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8 Most Thoughtful Gifts 2024

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The Gift of Learning​ with Amphy

One of the most thoughtful gifts a person can receive is the gift of learning! With a customized Amphy Gift Card, you can give that gift to a loved one today.


Amphy has a class for everyone and a gift for everyone. You can choose from a massively diverse list of live classes to enrich your life and expand your horizons. The classes are live and interactive and create a whole new type of engagement experience.

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How do we find gifts that express thoughtfulness and care to our loved ones?

The topics range across nearly every field of interest. A few of the most popular areas are:


-Language & Culture – Take private and group classes in nearly any language and at any proficiency level.


-Fitness & Wellbeing – Explore private and group classes on everything related to fitness and health, including fun topics like hula-hooping, meditation, group yoga, or nutrition basics.


-Food & Drink – Check out our private and group classes on topics like third-generation coffee brewing, making cocktails, wine tasting, pasta making, and more.


By giving your loved ones a customized gift card, you can leave the choice of class and theme up to them! What more thoughtful gift than helping someone invest in themselves?

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The Gift of Food

Meal kits are all the rage right now, and gifting someone a meal kit is an incredibly thoughtful gift. Here are a few of the most popular types of meal kits or food subscriptions: 

– Meal Prep Kits: These subscription boxes send all the ingredients and a recipe card for 3-6 meals each week. 

– Prepared Meal Boxes: This is an incredibly thoughtful gift for a loved one who just doesn’t have time to prepare meals. 

– Produce Boxes: These boxes deliver amazing produce right to your door and help reduce waste in the food supply chain.

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The Gift of Skincare

Whether a subscription box or a one-time gift, skincare gifts are always in season. Not everyone can regularly splurge on high-quality skincare, but the holidays are a perfect time to say, “Give yourself the BEST!”

You can find any number of gift options for excellent skincare products. Shop at great skincare lines and look for small gift packages, or look for skincare subscription services. You can give someone six months to a year of great skincare with a subscription.

You can also package in a class or two on Amphy to help them learn how to use the products! Try searching our Fashion & Beauty classes for ideas.

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The Gift of a Smart Home

Tech gadgets are always popular gifts during the holiday season. But a lot of them just end up falling out of use after a few weeks of novelty.


Instead, give a fun tech gadget that doubles as a practical home solution. The modern home is getting smarter, and you can get your loved ones in the game with gifts like the Amazon Echo, Google Home, Sonos speaker, Nest safety solutions, or even a portable home projector.


We’ve all learned to spend more time at home this past year – and having your home connected is becoming an absolute must.


The Gift of Music

Got a music lover on your gift list? Consider buying them an experience instead of a material item. Give the gift of music by purchasing concert or event tickets.


Like movie theaters, the world is beginning to open back up with concerts, plays, opera, symphonies, and more. Buy two tickets to an upcoming event and gift them to a loved one. Then they can enjoy their favorite activity with a friend – and maybe they’ll bring you as their plus one!

The Gift of Reading

Many people have rediscovered the gift of reading in the past year. As we all went on lockdown, some people had time to sit with a good book, a magazine, or even an audiobook.


If you have a friend or family member who loves reading, give them the gift of reading! You can buy them a new top-selling book, a magazine subscription, or an Audible membership. Whether they prefer listening to audiobooks, reading an e-book, or holding a physical book copy, you can choose from so many different gifting options.

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The Gift of Treating Yourself

Sometimes the most thoughtful gift is the one that lets someone buy things for themselves! Many people may not treat themselves regularly, or they might be so focused on others they don’t get what they need. For any loved one, a customized gift card is a way to say, “You deserve to care for yourself!”


Some of the best gift cards could include:

-An Amazon gift card
-A gift card to a local massage or spa
-A gift card for beauty or self-care products
-A Starbucks gift card or gift card to their favorite coffee shop


For that friend or family member who never thinks of themselves, give the gift of self-care.



As we all plan for the 2022 holiday season, coming up with thoughtful gifts is top of mind. The past year has been mentally, emotionally, and physically challenging for everyone. So, finding a gift with an extra dose of thoughtfulness can go a long way.

Use our carefully curated list of the eight most thoughtful gifts for the 2021 holidays to find your holiday gifts. Or, just choose from a selection of Amphy’s most popular classes to give the gift that keeps on giving: learning something new!

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