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27 Exciting Virtual Christmas Games For All Ages

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As our world constantly changes as we know it, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to enjoy fun activities with the people around us. Holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, can become some of the most emotionally difficult times of the year due to this.


Much of our work environments are switching over to virtual models, eliminating in-person interactions with each other. So, holiday parties are out of the question for many companies. 


People are always busy, and travelling is expensive. So, this can prevent many from seeing family and friends for the holidays. There was actually an 8.2% decrease in Christmas travellers from 2019 to 2021.


Luckily there are plenty of resources online, such as virtual Christmas games, to have some online fun without needing to be physically together. Everyone can participate in virtual Christmas games with a reliable internet connection and a device such as a phone or a laptop. 


Get creative with your Christmas endeavours, and use virtual Christmas games to get everyone into the Christmas spirit. Use this list of fun virtual games, set up a game night or two, and call all of your loved ones to get them involved. 

Fun Virtual Christmas Games

Here are some great virtual game ideas to make a holly jolly Christmas possible.

1. Amphy Virtual Christmas Experience

If you’re looking for a general place to start your game search, Amphy has plenty of Christmas-themed games and activities for you to try out. Search through their vast list of options to choose some that best suit the crowd you’ll be playing with. There is bound to be something that everyone likes!

2. Christmas Scavenger Hunt

It might sound strange to do a scavenger hunt online, but it is possible! You’ll need to deem someone the host and have them make up a list of Christmas items for everyone else to find. Once everyone is on the video call, start a timer, and whoever gets the most things in the set amount of time wins! You can make it more fun by including prizes as well.

3. Secret Santa

It’s always fun receiving and giving gifts around the holidays, so Secret Santa is a must. You can use an online platform to draw names for you, and you can send your gift to the person’s address. Pick a day to get everyone onto a video call, try to guess who got your name, and open gifts together!


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4. Christmas Bingo

Bingo is a popular game that many people love, and it’s easy for everyone to do! You’ll need to make some bingo cards with Christmas-themed sayings, such as Christmas movie titles or Christmas songs. You can send the bingo cards through email or in the mail, and then you can all gather for a video call to play! You could even give virtual gift cards to the winners.

5. Christmas Trivia

Did you know that the real Saint Nicholas is from Patara, Turkey? Or that candy canes come from 17th-century Germany?


Put together a trivia game to play with everyone by making a list of trivia questions to ask. Ask everyone a question and whoever raises their hand first gets to answer. If they’re right, they get a point. If they’re wrong, someone else can answer. 

quotation marks

Get creative with your Christmas endeavors, and use virtual Christmas games to get everyone into the Christmas spirit!

Learning Games

Here are some games where you can learn about each other!

6. Christmas Never Have I Ever

Get to know each other better by playing a classic game of Never Have I Ever but make it Christmas-related! Everyone will start by holding up their hands, and you’ll each go around saying a statement that you haven’t done relating to Christmas. Anyone who makes this statement will put a finger down. The last person with fingers up by the end is the winner!

7. Christmas Would You Rather

Have everyone create a list of would you rather questions ahead of time. Then, when the video call day comes, everyone will share theirs with the rest of the group, and people will give their answers. This is a great game to get to know each other and see how everyone reacts to certain situations.


Example prompts include:


  • Would you rather eat only fruit cake or gingerbread cookies for three days?
  • Would you rather get handmade Christmas presents or purchased ones?

8. Get To Know You Game on Amphy: You Don’t Know My Life

Head over to Amphy to get a virtually-hosted game called You Don’t Know My Life! The host will ask everyone a question, everyone will answer, and then you can all take turns guessing who said which answer! It’s a great way to get to know everyone better, and you might find some funny responses too!

9. The Naughty List

The Naughty List is similar to Never Have I Ever. Each person will make a Christmas-themed statement, but the statement has to be something naughty, such as:


  • Regifted a Christmas gift
  • Forgot to get someone a Christmas present
  • Told someone that Santa isn’t real


If you did the prompt, you will turn your camera off. Whoever remains on the screen by the end is the winner.

open hand holding out a wrapped christmas present

Strategy Games

Use these strategy games to work together as a team!

10. Escape the Ice Palace on Amphy

If you like escape rooms, Amphy has some Christmas and winter-themed ones available for you to enjoy with virtual guests. Escape the Ice Palace allows everyone to tap into their leadership and communication skills to work together and escape this icy castle. There are even moderators to guide you through the game!


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11. A Christmas Murder Mystery on Amphy

If you like to solve puzzles, then the Christmas Murder Mystery game on Amphy is definitely for you! You’re probably familiar with A Christmas Carol, as it is a rather old story published in December of 1843. In this murder mystery game, you have the opportunity to investigate Jacob Marley’s death and decide who murdered him.


Guessing Games

Here are some fun guessing games that everyone will love!

12. Christmas Charades

Charades is a fun game to play with groups of people, so why not make a Christmas version? Use a charade generator to make Christmas-related cards and split everyone in your video call into groups. Here are some charade card ideas:


  • Wrapping a present
  • Building a snowman
  • Building a gingerbread house


After you have your cards ready, start acting without speaking and try to get your team to guess what Christmas activity you’re doing!

13. Christmas-Themed Guess Who

Make Guess Who into a Christmas game! To do this, you should create sheets with Christmas characters on them and then distribute them digitally. Each person will choose one of the characters secretly, and everyone else has to ask questions to figure out who it is.

14. North Poll Points on Amphy

If you like Family Feud, this North Poll Points game on Amphy is for you! Play this Christmas game show with Shinny the elf as your host, and try to guess the most popular Christmas traditions and festivities! Collaborate with your team and try to get the most points to win!

15. Christmas Pictionary

Pictionary is still possible even if you aren’t together! Separate into teams and use an online Christmas word generator to get your Pictionary words. When it’s your team’s turn, begin drawing your picture to try and get them to guess what you’re drawing. 

16. Christmas Kahoot Quiz

Deem someone the host and have them create a Christmas quiz! Look up facts about Christmas, Christmas movies, and carols to create questions for the quiz. You can make the quiz multiple-choice or have everyone type in their answers. Offer prizes as incentives to get everyone interested. 


Some questions could include the following:


  • Where does eggnog come from? Britain during the medieval times.
  • When was gingerbread created? 2400 B.C. 

17. Guess the Gift

This is slightly similar to Guess Who, but you’re using gifts instead of people and characters. Each person within your virtual group will think of a Christmas gift, then everyone else will ask questions about the gift to try and figure out what it is. Whoever guessed the gift correctly is the winner!


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18. Name That Christmas Song

This one is rather simple, and you’ll need a host to be in charge of playing the music. The host will choose Christmas songs to play, and everyone will need to guess the exact name of the song. Whoever can guess it correctly will win that round. If you’re the host, it’s a good idea to make a list of songs ahead of time, so you know what you’ll be playing.

19. Christmas Emoji Pictionary

Christmas emoji Pictionary is a little different compared to normal Pictionary. A host will need to create Christmas-related words or sentences with only emojis. Some ideas could be:


  • The Christmas tree emoji and film camera emoji (Christmas movie)
  • The fire emoji and the chocolate bar emoji (hot chocolate)
  • Multiple bell emojis (“Jingle Bells”)


Show the emoji prompts to everyone and have them guess what it could be. Whoever raises their hand first and gets it correct wins the round.

20. Guess the Christmas Song Lyrics

The host will need to make a list of Christmas song lyrics with blanks in between them and read them out to everyone else. Whoever can guess the right lyrics that fill in the blanks will win that round! Use the virtual hand-raising button or actual hand-raising to choose people to answer.

christmas tic-tac-toe made out of pine needles and cookies

Other Exciting Christmas Games

Here are some other games to keep in mind when you’re having a virtual Christmas party.

21. Christmas Crack Up on Amphy

Learn how to make Christmas-themed jokes with your virtual group and present them to each other for some laughs! Simply go onto Amphy’s website and choose the Christmas Crack-Up, online class. Being away from each other during the holidays is sad, but turn that frown upside down as you all attempt to be comedians!

22. Christmas Mad Libs

Find or create a Christmas Mad Lib and fill them out together on a video call! Choose judges and have them judge each person’s answers on a ten-point scale. Whoever gets the highest amount of points wins the game! Try a few different Mad Libs so everyone gets a chance at playing and being a judge!

23. Christmas Shark Tank

If you’ve never seen “Shark Tank”, the show essentially allows people to present their inventions to a group of people, and this group of people decides if they want to invest in it. To do this game online, you’ll need to separate everyone into at least three groups: one judging group and two inventor groups. 


The inventor groups will need to use teamwork to come up with and agree on a Christmas toy invention. Then they will present it to the judges to try and get them on board. Then the judges will pick the group with the best toy as the winner!


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24. Christmas Taboo

Make or find some Christmas Taboo cards and send them to everyone through email. Have everyone print them, cut them out, and stack them up. Just like usual Taboo, you need to get everyone to guess the word on the top of the card without saying the words beneath it. Allow each person to take a card and try to get everyone else to guess their Christmas word. 

25. Christmas Jeopardy

To play Christmas Jeopardy, you’ll need a host to create a Jeopardy game with all Christmas-related questions. You can create a Jeopardy board online with a website or make one yourself with Google Slides or PowerPoint. Ask the question and watch as the hands go up to answer it. Whoever has the most points by the end is the winner!

26. White Elephant

You can still do a fun White Elephant game of swapping and stealing gifts without seeing each other in person! Steps to play include the following:


  1. Each person will need to buy a gift, wrap it, and then send a picture of the wrapping and the actual gift to the host. 
  2. The host will put a number on each gift’s picture, and the first person will pick which number they want.
  3. The host will show a picture of what is inside that numbered present.
  4. The host will move on to everyone else, and they can choose if they want to keep their gift or take someone else’s.
  5. By the end, the first player can choose any gift they want or keep the one they have.
  6. The final step is to mail the gifts to the recipients.

27. Christmas Riddles

Make some brain-twisting riddles together and get each other to solve them! Before the video call, have each person make or bring some Christmas riddles. Then they should read them to the rest of the group, and the first person to solve it will win.

Final Thoughts

While you might not be able to get together in person for a range of reasons, you can still make the Christmas season unforgettable with some fun virtual Christmas games! Don’t let distance determine your Christmas cheer. Gather with each other over video calls, play games, laugh, and make the most of your virtual Christmas!

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