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What is Music Education


Integrating Music Into Your Life

Many people take music lessons for a while, for themselves or for their children, and few find the satisfaction they were looking for. There’s a good reason for it. To be able to integrate music into yourself it requires a perception of music itself, which to my shocking discovery is rarely found in students or in teachers! Let me share with you what I’ve discovered on my journey through learning and teaching music.
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What is Music Education

To really open for someone the realms of music you need to open their eyes and ears to the field in which music plays. Music becomes meaningful and approachable by people who understand its language, the alphabet it plays with, the Lego blocks it builds with. When it stops being random pleasing sounds and becomes a comprehensive existential system of interactions.


It was only brought to my attention very recently that the clarity that I have in perceiving the field of music is what gives me the cutting edge, what allowed me to excel so quickly in music, and what allows me to so deeply appreciate and be moved by music. It was thanks to a friend who was singing out of tune and insisted that I help him. I was convinced it’s impossible. 


Yet he persisted until I described to him musically what he’s doing when he sings out of tune, I described to him the context of music, and how singing out of tune is a result of a lack of perception of the context in which you’re meant to find those tunes. 


My friend was shocked and delighted to learn about this clarity that exists in music and, being the rigorous learner that he is, threw himself into acquiring this new understanding of music. Within a short time he not only was singing in tune but began appreciating music so much more, as if the doors of music suddenly opened for him, and he was finally able to experience what people see in this industry of sounds.

Why is Music Education Important?

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Music means so much to us for it represents something so real to us. What it is and how it is and why it is there are many good and bad attempts to explain. What’s for sure is that to lack it is to lack a full human life.


When music education means attempting to learn to play something successfully you may indeed find a lot of frustration and disappointment. When music education means learning to deepen your perception of music, it’s marvellous field of interaction, then you’ll find enrichment and growth.

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Music becomes meaningful and approachable by people who understand its language, the alphabet it plays with, the Lego blocks it builds with.

Music Awareness

It was that friend that brought to my awareness the lack of music awareness in people, who made me aware of how unique it is that I’m blessed to see it with such clarity, and about the tremendous lack of teachers who are able to give that over.


Since then I have adopted this necessary realisation in my teaching. I longer took for granted people’s understanding of these basics in music. I started to provide my students with as much musical context as possible. 


The results are unbelievable! There’s a child I’ve been learning with who not only was not musically talented , he was on the negative side when it comes to hearing or producing any music. Now he’s studying with me in-depth appreciation of Mozart sonatas , he’s started to compose, to play by ear. I pray to god that I may continue succeeding in that endeavour.

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