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Why Do Facial Yoga?!


If I told you that you could gain all of the face-firming, slimming, and tightening benefits of a facelift without ever going under the knife, would you believe it? Read on to learn how facial exercises can significantly help improve muscle tone and the science behind it.

Firstly, let’s look at why our faces change shape as we age. Understanding why can help you put effective solutions in place.


It starts in your thirties…


In your thirties, you start to see early signs of volume loss, mostly in the mid-face and chin area due to less collagen production, which continues into your forties. At that time, you lose deep fat mass around the mouth, chin and jawline. Skin loses elasticity, which causes sagging!


Bones don’t stay the same as we age. They migrate and lose mass. This loss of bone mass can contribute to sagging, loss of jawline definition amplified jowls and an unshapely neck.

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Building muscle in the face could potentially help keep fat — which might otherwise slide down with the pull of gravity.

Because bones change, widening eye sockets give a more sunken appearance. The angle of the bones beneath the eyebrows decrease, which contributes to frown lines, droopy lids and crows feet.


Luckily we can help restore fullness, encourage cellular turnover while plumping and tightening through simple facial exercises, massage & super food skin shots for internal support.

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In terms of the science and to answer the question you may be thinking – does Face Yoga actually work?!…


Dermatologists at Northwestern University have proven that Face Yoga can make you look 3 years younger in 20 weeks! Also, a study which was conducted by doctors using my method on the BBC1 show I appeared on “Twinstitute” showed that Face Yoga can make the skin look 1 year younger in 1 month.

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There are 57 muscles in your face tongue and neck! In your face alone, there are 42 individual muscles, which need working out!


Face exercises help improve muscle tone in the face and could theoretically help with gravity-related fat loss or redistribution on the face.Building muscle in the face could potentially help keep fat — which might otherwise slide down with the pull of gravity.


Why not experience the power of the DC (Danielle Collins) Facial Yoga Method! Book yourself onto Introduction to Facial Yoga Session.

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