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49 Coworker Gift Ideas

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Our co-workers are some of the most important people we spend time with, so when you get a good one, it’s important to let them know. A co-worker gift is a great way to let your colleagues know you appreciate them. Whether you’re searching for Christmas gifts for coworkers or gifts for bosses and supervisors, here are 49 co-worker gift ideas to get you started. 

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Remind your co-worker that they’re a breath of fresh air with a scented candle.

Add soap, lotion, and bath bombs to a box or bag for the perfect self-care kit for a brilliant co-worker gift.

Essential oils are an incredible way to relax and unwind.

Help your co-worker have the ideal night-in with a popcorn and seasoning kit.

No one likes cold feet. Get them a pair of socks to stay toasty warm.

You can never have too many blankets. These are ideal co-worker gifts.

Dried fruit is delicious and easy to share, making it the perfect co-worker gift that keeps on giving! 

Sometimes, a little extra bling is all it takes to brighten their day. A bracelet can put a smile on your coworker’s faces whenever they see this gift.

10. Motivational Book

When times are rough, a little motivation can go a long way. Pass along your favorite motivational book.

When times are rough, a little motivation can go a long way. Pass along your favorite motivational book.

11. Toiletry Bag

Toiletry and pencil cases are a great gifts for someone who is constantly trying to hold more than they can manage.

12. Chocolate 

There’s a reason a box of chocolates is a classic gift. It’s one of the best small gift ideas for coworkers. 

13. Potted Plant

Small desk plants are a great way to brighten up the space. These are especially good as work-from-home gifts.

14. Gloves

Numb fingers are especially bothersome when typing. A pair of gloves are great gifts for bosses.

15. Matching Shirts

Your co-workers should be your favorite team. Help promote camaraderie with matching shirts.

handing a woman a small gift

16. Wine Glass

Every Friday should end with a glass of wine. If it’s a work-from-home gift, happy hour can start as soon as you’re off the clock! 

17. Microwave Heat Pad

A heating pad is a small, thoughtful gesture for the women in your office. These are also ideal work-from-home gifts.

18. Bookmark

Make sure they never lose their place again with a bookmark. Bookmarks are perfect small gift ideas for coworkers.

19. Tea and Biscuit Board

What could be better than an afternoon spent with tea and biscuits? Get them a tea and biscuit board for transporting their goodies.

20. Coffee and Mug

For the highly caffeinated, get them their favorite coffee blend and mug. This is especially appreciated in the winter months, making them stellar Christmas gifts for coworkers.

21. Virtual Tour

Travelling is tough but you can do it right from your couch with a virtual tour from Amphy.

22. Crate and Barrel Gift Card

Sometimes, you just need to upgrade your space. A Crate and Barrel gift card as a co-worker gift will do the trick.

23. PaperWeight

Paperweights come in all shapes and sizes. Find one your co-worker will love.

24. Luxury Pen Set

If the pen is mightier than the sword, help them go to battle in style with a luxury pen set.

25. Funky Desk Lamp

A funky desk lamp might be just the co-worker gift needed to brighten up their space.

26. Nameplate

Make sure no one forgets their name again with an attractive nameplate.

27. Pocket Tool

We all know the irritation of trying to open a package with a pen. Get them a pocket tool instead so they have everything they need in one gadget.

28. Journal

Get them a journal where they can record their feelings instead of shouting them at the office (these are great gifts for bosses; maybe they’ll stop shouting at you!). 

29. Keychain

There are loads of cool keychains to choose from. As small gift ideas for coworkers, keychains won’t steer you wrong.

30. Calendar

Funny, cute, or clever, there’s a calendar for everyone.

quotation marks

Our co-workers are some of the most important people we spend time with, so when you get a good one, it’s important to let them know

31. Change Bank

Get them fun or funky change bank for their desk so they don’t have to deal with loose quarters rolling around their desk drawers.

32. Pen Holder

Get them a pen holder to prevent their tools from getting lost.

33. Headphones 

Noise-cancelling headphones can help reduce distraction and increase production. If you’re looking for a work-from-home gift, these are also fantastic for attending online meetings. 

34. Charger

Make sure they never lose contact again with a cell phone charger. Bonus points if it’s different than the standard size. 

35. Hat

Beanies and baseball caps can be the perfect accessory, inside the office and out. 

36. Desk Fan

Hot summer afternoons are bearable with a convenient desk fan.

37. Assorted Tea

Sometimes all you need is a hot cup of tea. Supply your co-worker with their favorite assorted tea flavors or get them a gourmet sample pack.

38. Bed Bath and Beyond Gift Card

Bed Bath and Beyond is the ultimate one-stop shop for all your personal needs. If you aren’t sure what they would like, a gift card will do the trick. 

39. Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases are great for hair and skin. Help them get the best night’s sleep with a silk pillowcase.

40. Mouse Pad

A leather mouse pad is just the thing to make their desk feel more luxurious and leave them scrolling smoothly.

41. Funny Poster

Laughter is the best medicine, so make sure they get a daily dose of it with a funny poster.

42. Guided Meditation

Meditation is proven to help relieve stress and sharpen the mind. Help them unwind with a meditation class on Amphy.

43. Wine Stopper

Get your co-worker a wine stopper. Just because it’s Monday doesn’t mean they shouldn’t save their leftovers.

44. Zen Garden

A mini Zen garden is a perfect way to de-stress. Plus, it makes your desk space for growth!

45. Stress Ball

If Zen gardens aren’t their thing, go with popular small gift ideas for coworkers and get them a stress ball.

46.  Desk Golf

Miniature golf seems to become more satisfying the smaller it is. They’ll be feeling like hitting the green with a mini desk golf set.

47. Adult Coloring Book

From mandalas to floral swear words, there’s an adult coloring book for everyone.

48. Roller Massage Ball

Reaching that knot that’s just behind the shoulder blade can be a pain. Help them pinpoint their stress with a roller massage ball.

49. Brain Teaser

Exercising the brain is an essential part of combating mental decline and promoting creativity. A brain teaser will get their noodle working.

adult colouring book with coloured pencils

How To Pick The Best Co-Worker Gift

Selecting the right gift for your co-worker comes down to knowing them well and showing genuine appreciation. As long as you let them know how grateful you are to have them around the office, you can’t go wrong.

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