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What are Virtual Gifts?


Do you need to send someone a gift but don’t want to deal with wrapping and shipping? You should consider sending virtual gifts instead.


What are virtual gifts? As the name suggests, it’s a gift that you don’t need to package yourself. It makes giving someone a gift easier whether they live across town or across the country.


Read on to learn more and get some virtual gift ideas.

What are Virtual Gifts?

Virtual gifts are gifts that you purchase and send to someone over the internet. You can purchase the gift online and send someone the gift through their email.


Then, they can redeem the gift and use it however they choose. Virtual gifts can be just as good as physical gifts.


One advantage of virtual gifts is that you don’t have to ship them. That makes them an easy option if you have friends or family who live in another city or state. Even if you live near your loved ones, you won’t have to wrap a virtual present.

Virtual Gift Ideas

Now you know the answer to “what are virtual gifts?” Now let’s think about some ideas of virtual gifts you can give.


You can choose from various gift ideas based on the recipient. That way, you’ll get your loved one something they’ll love.


Here are a few virtual gift ideas to consider.

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You can choose from various gift ideas based on the recipient. That way, you'll get your loved one something they'll love.

Online Gift Cards

If you don’t know what to get someone, consider buying a virtual gift card. You can order the card from a general card company, such as Visa. Then, the recipient will be able to use the card at any online store that accepts Visa as a payment method.


Another option is to offer an Amphy gift card. Amphy has available a vast number of classes about any topic you can imagine: music, cooking, business management, gardening, etc. No matter the interests of your friend, you’ll find something they will like. 


Before you buy any online gift cards, consider if the recipient can only use them online or if they can also redeem them in a store. You should also make sure you have their correct email address or phone number to make sure they receive the card.


Another excellent virtual present is a donation to your friend’s favorite charity. You can use your credit card to make a donation in your loved one’s name.


Social networks such as Facebook let people set up donation campaigns during their birthday month. If you see a friend has set one up, you can easily donate through there.


Of course, you might also be able to donate directly to the organization. Look at the charity’s website and see if they have a donation button. Enter the amount you want to donate, and take a screenshot of the receipt to send to your friend.

Adopt an Animal

When it comes to adopting an animal as a pet, it can involve a lot of work. However, you can also find an “adopt an animal” program through a zoo or the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).


Choose the species you want to adopt or that your loved one would want to adopt. Then, you can purchase the adoption. Most of these programs include an adoption certificate, and the WWF also sends a physical adoption kit.


You can also look at other zoos around the country that offer adoption programs. They might be completely virtual, and you can send a copy of the confirmation email to your friend or relative.

A Subscription

A lot of people love a good subscription, so that can be an excellent virtual present. You can purchase a gift subscription to a streaming service or meal service. An Amazon Prime subscription is another nice choice.


Consider what services your loved one uses often or would use. You can also think about what services they’ve talked about getting but haven’t yet. Then, you’ll be able to purchase a subscription to the correct service.


If you can’t gift a subscription, you can also send your friend a virtual gift card. Include in your note that you want to pay for a specific service. Then, they’ll be able to use the card accordingly.

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National Parks Pass

Maybe you know someone who loves visiting the National Parks or going camping. You can purchase and send them a National Parks Pass. The pass arrives in your email, so you can enter your relative’s email address.


Then, they’ll be able to visit the parks for the next year. Of course, this is a better gift for someone who lives close to a National Park. However, it’s still worth considering if you also plan on giving them the gift of flight credit if they live far from the closest park.


You can also look for state parks in the state where your family member lives. Consider if the state offers an annual pass and if you can send it virtually.

Software or Apps

Another fantastic virtual present is the initial purchase of a new app or piece of software. For example, you might have a friend who loves editing videos and wants to get better at it. You could purchase Final Cut Pro if they use a Mac.


If the software your friend wants doesn’t have a one-time fee, you can also pay for the first few months or a year. That way, they’ll be able to start using the tool without paying for the subscription.


Consider what your friend or family member loves doing. Think about if they’ve talked about wanting to upgrade to better software. Then, you’ll be able to purchase that program for them to use.

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What are Virtual Gifts? In Review

If you’ve ever wanted to give a gift, you may have asked yourself, “what is a virtual present?” A virtual present, such as an eGift card is a gift you give over the internet.


It’s an excellent choice for convenience, so you can give presents to people all over the world. Be sure to consider a few ideas for virtual gifts to help choose the best option.

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