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101 Employee Gift Ideas

Top List

Employee gifts are a great tool for boosting morale or welcoming a new employee. If you’re searching for the ideal employee appreciation gifts, check out these 101 ideas.

1. Meditation Class

Unwind with a meditation class on Amphy.

yoga and meditation gift card

2. Luxury Pen Set

Who doesn’t love writing in style? These are excellent new employee welcome gifts.

3. Mug and Coffee

Getting through a tough day is always easier with coffee.

4. Motivational Keychain

Support their morale with a motivational keychain.

5. Cool Desk Lamp

A cool desk lamp will brighten their day.

6. Tiny Fridge

Get them a tiny desk fridge for their favorite beverage.

7. Mini Zen Garden

Help them achieve calm with a mini zen garden.

8. Desk Water Feature 

Who doesn’t love the sound of a trickling stream?

9. Self-Care Basket

Load them up with their favorite sense, motions, and soaps.

10. Socks

No matter how many pairs you buy, one always goes missing.

a man wearing blue socks with oranges

11. Chocolates

A box of chocolates will satisfy any sweet tooth.

12. Personal Development Class

Help them build skills and gain confidence with a personal development class on Amphy.

13. Motivational Book

Encouraging words can do wonders for office morale.

14. Coin Bank

Give them somewhere safe to keep their hard-earned cash.

15. Wine Tumbler

Help them get the most out of their weekend with a wine tumbler.

16. Stress Ball

Work can be overwhelming, but you can help them manage the tension with a stress ball.

17. Desk Golf

It’s like mini golf but smaller.

18. Mouse Pad

A new leather mouse pad can make them feel like royalty.

19. Calendar

There’s nothing as disastrous as forgetting what day it is.

20. Charging Cable

No one should have to run on empty.

charging cable with marble design
quotation marks

These thoughtful gifts are sure to make your employees feel appreciated and valued

21. Nameplate

Guessing names can get uncomfortable.

22. Planner

Get them a planner so that they never forget another meeting.

23. Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Knowledge is the most valuable currency, so get them a Barnes & Noble gift card.

24. Paperweight

Get them a paperweight for those breezy afternoons.

25. Shirts

Short-sleeve or long-sleeve shirts are always a popular choice.

26. Potted Plant

Help them bring some life to the space with a potted plant.

27. Desk Fan

Summer afternoons shouldn’t be a miserable affair.

28. Assorted Tea

Get them all of their favorite flavors.

29. Desk Organizer

Equipped them with the tools they need to stay organized.

30. Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is an essential part of productivity.

orange, blue, and pink metal water bottles

31. Virtual Tour

There’s no hassle when travelling virtually.

32. Starbucks Gift Card

What office doesn’t run on caffeine?

33. Pencil Bag

Make sure no one else runs off with their favorite pen or pencil with a pencil bag.

34. Adult Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are perfect for the team with colorful language.

35. Roller Massage Ball

Work out the kings with a roller massage ball.

36. Brain Teaser

Brain teasers are a great way to boost creativity.

37. Popcorn and Seasoning

Give them a perfect night in with some popcorn and seasoning. 

38. Blankets

Blankets are a great selection for anyone.

39. Amazon Gift Card

Give them an opportunity to treat themselves with an Amazon gift card.

40. Meat and Cheese Platter

Who said treats had to be sweet? Get them a savoury meat and cheese platter.

charcuterie board

41. Umbrella 

Keep your team dry with an umbrella.

42. Jacket

A warm jacket is a thoughtful gesture for your employees.

43. Scented Candles

Keep their homes smelling fresh.

44. Lip Balm

If your office is particularly dry, pass out some lip balm.

45. Tablet Sleeve

If your employees work off of tablets often, get them an attractive tablet sleeve.

46. Yoga Mat

Encourage healthy habits with a yoga mat.

47. Desk Vacuum

Keep the keyboards crumb-free with a desk vacuum.

48. Movie Tickets or Gift Card

Treat them to a night out with movie tickets or a gift card.

49. A Day Off

Sometimes the best thing you can give them is a break.

50. Cupcakes

Order something fresh from a local bakery.

three cupcakes in a row

51. Bumper Stickers

Encourage them to show off their personalities.

52. Flowers

Send them something colorful to brighten their day.

53. Headphones 

Prevent distractions with noise-cancelling headphones.

54. Slippers

Pamper their feet with a pair of slippers.

55. UV Sanitizer 

Help them stay safe with a UV sanitizer.

56. Hotel Gift Card

For the employee that often travels, treat them to a suite.

57. Board Games

Games are a great way to connect.

58. Touch Screen Gloves

Don’t let their fingers freeze.

59. Tile Tracker

For the employee that always loses their keys, get them a tile tracker.

60. Reusable Tote

The environmentally conscious will appreciate a reusable tote. The best thing is, they can be customized with either a company logo or a team symbol for an extra personal touch.

reusable tote

61. Coffee Mug Warmer

There’s nothing worse than taking a drink of cold coffee.

62. Laptop Bag

Give their old bag an upgrade.

63. Mascot Plush

If your company has a mascot, consider having it made into a plush toy for your employee’s desks.

64. Hats

Hats are a useful and thoughtful item.

65. Neck Pillow

Sometimes we could all use a nap.

66. A Novel

If your coworkers are bookworms, they’ll likely greatly appreciate a novel.

67. Herb Garden Starter Pack

Employees with a green thumb with love and herb garden starter pack.

68. Audible Subscription 

Encourage your employees to read more with an Audible subscription.

69. Scarf

Employees shouldn’t have to work cold.

70. Himalayan Salt Lamp

A Himalayan salt lamp is perfect for employees that just want to unwind.

salt lamp

71. Bluetooth Keyboard

Make wires a thing of the past in your office.

72. Spa Treatment 

For a true taste of luxury, get your employees a spa treatment.

73. Digital Photo Frame

Save space with a digital photo frame.

74. Company Retreat

Spend some quality time with your coworkers.

75. Drink Mixer

Every office has an amateur bartender.

76. Concert Tickets

Music brings people together.

77. Hoodie

Make casual Friday more comfortable with a hoodie.

78. Made Up Holiday

Have your team pick one day a year to make up a ridiculous holiday.

79. Staff Appreciation Award

Appreciation awards are a little cheesy, but it’s fun to be recognized.

80. Food Truck Voucher

If your town has popular local food trucks, invest in a voucher for each of your team members.

woman at a food truck

81. Meal Kit

Get your employees a subscription to a meal kit.

82. Donation

Make a charitable donation on behalf of your team.

83. Sunglasses

A stylish pair of sunglasses is a great gift.

84. Wireless Mouse

No one likes shoving the mouse wire out of the way.

85. Acupressure Mat

Give them a unique way to de-stress.

86. Desk Clock

Being on time is crucial to productivity

87. Biscotti Basket

Every coffee needs a companion.

88. White Noise Machine

There’s always someone who can’t think when it’s too loud.

89. Lap Desk

For the employee that is doing work from home, get them a lap desk.

90. Dry Erase Board

A to-do list should always be in plain sight.

91. Lawn Games

Give your employee a lawn game at the next company picnic.

92. Foot Spa

If they can’t take their whole body to the spa, send their feet instead.

93. Bonsai Kit

Taking care of a bonsai tree is very therapeutic.

94. Humidifier 

Keep them comfortable with a humidifier.

95. Streaming Subscription 

Binge-watching Netflix is a popular pastime.

96. Personalized Sticky Notes

Help them get the point across with personalized sticky notes.

97. Pin

A beautiful pen can help remind them of their worth. Pins are typically great gifts for an employee’s anniversary.

98. A Bonus

Responsible employers make sure their employees are paid their worth.

99. Coffee Maker

Help your employees cut down on expensive coffee to-go.

100. Magnetic Dart Board

Get the team a magnetic dartboard for all the fun and none of the danger.

101. Virtual Exercise Class

Taking care of your employees also means taking care of their well-being. You can find a great selection of exercise classes on Amphy for everyone.  

magnetic dart board

The Best Employee Gifts

The best employee gifts are the ones that show your team how much you appreciate their generous contribution to your company. Make sure to include a note and a smile. If you need more ideas, check out Amphy for great experiences for your team, or a little something for you. 

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