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Why Do Live Online Classes Work?

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It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic forced everything into the virtual world, including learning. 


Even before the pandemic, live online classes revolutionized the way people learn, providing access to millions of other subjects you might not find in a traditional classroom.


So what’s the secret behind live online classes? How do live online classes work just as well as in-person ones?

Schedule and Learning Flexibility

The greatest perk to online classes is that you can work on homework, watch lectures, take quizzes, and do other tasks wherever you have a good internet connection. Students can learn from home in their pajamas, at the coffee shop, or even halfway around the world. 


With online learning, you can also control your learning environment. You could light your favorite candle during the lecture. Or you can privately play your favorite music as you participate in a classroom discussion forum. 


Students can also work on classwork in increments, making it incredibly easier on people with more hectic schedules. Online classes have proved especially popular among people who have full-time jobs, are caretakers, or travel a lot.


That also makes attendance more flexible. Sometimes, teachers might not even add attendance as part of your grade. 

Creative Communication Avenues

While nothing can replace an in-person classroom interaction, so many avenues for communication are available for online classes. 



For instance, a teacher can get creative with how they present material to their students. They can create unique PowerPoint presentations, edit lesson videos, interact with different learning and computer programs, and encourage students to play with technology.


Your teacher might also get creative with how they reach out to students. Some days you might find an email from your professor, and other days you might find a quick video message. Such interactions help keep students engaged and allow the teacher’s personality to show. 

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The truth is that online learning can literally happen anywhere, and classes can be about any subject.

Potentially Smaller Stress Levels

Online learning nixes several stressful aspects of higher learning. You don’t have to move anywhere, pay for housing, and you save on traveling expenses going to and from campus. 


That said, every person may struggle with different aspects of online learning. While online learning eliminates many stressful things, you might find it hard to acclimate to a completely online environment. On the other hand, you might like having that kind of flexibility and don’t need to feel physically close to your classmates to do good work.


Either way, you cannot deny that online classes streamline and simplify class preparation by a long way. 

More Diverse Topics for Learning

Some people relegate online learning as just for young or older adults in college. The truth is that online learning can literally happen anywhere, and classes can be about any subject.


Whether you’re looking to learn about a technical skill or a new hobby, odds are there’s a class for that. Remember the commercials for the Masterclass lectures? Sometimes you may find a celebrity or person in your field that you admire teaching a class. That way, you may have an easy, usually affordable means of learning from them. 

Online Classes Promote Student Autonomy

A really good online class redistributes power in the classroom. That is, when a student is sent to do an assignment, it relates to something that fits their own aspirations. 


If a student is asked to analyze something, they can choose something that interests them. Doing so makes the class more meaningful, and the flexibility of online learning may allot them more time to pursue those interests.

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