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21 Virtual Thanksgiving Ideas That the Whole Family Can Enjoy

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Thanksgiving is a cherished holiday for many Americans. It is a lovely time to spend with family and friends as you enjoy a feast of turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and lots more. If you’re looking for some virtual Thanksgiving ideas, you’ve come to the right place!


Thanksgiving offers an opportunity to reminisce about the values you have to be thankful for. Families take time to appreciate their blessings and enjoy the time with friends and family. 


Unfortunately, due to the busy schedules of working families, many people do not make it in time to celebrate Thanksgiving with their families. However, with the advent of the internet, many Thanksgiving traditions have made their way online. 


Thanksgiving is not just a day where people sit around a table and enjoy each other’s company. It is a day celebrating the values people believe in, and bringing them together in one place over the internet​ makes it easier to honor these values with others. 


Knowing how to organize your virtual festivities can be challenging with so many people. It is, admittedly, not quite the same as sitting down at a table with your loved ones and enjoying a home-cooked meal. 


Luckily, that doesn’t mean you still can’t do something to enjoy your time with your guests. Here are virtual Thanksgiving ideas to help bring fun and new traditions into your family’s holidays.

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1. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a fun, interactive game that involves all guests. You can start with a simple list of items and clues to those hidden items. It might be some souvenirs from past Thanksgiving celebrations or things the whole family brought for this holiday season.


Give each player 60 seconds to find one of the items on your list and bring it to the screen.


Make your own or check out our great virtual scavenger hunt game here on Amphy

2. Share Thanksgiving History

Educating your children about the deep roots of Thanksgiving can be a fun and exciting way to teach them about the holiday. Leave out the facts and figures while you focus more time on how they are so crucial to our country’s heritage.


History is a great way to make learning fun while giving your family a fun time of reflection.

3. Thanksgiving Trivia

A trivia game can be fun to learn more about the holiday season. You can focus on the fun, silly side of Thanksgiving or go for popular movie-themed trivia. Goofy questions about pilgrims and turkey are sure to keep everyone laughing.


You can also keep it simple and create a family-themed trivia game. Everyone can ask and answer Thanksgiving questions, from who makes the best-mashed potatoes in the family to which relative has been naughty or nice this year.

4. Virtual Storytelling

Storytelling is a powerful way to share stories and traditions. It can be fun to create a virtual Thanksgiving storytelling game where players get to say a sentence or two to make a collaborated story. 


If you’re feeling creative, you can include events in the story that happened this year or have happened throughout your history as a family. Storytelling will help bring everyone together and make them feel like they’re sharing in the holiday traditions of this year.

5. Create a Family Slideshow

A virtual slideshow can be fun for sharing your family’s holiday traditions. It can be as simple as a collage of random memories, or you could create a full-fledged slideshow that features the entire holiday season. 


You can choose images from the day’s events, pictures from family gatherings, photos of events around town, and more. The slideshow helps bring your guests into the holiday and allows them to see all the fun things that have happened this year.

6. Watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

You and your loved ones can watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade virtually during Thanksgiving. This parade has been going on for over 90 years and is broadcast to millions yearly. 


Seeing all the balloons, floats, and pageantry accompanying this parade through Manhattan is fun. Share a link to the official Macy’s site, or watch it on NBC.

7. Thanksgiving Pictionary

Think of it as a fun Thanksgiving-themed drawing game. Your guests can work together to draw what you think is the most crucial detail about Thanksgiving. 


Assign Thanksgiving-related keywords to the “artist” and give their teammates a chance to guess the drawing. 


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scrabble letters that read 'I am thankful'
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Thanksgiving offers an opportunity to reminisce about the values you have to be thankful for

8. Virtual Thanksgiving Bingo

The classic past-time is now a fun way to enjoy your holiday celebration. Create a Thanksgiving Bingo board with the most popular holiday terms.


You can keep it simple and fun or make it even more challenging by including shout-outs to pop culture. Bingo can be an excellent way for the whole family to learn more about each other and have fun with the annual celebration.

9. Play an Online Game

Online games are a fantastic way to share an interactive virtual experience. You can pick a game you all know and love.


Board games, for example, can be fun for large families. A virtual board game is a great way to get everyone laughing and talking. For example, with Chess, you can engage in friendly competition with your loved ones.


Once you’ve picked out the game you want to play, all that’s left is to choose how to play it. Whether you want everyone to play as a team or even take turns deciding who plays next, there’s sure to be something for everyone. 

10. Host a Virtual Talent Show

The holidays are a great time to reward your children’s artistic talents. Set up an art station with dishtowels, paintbrushes, and some easel paper to create a simple Thanksgiving atmosphere. Bring a camera and have everyone take a turn painting, singing, playing guitar, or showing off any other unique talents they may have.

11. Share the Family History

A family history book can help fill in the gaps as you focus on Thanksgiving traditions. You can be as detailed or concise as you want, gathering your family’s stories about holidays and gatherings since the beginning of time.


You might also consider creating a family tree or a poster displaying your ancestors’ photos.

12. Virtual Care Package

Send a Thanksgiving care package to loved ones far away. If you can’t travel to see them this year but want them to feel special and included in your celebrations, a basket full of fun Thanksgiving goodies is sure to do the trick! 


Include recipes, decoration ideas, and traditional treats like candies, popcorn, and drinks. Your family and friends are sure to be touched by the thoughtfulness of your package and will appreciate the opportunity to partake in the Thanksgiving tradition.

13. Virtual House Tour

Virtual tours are a great way to learn about other places during the holiday season. Sharing a virtual house tour on Zoom with your family, friends, and relatives is a fun way to include more people in your celebrations. 


Show off your home’s favorite room with beautiful photos of the decorations and touches you have put together for Thanksgiving.

14. Thanksgiving Virtual Escape Room

The Thanksgiving season is full of family traditions, and it’s essential to find a way to stay connected with loved ones who live far away. Create a virtual escape room that takes place on Thanksgiving night, allowing everyone to participate in the holiday festivities. 


Your family and friends can search for clues to unlock the door to the virtual escape room. Create teams of two or three for an exciting holiday adventure and assign each group a different room.

thanksgiving bingo sheet

15. Thanksgiving Award Ceremony

Celebrate the good times during your Thanksgiving dinner with an award ceremony. Everyone from the best guesser to the sweetest little pumpkin in your family can receive a prize for their contributions to the holiday meal.


Come up with funny categories like “who always eats too much.” Reward “who always has the worst table manners” or “who deserves a medal for managing to stay awake for more than seven minutes of the dinner.” The more ridiculous you make it, the better!

16. Share a Virtual Meal

Whether you’re a culinary expert or a kitchen klutz, everyone has a Thanksgiving recipe that makes them swoon. Share recipes for stuffed turkey breasts, stuffing balls, turkey casserole, chocolate cranberry bread pudding, and cookies. Sharing one of your favorite recipes allows everyone to try something new and get creative in the kitchen.


Organize your kitchen in front of family and friends. You can either use the video chat function to watch each step of the way or prepare meals together, one dish at a time. You can also include a list of the ingredients you’ll need and leave it up to each cook to make the recipe independently.


Have your guests share their results at the end of the day and discuss what worked, what didn’t, and what you could make additions to next year. Let everyone take their seats and enjoy a virtual Thanksgiving meal together.

17. Take a Virtual Field Trip

Instead of going out, gather friends and family in front of the computer screen to create a virtual field trip with Amphy through your hometown or a memorable holiday spot. You can visit a remote town or find a nearby location to tour. 


Whether you explore the country or head to one specific state, you can play tourist and learn more about the local history, culture, and even the sights. In the end, you may even find a new vacation destination that you want to visit someday.

18. Watch Thanksgiving Films

This is one of the best virtual thanksgiving ideas out there. There are some popular Thanksgiving films that everyone should experience. One great example is the 1987 comedy Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

Whether you want to watch an old classic or discover something new, the internet and streaming media can help you find a movie that is perfect for watching with family. 


Look for a lighthearted family comedy, a touching drama, or a happy-go-lucky comedy. A heartwarming movie can also be a wonderful distraction from the chaos of holiday cooking and entertaining. These films will surely leave everyone feeling festive and in the holiday spirit.


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19. Make an Autumnal Beverage

Go with the fall theme and create a warm and comforting autumn beverage. Make a pumpkin brew or hot chocolate to warm your family up.


You can even play bartender and make a unique Thanksgiving beverage, like hot apple cider with cinnamon. Try out pumpkin spiced lattes, mulled wine with orange slices, and spiced rum cocktails. It is fun to bring the holiday tradition into your online festivities.

20. Virtual Community Volunteering

Sadly, not everyone is as privileged as others, and many people need help from the community. You can organize a virtual Thanksgiving community fundraiser with your friends and family to raise money for those who are less fortunate.


You can hold a food drive to collect donations for low-income families struggling to make ends meet during the holiday season. Everyone can participate if you organize a community service group or hold an online event.


Helping others is a great way to give back and feel the extra holiday spirit. It will be fun for you and your friends to work together and bring some comfort to others less fortunate during the holidays. 

21. Give Thanks

Spend time reflecting and writing down what you’re thankful for this year. You can list everything from family to friends to pets, health, happiness, and even that last batch of pumpkin bread. 


Whatever the Thanksgiving holiday means to you, everyone can be grateful for the little things in life that bring us joy and make us smile

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