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Team Building


Team building is an important aspect when you are working at the workplace, as per oxford dictionary “team-building” is the process of encouraging a group of people to work well together as a team by having them take part in activities and games. The program focuses on team building, leadership development and community service, and team-building activities/exercises/skills. 

In order to understand the knit and grit of a team and how to build it, we first shall see the factors that you or a team leader should incorporate, a team leader is not necessarily the man who is the most experience or is at a gazetted post but one who has the following qualities first is leadership- the soul quality that differentiates a member from the leader in the quality of leadership, the driving force which leads the members of the team.

Just like the CEO is the driving and the motivating force for the members of the company and teams of respective departments, people try to align their goals with the goals of the company.

The furious groan that develops from the gut and emerges through the lips as leaders explain the exercise is familiar to anyone who has ever been forced to participate in-office team-building activities.


There is a wave of jeers and mocking snorts at the mere mention of a trust fall. Books and films make fun of it. The workers detest it. Why then do so many businesses host team-building events?

And the answer is; because they are effective. When a group bonds, oxytocin is released, a brain hormone that causes feelings of love and joy. When team-building activities go according to plan, your staff will genuinely want to interact. And that’s advantageous because they’ll be in each other’s company for at least forty hours.


One of the main factors influencing a candidate’s decision to apply for one job over another is now the company culture. The days of taking the first job that was offered and working there until retirement are long gone. Living a miserable job is a waste of time.


Why do so many employees resist participating in team-building exercises when it is such a crucial component of creating a workplace environment where people want to work? Perhaps because, despite the desirable outcome, the activities are largely pointless. Participants experience their own awkwardness since they are either drained and bored or just plain awkward.

Start with Little Steps

Nobody wants to be forced into difficult activities with someone they don’t know well, especially if they call for letting go of inhibitions. Start off modestly and let people get to know one another through some social activities so that they can start to establish some bonds.


One of the more well-known games is actually a smart idea during this stage. When most participants are aware of the regulations, they will feel comfortable participating in the activity. They’ll be more likely to join enthusiastically if they have more confidence.

Salt and Pepper and Truth and Lies are two of the games that are more well-liked. Both activities promote interaction among all participants, ensuring that nobody feels excluded. In the first, Truth and Lies, each participant shares two truths and one falsehood about their lives. And the other has to determine the false statement.

quotation marks

Why do so many employees resist participating in team building exercises when it is such a crucial component of creating a workplace environment where people want to work? Perhaps because, despite the desirable outcome, the activities are largely pointless.

Move Ahead

Your actions can go a little above the norm once everyone has had a chance to get to know one another. The creative side of your team members may come out at this moment.


Making a coat of arms is a well-liked team-building activity that fosters creativity and improves comprehension of your business and culture. List the numerous components of the coat of arms and specify which scene belongs in which component. First, you may invite the group to create and color an illustration that embodies your company’s identity. Next, state your values or mission. The existing corporate culture, how people view the leadership, and the future vision might all be included in other parts.


Make Impact

You can always volunteer for a nearby nonprofit organization if your team won’t appreciate games and “fun” activities owing to their personalities or because of the true culture of your business.


Consider participating in community service initiatives like gardening, building houses, or working with food pantries. The secret is to plan an activity where your team members cooperate to achieve a common objective. It might even have a significant influence if you can make it meaningful.

Keep in Mind

Activities for team building are disliked since they are frequently carried out ineffectively. For introverts or those who are unfamiliar with one another, the lack of a warm-up or build-up can make the experience challenging and unpleasant. They may have the opposite effect and cause people to feel uncomfortable or excluded rather than fostering team cohesion (especially if they favor existing skills that not everyone has).


Effective team building activities are more about reading the room, knowing your group, and coming up with activities that stretch people to get to know one another better while also stepping beyond of their comfort zone.

Keep a watch on individuals who resolutely refuse to participate in the fun if you’re a team leader or manager, and utilize their lack of excitement as a teaching moment.

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