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151 drawing ideas

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Are you trying to improve your drawing skills, or are you just bored and need something to put your mind into? This article is just the right place for you! From drawing something from your imagination to drawing what’s right in front of you, this article will provide you with 151 drawing ideas without any prior experience in drawing.


However, if you’re a beginner, you would want to take up a beginner drawing course to be equipped with the basic skills needed to draw the below prompts.

Commonly Asked Questions

Most drawing enthusiasts ask the following question:

How do you come up with a mood drawing idea?

Coming up with a good drawing idea takes a lot of work. You can start by drawing what’s in your immediate surroundings or something in your imagination.

What makes a drawing more interesting?

Although what makes a drawing interesting is completely personal, it depends on linework, creative use of color, and a compelling subject matter.

What makes a good drawing art?

For a drawing to be art, it needs to have an excellent form and composition. 

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Let your creative juices flow and embark on your artistic journey.

Drawing Ideas
  1. An imaginary building
  2. Capture various activities happening in a market
  3. Mythical gods like Zeus 
  4. Drawing that captures different parts of a machine
  5. Create a comedy comic of your own
  6. A cozy room
  7. Reflection of the sky on water
  8. Drawing of older people that you love and the wisdom they emit
  9. The clear sky with the moon and many stars
  10. Drawing of characters from your favorite movie or series
  11. Detailed drawing of a butterfly or any insect that you love
  12. Capture the activities happening in a farmhouse focusing on the farm animals
  13. Your favorite musicians on stage
  14. Turn ordinary objects into something in your imagination
  15. Different textures in one drawing

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  1. Capture activities happening in an aesthetic cafe
  2. Brick patterns on a wall
  3. Abstract drawing inspired by your favorite song
  4. Detailed drawing of a human face
  5. Drawing capturing the parts of a traditional machine like a cassette player or typewriter
  6. A beautiful garden with beautiful flowers and plants
  7. Snowflake
  8. Different famous places in your city like St. Basil Cathedral in Moscow
  9. Drawings of your family members 
  10. A beautiful waterfall
  11. Draw how you think we will move from one place to another in the future, for example, flying cars
  12. Detail the parts of a bird, like their feathers and beaks
  13. A beautiful treehouse amid a forest
  14. Showcase all four seasons on one piece of paper
  15. Draw how innocent and happy children are
  16. Various breeds of dogs in one picture
  17. Capture your interpretation of what time is and how fast it passes by
  18. Fantasy creatures like mermaids living underwater
  19. Capture the interpretation of what personal growth is
  20. Mandala drawing with different aspects of nature, like leaves and flowers
  21. Fashion styles over the years
  22. Imagination of how life would look like if humans lived in the sky
  23. Drawing that captures how technology and nature coexist with each other
  24. Capture the activities happening in an imaginative scenario like a zombie apocalypse
  25. The skyline of your city
  26. Drawing of women you love, like Malala, who have contributed to the world
  27. The earth globe
  28. A tea party with various animals
  29. Architecture styles throughout history
  30. Abstract drawing of various natural elements like water, fire, and air
  31. Drawings of your mentors in various fields like acting, technology, or music
  32. Capture your comfort elements like a comfort blanket or teddy bear
  33. Abstract drawing of your identity
  34. Capture the activities of a cultural celebration like Holi and how joyful it’s
  35. Various surface textures in detail, like the texture of tree barks
  36. Vintage cars
  37. Capture the activities happening at the beach, like people tanning and children building sandcastles
  38. Endangered species in their home
  39. Various animals in the winter season
  40. Draw a completely imaginative world
  41. A cozy reading place with a comfortable chair and a blanket
  42. Battlefield
  43. A cute cottage surrounded by flower gardens
  44. Close-up of any part of the body, like the eye
  45. The landscape of a desert with dunes and cacti
  46. Drawing of different people in different professions, for example, a pilot, a doctor, and a teacher
  47. What your interpretation of balance looks like
  48. An animal with its little one
  49. Sunset or sunrise
  50. A thunderstorm
Drawing Ideas
  1. Fantasy drawing for a children’s book
  2. How robots will look in the near future
  3. Social media applications logos

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  1. Detailed drawing of a fish
  2. Characters from your imagination taking inspiration from nature
  3. Fanart for a movie
  4. A magical forest with magical creatures
  5. Piece of art using mediums regular artists wouldn’t use
  6. Ancient ruins in your neighborhood
  7. Dining scenes in the 1950s
  8. A detailed drawing of a human organ like the heart
  9. Sustainable buildings
  10. Drawing of the seven wonders of the world
  11. Any tattoo that you would like to have on your body
  12. Lake setting
  13. Capture the essence of a dream you had last night or any that you vividly remember
  14. The different musical instruments in an orchestra
  15. Patterns derived by different calligraphy strokes
  16. Capture the essence of city life at night
  17. Different hairstyles
  18. Any specific tree species and highlight what makes it unique from other species
  19. Close-up of any animal that you like
  20. Drawing of a person doing different poses
  21. Your favorite food
  22. Your interpretation of what soulmates are
  23. A ballerina dancing
  24. Greeting card for any holiday of your choice
  25. A human skull
  26. Candy of your choice
  27. Side profile of someone
  28. Any mode of transportation like a bicycle or plane
  29. Draw the clouds in the sky above you
  30. Draw all the items in your study or dressing table
  31. Your favorite cup of coffee or tea
  32. A logo of your choice
  33. Dandelions
  34. Any piece of jewelry that is of interest to you
  35. A dream catcher
  36. Recreate any scene from a Disney movie of your choice
  37. Capturing the activities going on while friends or families are camping
  38. A family heirloom
  39. Capture the activities of children playing in a playground
  40. A detailed drawing of a dollar bill or a coin
  41. An advertisement for any product of your choice
  42. Capture the activities of the people at your workplace 
  43. Detailed drawing of a rock
  44. What’s inside your sewing box
  45. Rainbow
  46. A school’s hallways
  47. Your drawing supplies like pencils and erasers.
  48. What’s inside your cupboard
  49. Make a map of a fictional world
  50. Optical illusions
  51. Astronauts in space
  52. Your interpretation of how immigrants feel
  53. An ocean wave

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  1. A place that always brought you comfort
  2. Your dream wedding scene
  3. Any piece of furniture like a table or sofa
  4. Your favorite board game like chess or Monopoly
  5. An interesting artifact

Final Thoughts

With 151 drawing Ideas, you can let your creative juices flow and embark on your artistic journey. What are you waiting for? Draw away!

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