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Zumba Fitness for Weight Loss: 7 Health Benefits and Why It Works

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In a world obsessed with fad diets, detox teas, and starvation to lose weight quickly, it’s good to know that there are options out there that don’t involve eating cardboard or living off of protein shakes.


One such option is Zumba, but can dancing help you lose weight? The answer is: yes! Let’s explore why Zumba fitness for weight loss works and the health benefits associated with these classes.

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Zumba is beneficial because it gets you moving and increases circulation whilst burning fat at the same time.

What Is Zumba?

It is a Latin dance-inspired workout that has become ubiquitous in gyms since its 2001 inception. First, let’s look at what exactly Zumba fitness involves. You dance along to Latin music with a series of moves designed to tone your entire body.


It’s easy to do, great fun, and an effective workout that instructors can tailor to your needs. For example, you could take a Zumba fitness class specifically designed for weight loss or toning up. Many Zumba classes are led in conjunction with aerobic exercises, so the calories burned will depend on how much effort you put in during the routine.

What Are the Benefits of Zumba?

Burning fat is one of the main benefits of Zumba workout, but there are other positive side effects associated with this type of exercise.

1. Weight Management

Zumba increases your heart rate and boosts circulation and your metabolic rate. You are dancing after all! Dancing can burn up to 200-400 calories per hour, depending on how vigorous the dance moves are.

2. Stronger Bones

While this benefit is generally associated with aerobic exercises such as jogging or cycling, Zumba has improved bone density too, due to its weight-bearing nature.

3. More Energy

To no surprise, Zumba does give you more energy after the workout. It’s one of those ‘feel good’ exercises that can get your day going.

4. It’s Fun!

Let’s face it, if you enjoy doing an exercise, you are more likely to keep doing it. Who wants to spend hours on a treadmill when you could be having fun, toning up, and losing weight all in one go?


5. Improved Coordination

This type of exercise improves coordination and balance by increasing muscle strength. It also increases the speed at which your brain sends messages to your limbs.

6. Reduced Blood Pressure

Zumba is a great way to improve your heart health and reduce high blood pressure by strengthening your cardiovascular system. You may think that cardiovascular exercises involve strenuous jogging or running, but you’d be surprised!

A study carried out in 2013 concluded that Zumba was just as effective at reducing hypertension as aerobics classes were.  

With lower blood pressure, you decrease your risk of heart disease, stroke, and other conditions associated with poor cardiovascular health.

7. Improved Mood

As well as releasing endorphins during the workout session itself, Zumba improves your mood after you’ve finished too. Doing regular exercise can help improve mental wellbeing, which is great news for people feeling stressed or anxious every day at work. 

A study on the effects of different types of exercise on stress levels concluded that people who did Zumba had lower stress levels than those who jogged or walked. 

We sometimes call endorphins the ‘feel good hormones’ because they contribute to that wonderful feeling of contentment and happiness you get after exercising.


Why Is Zumba So Effective?

People love Zumba because there’s something about dancing to Latin-inspired music that brings out the best in everyone involved. It inspires them to wear bright colors and funky clothes while also having fun exercising at the same time.


Unlike other types of exercise, which can be quite strenuous, this type of dance workout has a lower impact on the body. You can go longer periods without causing pain or discomfort as long as you do it correctly. With proper form, it can help with lower back pain.


The great thing about doing Zumba is learning new styles and steps every week because there are always different songs playing to keep you interested.


You’re dancing along in small groups, so many people will often get competitive with themselves. Such a competitive streak helps them push themselves in their workouts each week.

Choosing a Zumba Class That Helps You Lose Weight

So, does Zumba help you lose weight? Because so many people want to lose weight by doing Zumba classes, some instructors have tailored their classes to help you burn as many calories as possible during the workout.


You may burn up to 500 calories in a 60 minute Zumba class. Pretty awesome news if you’re looking to lose weight.


Here are some tips that will help you pick a Zumba class for you.

1. Figure Out What Time Works Best for You

If you don’t have much time on your hands and want a quick workout session before work, you’ll need to hold yourself accountable to ensure your exercise routine sticks. Amphy courses are available on-demand, which makes it easy for you to fit them anywhere in your schedule. The only hard part for you is deciding when you want to work out.

2. Workout Environment

You’ll also need to think about how important music is in any given workout session. If fast rhythms keep you motivated and working out harder than slower tracks do, you’ll need to choose a class that features lively, upbeat songs.

3. Explore the Offerings on Amphy

Another great tip is to try out a Zumba class at home. There are tons of Zumba and Zumba-inspired classes on Amphy, and our instructors are constantly adding more. Try out a few to see which one you have the most fun with. This is important because finding an exercise you love doing makes it much more likely that you’ll stick at it.


The Bottom Line

Zumba is beneficial because it gets you moving and increases circulation whilst burning fat at the same time. Not only does Zumba aid weight loss, but it comes with other benefits.


Expect to work up a sweat while dancing along to the Latin tunes, which equates to an effective cardio workout. Some people find that Zumba can help them get fit quickly because it’s such fun. So buy some colorful pants and find a Zumba class that suits you.

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