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11 Best Chess Apps to Learn and Play Chess

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You can learn the ancient game of chess quickly and easily using the best chess apps.


Chess has been around since before the 15th century. As a game for two, it helps to connect people through play. Each player has sixteen pieces that traverse the board, removing opponent pieces as they go. At first, this game seems simple, but it can be difficult for beginners to comprehend the full scope of this game. However, studying with the best chess apps can help. 


Strengthening your brain is just as important as strengthening your body with physical activity and nutrition. Chess can also play a role in several social situations, whether you want to make friends in a park or need games to play on zoom with students. The game can even make a great addition to a virtual happy hour.


If you are new to chess, it can feel like learning a whole new language. Like knowing how to learn a new language by yourself, it helps to have some study aids. There are many online applications you can use to help you become a chess master in no time. 


The best chess apps will teach you the basic rules, demonstrate complex strategies, and show you when you make mistakes. Read on to learn about the best chess apps that can help beginners and experienced players alike. 

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What Is the Best Method for Learning Chess?

In the modern world, most chess learners are self-taught. Some students read about strategy in books, watch videos, play with others, and learn using an online application. The best method will vary based on the person. However, it is a good idea to try a little of all the methods, and test your skills using an app.  


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How Long Does It Take To Learn Chess?

Everybody learns chess at a somewhat different pace. It does not take long to learn how the pieces move and some basic strategies. Many players can learn and apply the basics of chess in less than six months. It can take at least three years to become highly proficient at the game.  

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The best chess apps will teach you the basic rules, demonstrate complex strategies, and show you when you make mistakes.

What Are the Benefits of Learning Chess?

Chess teaches many skills. Some benefits include problem-solving skills, patience, critical thinking, creativity, concentration ability, and memory improvement. Knowing this game can also support math, science, and history ability. Some data suggests learning chess can improve IQ scores and stave off dementia.  


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Our List of the Best Chess Apps for You

1. Amphy

Amphy offers several chess courses for a range of experience levels. Some classes focus on openings, specific insights, middlegame, and endgame. These courses may cater to children, beginners, intermediate players, and advanced players. Some classes focus on strategy, while others examine theoretical games, tactics, and chess variations. 

2. is a popular chess app that lets you play with others across the globe. This application allows you to dissect your game using analytics. You can also take lessons, read articles, try puzzles, and watch videos. While there is a free version, the paid versions let you use more features.  

3. Play Magnus

Play Magnus comes from Magnus Carlson, the 16th World Chess Champion. The main feature of this chess app is the training program that includes puzzles, minigames, and videos from Carlson. You can purchase add-ons for this app, including complimentary apps. 


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4. Chess For Kids

While children can certainly use the other options on this list, Chess For Kids is a good choice for a child-centric option. This app may be for kids, but that does not mean the content is overly simplified. Beginner-level options exist and so do advanced classes. 

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5. Lichess

Lichess is an open-source chess app that lets you learn chess in many different ways. It lets you play blitz, classical, bullet, and correspondence chess. On top of those features, you can also get better thanks to statistics, analysis, and puzzles. Since this app is open source, it is free. 

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6. Really Bad Chess

Despite its name, Really Bad Chess can help you get really good at chess. This app is a little different than other options on this list. Instead of prioritizing memorization, this app encourages more intuitive playing. In the app, you play with rearranged boards.  

7. Chess Prime 3D

Chess Prime 3D is a good choice for a range of chess players. Beginners benefit from the helpful tips in the app, and intermediate and advanced players enjoy the aspects of the app that encourage experimentation. You can enjoy one and two-player options. 

8. Chess24

Chess24 has broad chess-related offerings, including playing against a computer and other people. You can use the app to analyze your games and discover new strategies. Other educational resources include interactive video lessons. There are a few different subscription levels for this app. 

9. Chess by Chess Prince

This app does not offer lessons in the same way as other options on this list. Instead, it allows you to learn by doing. You can play against a computer at 10 levels or against a friend. It also provides chess puzzles, which help you develop different elements of your game. 


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10. Follow Chess

Follow Chess helps you learn about chess by watching tournaments rather than playing yourself. This app lets you follow tournaments and analyze the moves. You can also re-play the games yourself. 

11. DroidFish Chess

DroidFish Chess is a free app version of the StockFish chess engine. You can use this app to play against a computer and analyze games. The app is also an ideal choice for learning openings in particular. 

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Final Thoughts 

Chess can be more than just a game, helping players with academics and everyday life skills. Anyone can learn this valuable game through different methods, including with apps. Any of the best chess apps can work for different players, depending on their experience level and learning style. 

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