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51 Team Building Activities for Savvy Office Workplaces

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Team building activities are a smart investment. They encourage effective communication, trust, and collaboration between team members. Team building activities for work can even boost your bottom line. Here’s a comprehensive list of fun activities you can do with your team to encourage bonding.

Our Top Picks 

If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, consider these fun and memorable experiences.

1. The Best of Bingo Bash! Team Building

Amphy’s The Best of Bingo Bash! Team Building game is a nostalgic, fun way to break the ice. This game transports your team back to the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, and 2010s and lets your team reminisce about the good times while playing bingo.

2. Team Building Activity: Vision Board Workshop

One of the best ways to encourage camaraderie within your team is to have them realize their highest potential. Amphy’s Vision Board Workshop does just that by bringing a creative element to your team and helping them define their goals and vision for the year.

3. Inner-Strength Building and Self-Growth

Amphy’s Inner-strength Building and Self-growth comprehensive course will help build self-esteem in your team members. It’ll also help your team understand themselves better and motivate them to self-evolve every day.

Best for Remote Teams 

Remote and hybrid teams can have fun, too! These activities are fully online and perfect for virtual bonding.

4. Name, Place, Animal, Thing – Virtual Team Building

Want to bring out the inner child within your team members? Get your team back to their roots with this classic kid’s game, Name, Place, Animal, Thing

5. Team Building: Scattergories Game

The classic party game is now virtual! Scattergories is an exciting way to get your team talking and perhaps discover hilarious facts about one another. 

6. Team Building – Magic Show

Everyone enjoys mind-boggling illusions. So why not bond with your team over an impressive Magic Show?

7. Lost in the Jungle – Team Building

Eventually, your team members will need to solve problems together. Test their team cooperation skills with this Lost in the Jungle bonding activity.

8. Virtual Office Olympics

Some people need a little friendly competition to motivate them and a Virtual Office Olympics is the perfect way to do so.

9. Team Bonding in the Kitchen!

In this Teambonding in the Kitchen! virtual class, everyone on your team can cook together from the comfort of their own kitchens. And, of course, enjoy some delicious food.

10. Team Bonding: Develop Your Collaboration Skills

This fun team-building activity will help Develop Your Collaboration Skills with other team members. 

11. Virtual Campfire Activities

Working remote but want to have a bonfire experience with your team? These simple Virtual Campfire Activities can be done over Zoom and video chat and include activities like ghost stories and s’mores-making.

Best for Introducing the Team 

These unique activities will help your team learn more about each other. 

12. Get To Know Ya! Virtual Team Building Game

In this Get To Know Ya! workshop, you’ll get to know each other by learning about each other’s stories. 

13. Ultimate Team Building Game

This Ultimate Team Building Game is unique because it’s fully customizable to your individual team members. 

14. Make Your Own Potstickers Class

It’s not every day that you get to Make Your Own Potstickers. Learn how to make delicious potstickers with your team and encourage a collaborative mindset. 

15. Competitive Mini Games Extravaganza

Take a little break from work and get to know each other with some Competitive Mini Games Extravaganza over Zoom. 

16. Song Showdown: Team Music Game

Encourage your team to connect over their favorite songs in a Song Showdown: Team Music Game

17. Team-Building Yoga

Between all the competitive and high-energy team bonding, it’s always a good idea to bring it down a notch. Create a relaxed environment for your team with some Team-building Yoga

18. TV Game Show-down

Is your team in need of an energy boost? Host a live TV Game Show-down to bring the energy back to your team bonding activities.

19. Coat of Arms

How well does your team know each other? This Coat of Arms exercise will give your team members the opportunity to introduce themselves and learn something new about each other.

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Team building activities encourage effective communication, trust, and collaboration between team members.

Best for Free

Team building doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some free activities you can do with your team. 

20. Understanding and Improving Team Culture Course

This free Understanding and Improving Team Culture Course will help your team learn how to boost efficiency. 

21. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Host a simple Virtual Scavenger Hunt for a fun way to boost camaraderie as they complete various challenges.

22. Water Drinking Challenge for Virtual Teams

Promote healthy habits in your team members with a virtual Water Drinking Challenge

23. Typing Races

Have a need for speed? Host Typing Races to not only see who are the fast typers, but also encourage those to improve their typing skills.. 

24. Healthy Eating Challenge

There is always time to promote healthier lifestyles within the workplace. Take on a Healthy Eating Challenge together with your team. 

25. Online Team Fitness Classes

Try a free Online Fitness Class with your team and get moving!

26. Reading Challenge

Sometimes, we need to give our eyes a rest from digital screens. Encourage unity by introducing a Reading Challenge to your team… 

27. Low-Tech Social Network

Connection and communication are key in the workplace. Encourage it through a Low-tech Social Network.

Best for in a Meeting

Try out these activities while you have everyone in the room together. 

28. Island Retreat – Team Building & Meditation

Recreate an Island Retreat experience by relaxing and destressing with this guided meditation. 

29. Building an Emergency Fund

Learn a thing or two with your team about Building an Emergency Fund and other financial tips.

30. Supercharge Your Team

Supercharge Your Team with a private group session that will teach you how to unite your team toward the big picture and increase your productivity.

31. Team-Building: Learn Russian, Laugh, and Have Fun!

Encourage your team to keep an open mind by learning Russian together. 

32. Make ’Em Laugh! Joke Writing Workshop

Laughter is contagious, so spread it within your team through a Make ‘em Laugh! Joke Writing Workshop and laugh together.

33. Storytelling & Creativity Challenge for Teams

Increase your team’s communication skills with this interesting Storytelling & Creativity Challenge for Teams.

34. Networking 101

This Networking 101 course will give your team the skills they need to build lasting business relationships. 

35. Introduction to First Aid

Learn the basics of safety and First Aid to build trust in your workplace. 

Best for Outdoor Activity 

Physical activity can help your team bond. Step out of the office and get some fresh air with these activities. 

36. Outrageous Games

Create team spirit with these fast-paced Outrageous Games

37. The Donation Station

Get your team focused on giving back to the community by collaborating with The Donation Station

38. Summer Camp Throwback Team Building Activity

Bond with your team while playing some nostalgic Summer Camp Throwback Team Building Activities.

39. The Big Picture

The Big Picture is sometimes easier when painted. Create a giant mural with your team and display it as a reminder of the goal you’re working towards.

40. Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is a classic strategy game that is great for team bonding. 

41. Company Picnic

Let your team get to know each other outside of the office with a Company Picnic

42. Team Cook-off

Pick a food theme and let your team compete in a Team Cook-off for the top prize. 

43. City Chase Scavenger Hunt

Get to know your team and your city better with a City Chase Scavenger Hunt

text that reads 'together is the way'

Best for Last-minute Preparation 

Didn’t have time to plan anything special? For these activities, all you have to do is show up. 

44. Private Travel to Heritage Places: Virtual Tour

Take your team on an exciting virtual expedition to Heritage Places

45. Plant Propagation: Taking Stem Cuttings

Learn about Plant Propagation with your team and hopefully introduce a new hobby to them.

46. Magic of the Mind

Sit back and watch a fantastic show of Magic of the Mind

47. Fortnite Battle Royale

Learn how to play the popular Fortnite Battle Royale game with your team and then participate in a tournament. 

48. Murder! At the Manor Murder Mystery

Solve a Murder! At the Manor Murder Mystery with your team. 

49. BollyArobix – Dance Fitness Inspired by Bollywood

This invigorating BollyArobix fitness class will get your team moving together. 

50. Mindfulness Icebreaker

Identify distractions with this Mindfulness Icebreaker exercise so you can get your team focused. 

51. Back-to-Back Drawing

This simple communication Back-to-Back Drawing exercise only requires paper and pencils. 

Final Thoughts

These team-building activities will strengthen your team and create a strong culture of communication and positivity. Making fun memories together will lead to a sense of teamwork that can translate to more profits down the line. 

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