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31 Best Gift Cards for Men

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Men hate being told they are hard to shop for. They do not believe that they are. But it can be hard to pick the right thing for your husband, dad, brother, or friend. First, decide if you want to be practical and give him something he can use, or do you want to splurge and give him something to enjoy.


We have put together this list of 31 most popular gift cards for men. Whether you want to help him get a good shave or splurge on something like a skydiving session, you will find the best gift cards for men in your life to enjoy here.

1. Amphy

Let him learn new skills with Amphy. With live classes for learning different skill sets, he can make a better version of himself with your help.

2. Huckberry

Whether he needs some grooming things, a new pair of shoes, or new camping gear, he will be able to find it at Huckberry.

3. Uncommon Goods

If he likes anything from gadgets to cuff links, he will find something he will love here.

4. Home Depot

If he loves working with his hands, you can’t go wrong with a gift card from Home Depot. They have tools, paint, hardware, and everything else in between. It’s DIY Heaven.

5. GameStop

Gift cards for men ideas are easy to come up with if the recipient is a gamer. Whether he likes the latest games or is into something more retro, he will love redeeming a gift card from GameStop.

6. Chicago Steak Company

Is the man in your life a carnivore? A lot of guys like a good steak or a great burger. Give him the ability to pick the perfect piece of meat for his grill!

7. Cigars International

Some guys feel classy relaxing with a good cigar. And whether he wants to stock up on a bunch of $2 stogies or go all out with one of their $200 choices, he can find both at Cigars International.

8. MeUndies

He probably will not ask for underwear as a gift, but he will appreciate it. And at MeUndies he can get a whole new set of everyday boxers or try something new.

9. Barnes & Noble

He is a busy guy and does not take much time to relax. But when he does, you want him to have something good to read. With a Barnes & Noble gift card, he can browse the stacks at the nearest location or buy something on their website.

10. Netflix

Does he like movies and TV? You can not go wrong with a subscription to Netflix. New and classic films, hundreds of TV series, and a catalog of originals are waiting for him.

11. Adrenaline

If he’s a thrill seeker, he will probably enjoy a chance to get his blood pumping. Adrenaline can help him do that by taking him skydiving!

12. Fathead Wall Decals

Help him decorate his space with some of his favorite sports figures or graphics. Fathead makes custom vinyl decals that stick right on the wall and leave no damage when you remove them.

13. Ticketmaster

Has he ever complained about not being able to afford tickets to a game or concert while it is in town? A gift card from Ticketmaster puts that access in his own hands.

14. Beer of the Month Club

If he likes trying new things, let him pick up a few new brews every month. They specialize in artisanal microbrews, and each bottle is selected by experts every time.

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If he likes anything from gadgets to cuff links, he will find something he will love here.

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15. True Classic

He probably likes to be comfortable. You do not get more comfortable than wearing a t-shirt from True Classic.

16. Heatonist

Some like it hot. If he wants the spiciest hot sauce like The Last Dab or Da Bomb, he will love Heatonist!

17. Best Buy

Let him get the latest in electronics, games, movies, music, and more.

18. NFL Shop

If he’s ready for some football, send him here. He can get a jersey, posters, or even a football autographed by some of the legends.

19. Dollar Shave Club

This is another of the good gift cards for men that will surely come in handy for a good shave. And if he likes it, he can get a subscription and have new razors delivered to him every month.

20. Blue Apron

If he likes spending time in the kitchen, he will love whipping up a Blue Apron recipe.

21. Airbnb

Take him on a trip, but let him pick the destination and the accommodations with an Airbnb gift card!

22. Harley-Davidson

If he wants to buy a hog or get a jacket so he looks like he has one, he’ll like this card!

23. Zappos

If he needs a new pair of shoes or boots but doesn’t want to spend time shopping for them, he can use Zappos. There you’ll find a big selection and hassle-free shopping.

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24. Bass Pro Shops

Hunting, fishing, boating, and more are what you’ll find at Bass Pro Shops. Enjoy the atmosphere of the store or the ease of the website.

25. Dave and Busters

You can’t bean Dave and Busters for a great night out. They have great food, cold beer, and hundreds of games to pick from. He can let his inner kid out to play!

26. Men’s Warehouse

If he needs some new threads, you can help him clean up nice with a chance to shop at Men’s Warehouse.

27. Uber

Sometimes a guy just needs a ride. Help him out by giving him an Uber gift card. He can also use it for Uber Eats!

28. Etsy

There’s a lot of stuff for guys on Etsy. A custom wallet or belt, whiskey glasses, pool balls, and more! There are hundreds of shops that he will get lost in for hours.

29. Disney Plus

It’s not just for kids. Disney Plus is loaded with all of the Star Wars films and TV shows, as well as almost every title from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

30. Starbucks

Sometimes the best gift you can give someone is a cup of joe!

31. Amazon

Sometimes the classics are the best. There almost isn’t anything you can’t buy at Amazon.

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