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Benefits of Virtual Happy Hour +46 Ideas

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Keep your team connected through creative virtual happy hour ideas. 


If you’re looking for a unique way to stay connected with colleagues and friends, a virtual happy hour might be the perfect solution. A virtual happy hour allows you to bring everyone together in a space where they can bond, joke, and learn more about each other.


The benefits of hosting a virtual happy hour are many. They can help build relationships between colleagues or friends, improve communication, and create a sense of solidarity amongst teammates.


Like corporate gifts, virtual happy hours also have the potential to build morale, which can be beneficial for the overall productivity of teams.


Now that virtual happy hours are becoming popular, there are many creative ways to make them even better. In this article, we’ll provide a list of 46 virtual happy hour ideas that you can use with your team.


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How Do I Plan a Virtual Happy Hour?

Planning virtual happy hours can be a lot of fun. Here are some tips to make your virtual happy hour a success:


  1. Choose a virtual platform to use, such as Zoom or Skype.
  2. Invite everyone who you want to join the virtual happy hour.
  3. Set a time that works for everyone and stick to it.
  4. Have themed virtual happy hours – it could be a virtual costume party, holiday celebration, or game night.
  5. Decide on an interesting activity that everyone can participate in – use this article for ideas!
  6. Ask everyone to bring their favorite beverage or snack to the virtual happy hour.

How Do You Get Virtual Happy Hour on Zoom?

Using Zoom for virtual happy hours is easy. Here are simple steps to take:


  1. Create a Zoom account if you don’t already have one.
  2. Invite your guests to join the virtual happy hour by sharing a Zoom link.
  3. Create the virtual happy hour meeting by setting up a virtual room with video and audio capabilities.
  4. Once everyone is in the virtual room, you can start with activities.
  5. Enjoy the virtual happy hour!

How Do I Host a Virtual Happy Hour With Clients?

Hosting virtual happy hours with clients is a great way to build relationships and keep them engaged.


The same steps you’ll use to set up a virtual happy hour with colleagues are what you can use with clients.


The formality, theme, and intention behind the happy hour will depend on what type of clientele you have and what your business is. For example, if you’re a marketing agency, you may plan virtual happy hours centered around industry trends or virtual networking opportunities for clients.

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Now that virtual happy hours are becoming popular, there are many creative ways to make them even better.

virtual happy hour

Our List of 46 Virtual Happy Hour Ideas for You

Here’s our list of 46 virtual happy hour ideas you can use for your team (or even with friends)!

Trivia & Quizzes

#1 Amphy’s Trivia Game for Teambuilding – Work in groups and answer New Year’s questions.


#2 Boom Box Challenge – Play a musical trivia game.


#3 Time-Machine Trivia – Answer questions about the past.


#4 Virtual Beach Staycation – Answer travel-themed trivia while pretending you’re in Cancun.


#5 QuizBreaker – Test your knowledge about your coworkers to learn more about them.

Playful and Team-building Games

#6 The Go Game – Do a scavenger hunt.

#7 Laughter on Call – Enjoy the benefits of group laughter.

#8 Virtual Escape Room – Challenge yourself to a virtual escape room.

#9 Mystery Games – Solve a mystery together.

#10 Murder Mystery Game – Up the ante with a murder mystery.

#11 Do-Good Charity Games – Win points for doing good deeds and convert points into money for real charities!

#12 Team Pursuit – Try mental, physical, and skill-based team challenges.

#13 Puzzle Game Shows – Solve puzzles for less tech-savvy teams.

#14 Days of Wonder Online – Play immersive online games.

Food- and Drink-Centered Happy Hours

#15 Beer and Cheese Pairing – Bring your favorite beers and cheeses to the call.

#16 Recipe Swap – Swap your favorite recipes.

#17 Priority Wine Pass Virtual Tasting – Sip and discuss different wines.

#18 Drinking Games Bundle – Play drinking games virtually.

#19 Take Your Team to Paris – Drink wine, eat cheese, and tell stories.

#20 Ice Cream Float-Making Experience – Choose a tasty, non-alcoholic happy hour.

#21 Mixology and Spirits Tastings – Make your own drinks.

#22 Drunk History Game – Retell historical stories while tipsy.


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Free Virtual Games

#23 Skribbl – Guess each other’s drawings.

#24 Colonist – Play a Settlers of Catan alternative.

#25 Scattegories – Liven up the happy hour with this free classic category game.

#26 Retro Games – Bring back memories of retro arcade games like Tetris and Oregon Trail.

#27 GeoGuessr – Find clues to guess where you are in the world.

#28 Snap Camera – Turn a regular virtual happy hour into a hilarious one with these filters.

Free Classic Games

#29 Charades

#30 Simon Says

#31 Two Truths and a Lie

virtual happy hour

Unique Ideas

#32 Goat Guest Appearance – Have a live goat show up on the video call.

#33 Show Club – Instead of a book club, talk about your favorite TV shows.

#34 Decades party – Dress up like you’re from the ’60s, ’70s, or ’80s.

#35 Future Decades party – Dress up like you’re from the future and answer questions creatively.

#36 Secret Party – Try to guess each person’s secret after receiving their clue.

#37 Poetry Reading Happy Hour – Share your favorite famous poems or original poems.

#38 Cuddles and Cocktails – Invite your furry friends to the virtual happy hour.

#39 Talent Show – Perform virtual-friendly talents like singing, dancing, and poetry.

Discussion Ideas

#40 “What would be the most important rule in your life manual?”

#41 “What’s the best idea you’ve ever come up with?”

#42 “What are you most excited about right now?”

#43 “What are you most passionate about?”

#44 “What do you think is the greatest invention and why?”

#45 “What’s the most interesting fact about yourself?”

#46 “What have you accomplished that your younger self would be most proud of?”

Final Thoughts 

Now you know the benefits of hosting a virtual happy hour and have 46 fun ideas to choose from. Which one will you select for your next virtual event? Let us know in the comments!

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