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101 Corporate Gift Ideas 2024

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Corporate gifts are serious business, requiring a keen balance between being considerate and professional. It’s often a cause of great stress, leading to last-minute disasters like branded tote bags or copies of the latest self-help book that will inevitably wind up in a desk drawer.


When you’re in the market for something to show how much you value your employees, our list of the 101 best corporate gift ideas is the curated resource you’ve been looking for. These wow-worthy options include everything from informative online classes to delectable snack collections. 

Let’s get started!

Practical Corporate Gift Ideas

Finding the right balance between personal and practical can be challenging, especially when dealing with a professional relationship. Branding and personalization is often the best option for adding a little something special to an otherwise pragmatic corporate gift. 


If you go the practical route, which consists mainly of “traditional” options like mugs and stationary, it’s bound to attract more attention when combined with a related, higher-end accompaniment. 


For example, consider packaging a mug with a bag of artisanal coffee beans, a desktop warming plate, and specialty syrups. 

gift card for amphy that says 'learn anything'

Gift Cards

One of the best corporate gifts for employees is gift cards because they give the receiver the option of choosing their gift– ensuring no one’s disappointed. 


While they’re sure to be very grateful for the present, include a personalized note expressing your appreciation. It’s a great way to say, “Thank you for everything you do.”


One thing to keep in mind is that you should personalize your gift card choices according to the person you’re shopping for. It might take a little extra time, but it also avoids the awkwardness of handing an Apple gift card to a die-hard Android fan. 


12. Amphy Virtual Experiences



13. Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm


14. Tandem Coffee Roasters


15. Drizly 


16. Airbnb


17. Amazon


18. Coolhaus


19. Barnes and Noble


20. Audible


21. GlobalGiving


22. Staples 


23. Poketo


24. Bed, Bath, & Beyond


25. Etsy


26. SpaFinder


27. Alo Moves

quotation marks

Corporate gifts are serious business, requiring a keen balance between being considerate and professional

Self-Care Essentials

Show your employees that you care about more than just their productivity with thoughtful, self-care corporate gifts. Whether you choose an excellent selection of scented candles or a cozy comfort like a fleece blanket, your employees will cherish the display of gratitude.


Be careful not to imply that your employee seems stressed or tired unintentionally. You can avoid this faux pas by including a note about this gift in recognition of their dedication to the team’s success and willingness to go above the call of duty.


28. Scented Candles


29.  Spa Gift Set


30. Essential oil diffuser 


31. House cleaning gift certificate


32. Self-Care Package


33. De-Stress Gift Box Set


34. Fleece blanket


35. Gillette Heated Razor Starter Kit


36. Amphy Planning Your Day 


37. Hatch Restore Sound Machine 


38. Origin’s Skincare Collection


39. An extra day of PTO


With the advent of digital technology comes a cornucopia of corporate gifts for employees that prefer to spend their days immersed in all things online. While some higher-end tech corporate gifts for employees can be expensive, plenty of in-budget options will make their workday more pleasant.


When choosing a digital device or the latest innovative technology, think about who the person is outside the job. Portable chargers and cord organizers are perfect for jet setters, while the indoor garden kit is a great gift for those with a green thumb. 

40. Portable power bank


41. Tile Bluetooth tracker


42. Wireless headphones


43. Blue light glasses


44. Amazon Echo Dot


45. Ebook reader 


46. Bose Frames Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses


47. Smart alarm clock


48. LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle


49. Biometric lock box 


50. Belkin Magnetic Phone Mount with Face Tracking 


51. Smart Diffuser Lamp


52. Cord and wire organizer


53. Moleskine Smart Writing Kit 


54. Click and Grow Smart Garden


55. Lume Cube 2.0 Portable Lighting Kit


56. Asobu Cold Brew Bottle

an amazon echo on top of stack of books

Luxury and Premium Selections

For significant events, like promotions or departures, it’s worth splurging on a premium, tasteful token of your appreciation. While classic options include a watch or a personalized pen set, you can take corporate gifting into the modern era with these inspiring ideas:


57. The latest generation of iPad


58. Azio Retro Retro Mechanical Keyboard


59. A leather briefcase or tote bag 


60. A round of golf with friends and lunch at a local restaurant 


61. Dacasso Leather Desk Accessory Set 


62. Kermstood Decanter Globe and Whiskey Glasses


Sweet and Savory

It’s hard to go wrong with high-end, luxury snacks when it comes to the best gifts for corporate employees. Just be sure to keep food allergies and dietary preferences in mind as you make your selection. 


63. Brown Butter Bourbon Caramels


64. Sugarfina Bakeshop Collection


65. Milk Bar Assorted Cookie Tin


66. Righteous Felon Savory Jerky Bundle


67. Hickory Farms Thank You Charcuteries & Sweets Gift Box with Wine


68. Williams Sonoma Cheese Board Set


69. Thoughtfully Gourmet Coffee House Dessert Collection


70. The Tea Break Tea Set


71. Heaven’s Door Trilogy Whiskey 


72. Crafty Cocktail Kit



73. Hot Sauce of the Month Club


74. XOMarshmallow S’more Party Kit 


75. Spoonful of Comfort Corporate Gift Basket


76. Bean Box Coffee + Chocolate Tasting Box


77. Williams Sonoma Tour de France Crate


78. Dana’s Bakery Seasonal Variety Macarons


79. Truff Variety Hot Sauce


80. Baked by Melissa You’re Doing Great Cupcakes 


81. Brightland Alive Extra Virgin Olive Oil 


82. Packed with Purpose Positive Vibes Snacks 


83. Martha Stewart Italian Dinner Basket


84. Laumiere Superfood Parfait Square


Desktop Accessories and Decor

For many employees, their desk is their personal zone of comfort and focus. You can spruce things up with a charming piece of decor, ergonomic device, or entertaining toy that will bring a little cheer to their work routine.


85. Coffee warming plate


86. Potted succulent


87. Vintage dart board


88. Ergonomic chair cushion and



89. Mousepad and wrist rest


90. All-in-One Organization Vault


91. Eyeglasses holder


92. Personalized nameplate


93. Whimsical planters


94. Desktop terrarium


95. Multi-tool Box of Wonders


96. Valet tray 


97. Workday Wellness Pack 


98. Multitasky Minimalistic Spa Designer Humidifier Lamp


99. Affirmators! Daily Affirmation Cards 


100. Smartphone Stand 


101. The Decision Maker Paperweight 

Wrap Up

Take the worry out of corporate gifting by choosing thoughtful presents that show you took the time to consider who the employee is on both a personal and professional level. 


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