as few words as possible.


It’s an opportunity for others, be it loved ones, colleagues, neighbors, or workmates, to say what they are grateful for this year, what challenges they’ve conquered, or what they look forward to in the future.

13. Ten Seconds To Win It

The best thing about this game is that you can be as creative as possible. Depending on the complexity of the task, the host may choose to turn the game from ‘A minute to win it’ to ‘ten seconds to win it.’


The top challenges for this game include:


  • Skipping while holding an egg on a spoon without dropping it for ten seconds
  • Eating a whole loaf of bread and swallowing it within ten seconds
  • Drinking a whole jug of water without stopping in under ten seconds 


The host can divide the group into two teams. The team with the highest number of people who completed each challenge successfully wins.

14. Dress-Up Party

Before the party, the host should assign each person scheduled to attend the online New Year’s Eve party a theme for the dress-up. You’re free to bring a twist into it to make things more fun.


For example, you may assign one member to create a cocktail dress with nothing but bottle tops. You may tell a different member to make an outfit from nothing but diapers.


Alternatively, you could ask members to show up in an outfit that best represents their personality.


The most exhilarating moment is the anticipation everyone experiences to see what the rest have on and to see who’d be declared best dressed.

15. Virtual Cook-Off

If most of the people in attendance share a love of cooking, how about turning the night into a virtual cooking competition?


The idea is to give each person a cooking challenge and see who will best execute the challenge before the timer goes off. The host will judge each member based on their ability to follow the recipe, how creatively they execute and present their dish, and timekeeping.


To make things exciting, everyone can contribute some money, and the winner gets all the money.


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food chopped and assembled

16. Online Karaoke Party

Karaoke is something that almost everyone enjoys. It doesn’t matter how good or bad your singing voice is—you get to let go and let loose with people you are familiar with.


Assuming most of the people in the virtual party are from the office, it will be pretty surprising to see the fun side of colleagues you consider stoic. For instance, the host may choose a theme like the classics. Each member should choose a classic song, perform and sing it word by word from start to finish.


This isn’t about competition but about enjoying time with some people before crossing over into the new year.

17. Movie Night

A virtual movie night is one of the most laid-back New Year’s ideas where members can watch a movie together while face timing. You all may decide to watch comedy shows or stream a movie series that will keep you on the whole night.


Enjoy chatting and sharing reactions while the movie plays. It makes you feel less alone to enjoy virtual binge sessions with colleagues and friends over some drinks and snacks.

18. Truth or Dare Party

No game night is complete without playing truth or dare. How about blowing some steam off on the last day of 2022 by playing truth or dare with friends online? Members take turns to answer truthfully to questions asked about themselves or get dared by another member to do something.


Examples of truth or dare questions include:


  • Who is your biggest crush?
  • Have you ever dated a famous person?
  • What is your most embarrassing habit?
  • What’s your biggest secret that your parents don’t know? 


The winner is the person who makes people laugh the most by the end of the game.

19. Virtual Murder Mystery

Who did it? This is the question people must answer correctly after a player enacts and narrates a murder mystery.


Usually, this game involves telling a short story about a murderous crime where there are several suspects under investigation. The goal is to spark conversation and increase members’ engagement to establish who among the fictional characters committed the crime.

20. Two Truths and a Lie—This Year

Each member takes their turn to make three statements. The rest of the members must figure out which statements are true and single out the lie.


Make things more interesting by switching them around. In this case, it would be two lies and a truth, and people must spot the truth.

21. Things

If you want to learn more about each other, ‘Things’ will help you do just that. It’s a simple game where each player takes turns to ask a question starting with the word ‘things.’ For example:


  • Things you should never do alone
  • Things you shouldn’t touch with your bare hands
  • Things you shouldn’t laugh at
  • Things you can do in public


Each member aims to make their question or answer funnier and more interesting than the previous participant. The guy who gets people to laugh the most wins.

movie night

Virtual New Year's Eve Party Ideas FAQs

Here are the answers to common questions about virtual New Year’s Eve party ideas.

What are virtual New Year’s Eve parties?

Virtual New Year’s Eve parties are like ordinary parties with people and lots of celebration and chatter. The only difference is that everything happens virtually via a phone or computer. You can host a day party, evening party, or late-night party on New Year’s Eve.

What are a few good virtual New Year’s Eve party ideas?

The goal is to embrace the sense of holiday adventure. It all depends on what people agree on. Some people want to play games, while others prefer different activities like watching movies or cooking.


Charades, truth or dare, and talent shows are New Year’s Eve party ideas that top the list. Any idea suffices as long as no one feels left out and everyone enjoys it.

How do you host a successful virtual New Year’s Eve party?

Start by ensuring everyone is furnished with details of when and what will happen on New Year’s Eve. People need to know that the meeting will happen on Zoom at 8:00 pm, and all participants will be playing Tic-Tac Stack, for example.


Create an itinerary or program showing activities scheduled at different intervals throughout the night. The bottom line, keep everyone entertained.

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