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What Is a Capsule Wardrobe and How It Will Save Your Home Organization?


The capsule wardrobe came into fashion in the 1940s as a way for Americans to buy a few pieces of clothing in a single collection designed to be mixed and matched together in various ways. 


Since then, it has come in and out of fashion. In the 1970s, the capsule wardrobe was a way to ensure you always have a few pieces that never go out of style. 


At present, the capsule wardrobe is a way to embrace minimalism and free up space in your home to store other items instead of holding on to tons of clothing items you never wear. 


Here, we will explore what a capsule wardrobe is, the pros and cons of this type of wardrobe, and how it will improve your home organization tactics. 

What Is a Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe definition would be a set of anywhere from 10 to 30 items. They do not include workout attire or pajamas. 


These wardrobes do include things like jackets and shoes, but they should be interchangeable pieces so you can create many looks


A few rules of thumb when designing a minimalist capsule wardrobe for yourself are to keep in mind the season, acknowledge your body shape, adhere to a color scheme, consider your complexion, and choose high-quality fabrics. 


Many people have a capsule for fall and winter and another for spring and summer. Some people choose to have a single wardrobe for the year.

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Capsule wardrobes are a great way to streamline your home organization practices.

Example of a Capsule Wardrobe for Women

Read below for an example of a 30-piece capsule wardrobe for women. These recommendations are fluid. You should mold them to fit your style and needs. 


  • One belted trench coat 
  • One pair of jeans in your preferred style
  • Two solid colored shirts
  • One solid colored blazer 
  • Two solid colored dresses, jumpsuits, or rompers
  • Two printed dresses, jumpsuits, or rompers
  • One white button-up shirt 
  • Two skirts in the style you choose 
  • Two camisole tops or other fashionable tank tops
  • One pair of tailored trousers
  • One pair of casual shoes 
  • One pair of sandals 
  • Two pairs of heels or wedges
  • One tote bag 
  • One clutch or another small bag 
  • One sundress or other light jumpsuit or romper
  • Two sweaters or cardigans
  • One light jacket in any color you like
  • One belt 
  • One large hat 
  • One baseball cap 
  • One pair of sunglasses
  • One multi-purpose scarf in the color or print of your choosing

Example of a Capsule Wardrobe for Men

The recommendation for men is about 25 items because they generally do not keep bags stocked. However, these recommendations are not concrete. Add in items you deem necessary for your life and style. 


  • One full suit 
  • One pair of jeans in your preferred style
  • One sport coat or blazer
  • One casual coat 
  • Two solid colored cotton shirts
  • Two printed cotton shirts 
  • Two sweaters in the color or print of your choice
  • Two pairs of tailored trousers
  • Two solid colored dress shirts
  • Two printed dress shirts
  • One watch 
  • One scarf or another cold-weather accessory 
  • One baseball cap 
  • One pair of casual shoes 
  • One pair of dress shoes 
  • One pair of boots 
  • One pair of sandals 
  • Two pairs of shorts in the style and color you like 
Capsule Wardrobe

How a Capsule Wardrobe Helps Save Your Home Organization

There are a few key ways a capsule wardrobe helps save your home organization tactics. 


They cut down on clutter from large amounts of clothes and accessories. These wardrobes eliminate the need for a massive amount of clothes to store from season to season. 


Lastly, capsule wardrobes help free up storage space in your closet and other places in your home where clothes may be living. 

Capsule Wardrobes Cut Down on Clutter

When you adhere to a capsule wardrobe, you only need to store 30 items of clothing, shoes, and accessories. This makes it easier to organize your closet with fewer baskets and bins. 


You will notice your closet and dresser space are less cluttered. You will also notice that your room is not littered with discarded clothing items from making up your mind about an outfit. 

Capsule Wardrobes Are Easily Stored 

If you choose to have two capsule wardrobes, one for warm weather and one for cold weather, you will only need to store up to 30 items. 


This is useful regarding storage because you only need one storage container for these items. Choose one that fits under your bed or at the top of your closet to keep it out of sight from yourself and visitors. 

Capsule Wardrobes Free Up Storage Space

If you have 100 items in your closet and you pare it down to only 30, you will find you have a lot more space.


Capsule wardrobes free up that space so you can repurpose them as a way to neatly store other items like towels, washcloths, bedsheets, and other assorted linens. 


With the free space from miscellaneous items that clutter your home, you will find you have more room to expertly store items that rest on countertops or sit out and collect dust otherwise. 

Capsule Wardrobe

Pros of a Capsule Wardrobe

Are you interested yet? Here are a few pros of a capsule wardrobe. 


  • Saves you money due to less shopping and replacing items.  
  • Saves time when getting ready for the day. 
  • Opens up more space in your closet and drawers for better organization!
  • Allow for more creativity in your hairstyle or accessories to spice up an outfit. Let your creativity flow!

Cons of a Capsule Wardrobe

Though there are many pros, there are a few cons to a capsule wardrobe you should consider before transitioning to this way of living. 


  • Requires more laundry loads
  • Require a lot of planning and paring down of your current wardrobe. 
  • It may get boring after some time. 
  • The initial investment can be a lot if you are repurchasing better quality items for your closet.

Final Thoughts

Capsule wardrobes are a great way to streamline your home organization practices. 


It also helps cut down on styling time in the morning, leaving more time to relax and enjoy your morning. 


You might find that you enjoy your newly stylized home and closet more enjoyable and organized. Try it out!

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